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barrysqueen asked:

hi! just wondering, how much did your kaz 2y5 tattoo cost? (i've wanted a supernatural themed tattoo for quite a while)

Ill tell you, yes i will. But first i have to let you know that each shop has a different minimum fee and also i was burned by the place i went. They took me for a sucker (they were right) and overpriced it. I can’t begin to explain to you my anger when i realized it.

My kaz tattoo cost $80. The only thing i can think of is he thought i wasn’t going to tip so he put it in with the regular price, which should have been $60 maximum. But i tipped him $27 after the $80, so i paid him over $100.

(im saying this cause i dont know if you have other tattoos, or if this is your first. you dont HAVE to tip your artist, but its a nice gesture. they dont expect it though, cause they know people save up for ages for a tattoo. a compliment will suffice.)