This is my personal project based on a group of death sisters who revenge their abuses. This is a tribute to my “heroes”: Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock, B-Movie, Terror movies, Brandon Ragnar Johnson, Saul Bass, Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, White Zombie, Frank Zappa, Bettie Page, Stop Violence Against Women, Tim Burton

oh my god, ok now that rebecca being a badass is totally cannon, i cant keep this a secret any more. i may have had a little story about her in my head for a while, but i’ve been to shy to tell anybody about it. i’d like to do a fan comic about it, but the characters aren’t mine and i always feel it’s wrong to use other people’s characters and ideas with out their permission. i feel like i have to tell you about it though.

so rebecca and and paige are walking down the street and they’re chatting and rebecca looks really cheerful and enthusiastic. and then in the next panel she notices something across the street. the next panel shows a couple of really rough looking guys walking into an empty warehouse. rebecca turns to paige and says “excuse me for a second, i just remembered something that i have to take care of”. she turns and prances off toward the warehouse and goes inside. next panel paige looks kinda confused. then suddenly there are a bunch of loud crashes and paige looks startled and concerned. and then there are a bunch of loud bangs and paige looks aghast. and then we hear loudly “AND THATS WHY YOU DONT FUCK WITH US, BITCHES!!” as paige looks progressively more distressed. rebecca then emerges from the door to the warehouse. she tucks a gun into the back of her waistband, smooths out her skirt, then takes a deep breath and huffs once. she then turns back to paige and says “well then, shall we?” with her usual cheerful expression on her face. paige is still dumbstruck and stammers for a moment before falling into step a little behind rebecca who has already begun to walk away.

and then maybe the two rough looking guys come crawling out of the warehouse, terrified and shaking, but otherwise unharmed because rebecca wouldnt actually kill anybody unless she really had to. she just needed to scare them so that they would stop whatever they were doing to the spooky community.

aaaand, thats my silly short little spookybabes fanscript. i’m so deeply sorry.

ok, sure, lets post this before i decide not to.

i’m kind of do or die with school work right now, so of course, i do fan art.

i want to go through and point out all of the mistakes and things that didnt come out well, but i always hate it when artists do that so i won’t for now. It’s clear to anyone who has seen my work that i’m not much of an artist yet, but i am getting better. On that note, I actually came up with an idea while working on this. you know how everybody is doing 30 day challenges and stuff? well, i have decided to do the XX day Kiqo challenge! not sure how long it will take, but i plan to go through and do fan art of every single one of Kiqo’s characters. or at least the ones that she has shared with us so far. i figure that by the end i’ll be a master draftsman.  of course, this is assuming she’s okay with that idea…

anyway, this is Rebecca, Kiqo’s utterly adorable succubus! It was supposed to be a quick fan art sketch, but ended up taking me about two days to finish. I only did flat colors because honestly i have zero experience coloring and i’m terrible with shadows and highlights.

oh crap! that reminds me i was going to… wait, no. i’m not pointing out mistakes. i’m… i’m just posting. i’m going to post this. it’s happening.

ok, back to what i was saying. i took the colors directly from Kiqo’s color reference page for rebecca so i’m pretty happy with how they came out, even if they are only flats. over all i don’t completely hate this. it certainly has issues, but for my first time working digitally in… over a year? really? ok then. for my first time working digitally in over a year it’s not that bad. I learned a few good things while working on it and i think that even if it did push back my homework a bit, it was definitely a valuable experience.

Thanks every one, and i hope you like it!

edit: also, i’m still learning so feedback is always welcomed!