you know those, rly cool, punk ppl? with like, cool short hair and patches on their pants and cool jean vests and ripped skinny jeans etc etc. 

i wish i were them

Pro Tips: How to give the perfect blowjob

  • place your lips several inches away from the penis
  • blow gently on the penis
  • dont blow too hard or it will get frightened and retreat
  • ???
  • sometimes u can lick it but why would u want to lick it thats gross and unsanitary
  • probably dont lick it
  • its called a blowjob not a lickjob like seriously if you want to lick it give him a lickjob instead
  • blowjobs are for blowing not for licking
  • The End

Hey guys, I know everyone is pretty excited for Halloween coming up and im sure everyone is busy getting ready but please keep in mind that not all the monsters coming out are fake. There are monsters out there that get joy out of playing tricks on any loose animal they can get their hands on. I urge anyone who has outside cats or dogs to keep them inside, the sooner you get them inside, the better! Even if your pet has light-colored fur, it can still be at risk! Lets treat our pets this Halloween by keeping them out of the hands of danger! **also please help spread this information by reblogging**