Twenty one pilots songs are sooo deep and the lyrics are so important. But particularly right now I just want to talk about in ride how tyler talks about how saying you’d die for someone is easy but saying you’d live for someone is so much harder to do. I find that to be so true. If I say I’d die for you that is special but not as special as me saying I’d live for you…I have been battling depression for a little over 3 years now and I have been suicidal many times and have attempted suicide before. Because I didnt have anyone who I’d be willing to live for them or any purpose really . Its hard to explain these things without sounding like….well i dont know. I dont know these lyrics just mean a lot to me cause tyler was able to say what I have been trying to say and that goes for all twenty one pilots songs not just ride. Reblog and add song stories or experiences you’ve had with twenty one pilots songs if you guys would like cause I would like to hear them.