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literally the absolute worst thing about the x files is that mulder’s nickname is fucking ‘spooky mulder’. spooky mulder. are you fucking kidding me? these are grown ass adults working for our government. have they never fucking stepped foot in an english classroom? if you’re gonna give someone a fucking mocking playground nickname, at least make it good? Mad Mulder. Freaky Fox. Mystery Mulder. any other number of nicknames would be acceptable in this situation. a good nickname needs some fucking flair to it, it needs to roll off the tongue, needs to sound even the slightest bit clever. these guys are just fucking out here using ‘spooky mulder’ to fucking hurt his feelings or something and there are probably literal first graders that could come up with better nicknames. you wanna bet all these stuck up agents were the ones getting picked on on the playground so they never had to mock people before they met my boy fox? ridiculous. grown ass adults don’t even know how to be dicks correctly. can’t believe this is what our fucking fbi is like. fucking disgraceful.

“In our pursuit of secrets we learn they were never really ours to pursue. Our blind venture into the dark recesses of our town left us vulnerable to forces we could not yet comprehend with our adolescent minds. It’s as the adults said ‘there’s a reason we don’t go into the woods’ because were not welcome in their home.”

Cody finds himself under the influence of an unknown force. Something I drew up the other day in between schoolwork and comic work.

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hello future drunk spooky, here is a prompt: skating family playing beer pong. they wager their medals

sorry this took so long! i vastly overestimate how fast I’m able to write sometimes. 

“after the party is the after party”

The after, after party for the 2017 European Figure Skating Championships is carefully cultivated chaos.

Ignition (Remix) blares through blown out speakers. Someone—Chris—acquired a whiteboard from mysterious sources. All Victor knew was that Chris had returned with a whiteboard, a long skinny folding table, more plastic solo cups than a party supply store, three rubber ducks in various states of decay, a wizards hat, and arms laced with garters and glitter.

(The whiteboard was a much bigger surprise than the garters and glitter. He’s positive Chris packed those in his carry-on. No one was brave enough to ask about the ducks. Yuuri had slapped a hand over Victor’s mouth and kept it there even when Victor licked it.)

(It’s not like he wasn’t used to Victor’s saliva.)

Chris writes down sixteen names on slips of paper and stuffs them into the hat, picking teams of two at random. Victor and Phichit both pout when they’re paired with someone other than Yuuri.

Phichit’s caught between glee and frustration. “This is gonna be a blood bath.”

The team names appear from a mysterious source.

(Phichit fools no one.)

Round 1: Elimination

Match 1: Emil and Michele (Comedy and Tragedy) versus JJ and Isabella (Team JJ Style)

J.J. makes the sign of the cross then misses three trick shots.

Isabella takes out half of Emil and Michele’s rack.

Michele sighs in relief and returns to his life’s goal of usurping Sara’s shadow. Emil follows.

Winner: Team JJ Style

Match 2: Leo and Guang-Hong (Team Kitten Video) versus Phichit and Chris (Team #clapback)

“Calling a behind the back shot,” Phichit says, not bothering to look up from his phone before tossing the ball, and pressing record on his phone. It lands neatly in the cup at the tip of the pyramid. He uploads it to Instagram.

Leo and Guang-Hong go down easy.

(Neither seems very upset.)

Winner: Team #clapback

Match 3: Yurio and Victor (The Kitten and the Crone) versus Georgi and Seung-Gil (Team E.mo.tion)

(Victor cries foul at the team names.

“I am not a crone,” he sniffs, “and I resent the fact anyone thinks there’s a bigger Carly Rae stan than me.”

Yuuri pats Victor’s shoulder, not even bothering to stifle his laugher.

Yurio turns and glares at him, “you did this to yourself, Katsudon.”)

Victor’s luck doesn’t turn once the round starts. Yurio makes two out of his first three shots. Victor misses all but one.

“You can drink all the beer, since it’s the only thing you’re good at.”

“Excuse me, I have excellent hand eye coordination.” Victor sniffs. His eyes are glued to Yuuri, engaged in a conversation with Sara on the other side of the room, Michele hovering just behind. 

On the other side of the table, Seung-Gil and Georgi have already started drinking. Georgi’s sobbing into his beer, Seung-Gil is staring at Phichit.

“Tell that to half the street lights in Saint Petersburg.” Yurio snarls, snapping a finger in front of Victor’s face, “Yakov should have sent you to obedience school instead of Makkachin.”


“Oh for fucks sake,” Yurio grabs a ping pong ball and tosses it towards the Georgi and Seung-Gil’s rack. He sinks it.

Winner: The Kitten and the Crone

Match 4: Yuuri and Otabek (The Odd Couple) versus Mila and Sara (Team Wonder Woman)

“We haven’t even gotten a shot in,” Mila says, eyebrow raised. Yuuri’s already cleared half their rack.

Victor wraps his arms around Yuuri’s waist from behind and Yuuri fumbles the ball into the cup in front of him.

“Really?” Yuuri sighs, then drinks it.

“We might have to give you a handicap,” Chris says, idling at the side of he table.

“He already has one,” Yurio says, “It’s called Victor Nikiforov.”

Winner: The Odd Couple

Round 2: Semi-Finals

Match 1: The Kitten and the Crone versus Team #clapback

“God you’re useless,” Victor’s on his second beer of this round. He’d have drunk more but Yurio had taken two for himself.

(“I’m paired with Victor. I’ve earned it.”)

They’re through to the championship round of the first annual European Figure Skating Championship Beer Pong Tournament.

“I am a champion,” Victor sniffs.

“Champion loser,” Yurio misses. He angrily sips his beer though the silly straw Victor had slipped into his drink when he wasn’t looking.

(He’d growled but still used it.)

“That doesn’t make any sense, Yurio. I know English isn’t your first language, but I’m pretty sure those are opposites,” Victor’s grin is insufferably smug.

“What doesn’t make any sense is how you’re so awful at beer pong. Where the fuck is all of your coordination?”

Victor taps his lips in thought, “must have used all of it on my quads.”

“Oh my god will you just take the next shot already?” Chris asks, twirling a garter around his fingers.

Victor takes it and misses.

“I call foul, Giacometti,” Yurio snarls, crushing the cup in his fist. Beer splashes everywhere.

“Oh, really,” Chris flutters his eyelashes. Yurio is unmoved. “Care to make this interesting then? Raise the stakes a little since your already so invested.”

“Bring it.”

“Tournament winner gets gold,” Chris looks at Victor, pointedly, “all of the golds.”


“I didn’t agree to this,” Victor protests.

They ignore him.

“Game on.”

The match is tense, stretching into two rounds over sudden death overtime.

Yurio hangs onto their medals.

(With no help from Victor.)

Winner: The Kitten and The Crone

Match 2: Team JJstyle versus The Odd Couple

Otabek sinks two consecutive shots, one of them while Yuuri’s taking off his pants to tie them around his shoulders like a cape.

Victor’s been forcibly removed from Yuuri’s side and he’s pouting against a wall—which is as close as Otabek will let him get.

(Team JJstyle is still arguing for Victor as a handicap. Yurio wants to see JJ lose bad enough he actually argues against it.)

“What the fuck Beka, how are you so good at beer pong?” Yurio asks

“I used to train with JJ,” Otabek shrugs, “someone had to protect him before Isabella.”

Yurio snorts.

To Otabek’s left, Yuuri makes three consecutive trick shots, pants-cape fluttering majestically behind him.

Otabek shoots him a deadpan thumbs up with Victor completes his transformation into the heart eyes emoji.

“I love you him even more now,” Victor stage whispers, fooling no one.

“He’s the enemy, asshole.” 

“I’m so gay for him.”

“Literally no one was questioning that.”

Winner: The Odd Couple

Championship Round: The Odd Couple vs The Kitten and The Crone.

“You’re going down, Katsudon,” Yurio’s fingers are primed for action, even though Otabek and Yuuri won the  garter toss for first shot.

“I wouldn’t mind that,” Victor slurs, eyes, tracking up Yuuri’s body to pause at his thighs.

“How the fuck am I the one who ended up with a handicap?”

“Luck of the draw,” Phichit chirps from his perch at by center of the table, sweeping his phone to take a panorama shot of the carnage.

“It was rigged,” Yurio mutters, as Yuuri sinks two shots, while Otabek makes his first and misses his second.

“Yuuri was really popular at parties in Detroit,” Phichit confides, “really really popular.” Victor face shifts to a bewildered blend of furious and horny.

“Way too much information,” Yurio fumes.

“Re-rack! Give us a….pyramid” Yuuri yells far louder than necessary. Victor sloshes beer all over the place in his haste to comply.

Yurio makes his shots, drunk on beer, adrenaline, and pettiness. Victor—miraculously—only misses one of his, leaving them tied.

“Don’t fuck this up, idiot.”

“So cruel! I am offended, Yurio. Who knows if I’ll ever recover,” Victor cries.

Yurio ignores him, “Re-rack. Same formation.”

Otabek re-arranges the cups.

Yurio, giddy as he ever gets, almost thinks he and the idiot can pull out a victory when Yuuri and Otabek each make both of their shots, get their balls back, and sink the last three before Victor and Yurio even have a chance.

“Fuck! Re-match!”

Otabek just shrugs.

Victor is frozen as Yuuri stalks over, deliberate sway in his step, predator honing in on his prey. He slides up to Victor’s front, grabs the loose ends of his now un-tied tie good, and reels Victor in like the catch of the day.

A flush blooms across the tops of Victor’s cheekbones.

Yuuri’s breath hits the side of Victor’s face, “now you have to marry me asshole. It’s…in the vows,” he slurs, “what’s yours is mine. Gimme all your gold.”

Victor shivers as Yuuri leans in to start pressing wet kisses against the side of his neck.

“Does anyone know a twenty four hour chapel in Ostrava?”

Some of my spooky experiences: 

  • When my bedroom door is open I see figures peeking around the door frame or walking by, even when I’m home alone
  • I went to go get a water bottle one night and before I turned on the light there was a figure of a man standing in my living room. When I turned the light back off he was gone
  • When I was a kid I heard someone breathing behind me when I was laying in bed, even when I held my breath
  • I heard/felt something scratch along the bottom of my bed (there are drawers underneath nothing could have gotten under there aka my cat)
  • I heard something scratch along my headboard
  • Sometimes late at night when everyone is sleeping I can hear a man talking in the living room
  • One morning I came out to find the cabinets open
  • When I had a sleepover with my friend we were sleeping in the living room and I felt this intense sense of dread and anxiety come over me. I felt like we were being watched from the corner of the room, so I made my friend wake up and come sleep in my room with me
KlanceWeekFic: Fateful

Keith makes a fateful choice at the end of a long journey.

Thanks to @tobiologist for the quick edits! 😊 

“There was a prophecy,” says Taanin. “Long ago, when I was just small. One that foretold of a Galra paladin who would bring peace to the universe.” She scoffs. “Zarkon thought it was he.”

Keith grins. “Turns out it was five paladins, from Earth.”

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Spooky Eyes part 3

 The gym was Packed, and dark, Danny wormed his way through a sea of teenagers ogling him. He heard the crowd Gasp and felt the judgmental fingers Probe at his soul. He couldn’t believe this was happening… But of course it would happen, wouldn’t it. As he braced himself to ram into the gym door for freedom from these cursed black lights, one thought crossed Danny’s mind before he stumble out into the hallway.

“Only this could happen to me”


It started moments ago after the tech’s announced that the black light were ready for show.

Danny Had just came back from the lost and found wearing an old itchy ugly Christmas sweater some kid probably tossed out, and claimed to have lost to their poor old sweet grandmother.

It was white and consumed Danny in its massive size. The front had a snowman wearing antlers while holding his carrots noise. He had a happy coal smile while wearing a sown on Rudolph bulb that blinks every two seconds. 

In big bold glittering red letters in the front, it screamed to anyone to take a glance to have some “FROSTY LOVE,”

Honestly he could kinda get why someone would throw it out, on the other hand he actually thought it was cute, cool even, but it was more of a stay at home sweater while drinking hot coco by the fireplace then a 

“ NEON FOOTBALL “PROM”,” sweater.

He put his green neon tie over it as an attempt to block out the snowman and it’s glowing bulb. only to be met with half of the snow mans head glaring in the mirror at Danny with judgment as a menacing glow blinked under neath his neon tie.

It was better than nothing, and people would probably not even notice in the dark black lighted room, let alone care. He wasn’t going to stay long anyway.

“Your doing this for Tuck, Your doing this for Tucker…” He mumbled sullenly in a toxic repeat as he slowly made his way down the hall towards the gym doors with a tried expression on his face.

His legs felt like led, and his head spun with every step. Maybe Danny could skip the Arcadia and go home to sleep. Actually maybe he could skip this whole party. Tucker would understand. After all Tuck is his best friend.

Opening up the doors he scan the crowded dark room for his buddy’s annoyingly bright outfit. 

“There he his,” He mumbled to himself as he dragged his heavy body over towards Tucker, who was occupying himself in the middle of the dance floor trying to woo some ladies.

Reaching out he grab tucker by the harm in a loose sickly grip as he hunched over with his hands on his stomach,”Tucker” he chocked out 

“Wow, dude are you okay!? You don’t look so hot,” Tucker furrowed his eye brows in concern

“Yeah.. No, honestly I think all the ghost hunting and not sleeping for two days have finally caught up to me” He huffed out

“DUDE, you should have told me, You know I wouldn’t have dragged you here if I new that.”

“Yeah I know, I just didn’t want to disappoint you,” Danny mumbled looking away, a slight dust of embarrassment barley visible on his cheeks.

Scooping Dannys arm over his shoulder and putting his arm around his waiste, Tucker began to pull his sickly looking firend out of the gym,”yeah man you look aweful, speaking of which were in the world did you get that sweater,”

Tuck chuckled as he kept helping Danny towards the door.

Danny groaned,” Dude, don’t even ask. It’s a long story. I’ll tell it to you later.”

“Yeah,” Tucker drawled out,” You can tell me later after your nap. We should really get you home if Sam saw you like this she would be pi-”
Tucker was cut of by a booming screech of a microphone

The crowd of teens started swarming together enclosing him and Tuck into a screaming sweaty sea of teens.


The kid announced has he excitingly pulled a switch that engulf the gym with dark light and before Danny could work his way out of the sea of teens, one person points at Danny and screams “LOOK AT FENTON!” The wave of kids snapped there heads back at him, all gaping and wide eyed.

He new the sweater wasn’t pretty, but it could have been that bad, could it?
“Um Danny.” His friends concerned voice grabbed Danny’s attention.

“What?” He said confused 

“Y-y-y-your eye’s, no your face!” 

“What about it” His voice cracked as his stomach turned. He could feel a rock plunge into his belly at the frighten tone Tucker made, as his eyes rapidly scanned Danny’s face. What could possible be wrong with his face to get such a reaction from everyone?

Tucker reached into his pocket and pulled out his PDA, He put it on camera mode and shoved it into Danny’s face.

“Look!” he silently screamed 

Danny’s eyes widen in horror as he broke out into a cold sweat. Trembling fingers traced over his face were green glowing veins popped out into the darkness. His eyes glowed a toxic green casting a glowing shadow across his face.

No. Oh No,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO, NO!!!
He spinned, surveying his surroundings in horror.

The gym was Packed, and dark, Danny wormed his way through a sea of teenagers ogling him. He heard the crowd Gasp and felt the judgmental fingers Probe at his soul. He couldn’t believe this was happening… But of course it would happen, wouldn’t it. As he braced himself to ram into the gym door for freedom from these cursed black lights, one thought crossed Danny’s mind before he stumble out into the hallway.

“Only this could happen to me”

spookys-taco  asked:

Hi it's me again. I really love your writing so here we go. xD (it's Jimon again) I'd love to read 9 (I just imagine Jace giving Simon his jacket or them cuddling later to warm each other up) or 15 (like Simon showing Jace some video games or Captain America movies).

It hits Jace like a brick to the face, the realization that he’s deeply in love. It’s not as scary as he’d thought it would be, but it’s also far more scary than anything he’s ever dealt with. This one tiny little vampire has his heart in his hands. That’s more vulnerability than he’s ever granted anyone. 

From time to time he still feels the old urge to pull back and put his walls back up, but it’s mornings like this that drown out the impulse. 

They’re sitting up in bed, too comfortable to even consider moving to the couch. Simon is comfortably nestled in Jace’s embrace, his head pillowed on Jace’s chest. They’ve got a laptop balanced on Jace’s thighs and one Simon’s favorite movies has just started.

“Okay, but you gotta pay attention to this part,” Simon points excitedly at the screen. “See that? Twin Pines Mall? Remind me to tell you about it when the movie’s over. It’s actually pretty cool.”

Jace smiles down at him, even if Simon can’t see it. He cards his fingers lazily through Simon’s hair, his thumb rubbing lightly against his jaw. He softly asks, “Is it gonna be some dumb trivia like that time you paused the movie to let me know Han shot first?”