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u either love tubbs the cat or u hate him there is no in-between
Hetalia Characters as Neko Atsume Cats
  • Italy: Pumpkin
  • Germany: Gabriel
  • Japan: Spooky
  • America: Socks
  • England: Speckles
  • France: Fred
  • Russia: Gozer
  • China: Marshmallow
  • Canada: Pepper
  • Prussia: Frosty
  • Austria: Lexy
  • Spain: Callie
  • Romano: Misty
  • Hungary: Dottie
  • Aries: Rascal, Mack, Gozer, Senor Don Gato
  • Taurus: Tabitha, Snowball, Patches, Tubbs
  • Gemini: Willie, Spots, Sunny, Ms. Fortune
  • Cancer: Joe DiMeowgio, Pickles, Speckles, Frosty
  • Leo: Lexy, Princess, Lady Meow-Meow, Xerxes IX
  • Virgo: Gabriel, Peaches, Spooky, Kathmandu
  • Libra: Fred, Cocoa, Sassy Fran, Guy Furry
  • Scorpio: Smokey, Shadow, Marshmallow, Ramses the Great
  • Sagittarius: Socks, Breezy, Bandit, Bob the Cat, Callie
  • Capricorn: Bolt, Spud, Chairman Meow, Conductor Whiskers
  • Aquarius: Pepper, Saint Purrtrick, Mr. Meowgi, Dottie
  • Pisces: Pumpkin, Misty, Ginger, Billy the Kitten
5 Adventure Games to Play This Halloween

I’m not going to lie, I’m a sucker for anything scary. Aside from Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday. To celebrate, here are some of the spookiest games I can recommend!

The Last Door 

This game manages to manages to create a great atmosphere with a compelling soundtrack, even with low pixels! With a story based on the works of HP Lovecraft, it’s sure to deliver some great scares!

The Cat Lady 

This is one of my favorite games of all time! The story follows a depressed woman as she is haunted by sinister figures after a failed suicide attempt. Not only is the story emotionally compelling, but it manages to have some fantastically creepy moments, too!  This is a game you can appreciate, even if you’re not a horror fan! 

Note: I wanted to include Downfall on this list, since that is by the same company, but I have been unable to play that yet. I’ve heard good things, though!

Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Anyone who’s been following this page for a while knows I love Nancy Drew, so of course I had to include one of the games on here! There’s been a lot of supernatural ND mysteries, but this one is my favorite, and one of my favorite ND games in general. The story follows the titular teen detective and she tries to discover the source of mysterious spectral dogs haunting a lakeside cabin. Since this is a kid friendly game, it’s great for people who don’t like to be too scared!

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 

Of course I had to include this on the list! It’s the game that started showing adventure games in a more serious and spooky light. As many know, the game follows the titular author as he struggles to uncover the truth behind mysterious voodoo murders plaguing New Orleans as well as his own nightmares. Both the original and remake are great, but nothing beats the atmosphere of the original. This is yet another game that is one of my personal favorites and manages to still deliver scares after all these years. 


This is probably one of the scariest games on this list! The story follows an author as he rents an old house to write a book in. As the days go by, mysterious occurrences convince him that not all is right with his new vacation home. There are some very unnerving moments in this game, and the constant twists and turns the story takes makes it all the more exciting! While the unity engine can be a bit annoying, the story makes it worth it!

What spooky games do you like to play? Let me know and have a Happy Halloween!