spooky circus

Your muse has just decided to join the circus, and my muse is there to help show them around. Send me “It’s creepier back here than I thought” for an introduction.

Alternatively, send me “You’re right on time.“ for our muses to switch places.
(Bonus if joining the circus family has an unexpectedly costly price.)

“Whatever you’ve heard about Caraval, it doesn’t compare to the reality" 

- Stephanie Garber -

When I saw this spooky carousel I knew I needed it for my Caraval/Night Circus shelf!

I wouldn’t call either book scary, so tell me some of your fave spooky reads for the Halloween season!

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Something quite strange happens at the Circus around this time of year: even though you never quite feel anything, you can never shake the eerie suspicion that there is something (perhaps even several somethings) reaching out through the darkness for you. Trying to run its fingers through your hair, and pluck at your clothing. Trying to touch and grasp and send shivers all through you by running a cold claw down your spine. Reaching…but never quite getting there. Always just a hairsbreadth away. Always just out of…reach. Thank goodness.


“Respectable public, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the circus.”

A creepy/spooky mix inspired by the circus.

01. wasted wonderland - myuu // 02. carousel - melanie martinez // 03. ahs: freak show theme song - james s. levine // 04. secret - the pierces // 05. stilt faries - circus contraption // 06. circus - mélanie laurent // 07. la valse des monstres - yann tiersen // 08. theater island - sóley // 09. we’re all mad - circus contraption // 10. three wishes - the pierces // 11. trust me - the devil’s carnival // 12. dot - calliope // 13. bernadette - iamx // 14. oompa radar - gold frapp // 15. mice circus - bruno coulais // 16. pure imagination - fiona apple // 17. grisly reminder - midnight syndicate // 18. louretta - agnes obel // 19. the carnival - erik “jit” scheele // 20. lon chaney in circus contraption