spooky aradia

wavepup  asked:

top 5 aradias

5. idk if this counts but Aradia Jr. im love my daughter whomst i love 

4. Ghost Aradia!!! shes spooky and snarky but still loves her friends despite being emotionless!!!! I love her shes trying her hardest!!!

3. Sprite Aradia; an under appreciated Aradia that has all the benefits of Ghost Aradia and she RIBBITS!!!! i love her so much 

2. Aradiabot!!!!! I adore my angery bot gf with all of my heart. I want her to be happy and fulfilled. she goes thru so much 

1. God Tier Aradia. its both god tier and God Tier, yknow???? I choose this as the best Aradia because i feel that this is Aradias favorite Aradia; shes happy, shes alive, and shes going to stay that way :) if only she’d show up 

I want to see: A creepy death fangirl spooky ghost Aradia

I want to see: A funny happy adventurous alive Aradia

I want to see: A rough apex predator feline strong Nepeta

I want to see: A cute shipping lol-cat hyperactive Nepeta

I want to see: A badass chainsaw massacre vampire Kanaya

I want to see: A proper motherly fashion diva fluffy Kanaya 

I want to see: A crazy lick everything noose surrounded Terezi

I want to see: A friendly nerdy RP obsessed weirdo Terezi

I want to see: A bitchy know-it-all lucky Vriska

I want to see: A vulnerable sad sisterly punk Vriska

I want to see: A pop hip chic modern Feferi

I want to see: A bubbly joyful fish princess Feferi

Do you see my problem?