Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 5): Part 12}

- Susanna Genevieve Beauchanan -

*.*.*.* Susanna continued with the seance, Edgar Allan Poe was filled with fear as she raised her voice:
Susanna has just opened the door to the Spirit realm, Genevieve is able to break from her eternal bonds in The Underworld and possess a new body.

Susanna: “SPIRITS IF YOU ARE HERE WITH US NOW SHOW YOURSELVES! OOT ZOKAS NOVEET!” Her latin words echoed *.*.*.*.*.*

[Candle lights flicker as a spirit comes hurdling down from the ceiling. Susanna clasps her head, the lights go out as the unknown spirit possesses her.] *.*.*.*

Susanna Genevieve: Ŵhŷ dįd ŷøü šûmmøn mę? her voice was unmorally low and demonic like satan. Her vocal chords full of ectoplasm.

Edgar: “Susanna?… What  is happening.”

anonymous asked:

I'd like to hear more about your alien experiences.

i have many experiences.. i’m going to tell them in the order that they happened

first thing i’d ever saw that caught my interest was a video my uncle took. i was 12 years old and it showed an oval shape with a bunch of flashing colored lights that changed colors and rotated. this video basically started my interest in aliens, space and ufos

now, let’s move on a couple years to the summer i moved to maine.

the first time i saw a ufo with my own eyes was in the driveway at my ex boyfriend’s house. we were sitting in the car looking at the stars and i noticed one was moving. up and down. left to right. diagonally. just bouncing. then i realized there were more. 2..3…4. all in the same area. but then i noticed there was more than just that one cluster. there were several other clusters, all moving separately and erratically. there were about 5 or 6 clusters of 2-5 bright lights that looked like stars but were moving too fucking weird to be anything else.

the second one i saw during the day. we were driving on a back dirt road and my ex started slowing down. i was packing a bowl. he told me he saw something weird. i looked up at it and saw what i thought was an airplane and continued packing the bowl and said “oh, that’s nothing.” then he slammed on the breaks. 

“no, it’s something weird. look at it.”

the windows were down. it was completely silent. no birds. no bugs. nothing. i got immediate goosebumps. i looked at what he was pointing at. about 300 feet away, above the trees, was a long oval shaped disk. it was completely silent. after about 30 seconds of us staring it started to sink into the trees. without making any sounds at all. i started panicking and told him to drive away. this is the most terrified i’ve ever been from just seeing a ufo.

after that, i saw a ufo just about every day when i moved into my creepy house in the middle of nowhere. when i was on my way home it would be off in the distance, moving around. 

i saw several weird light flashed i presumed to be ufos

but the creepiest thing that happened to me actually happened when i moved back to nc with my ex. we were coming back from cookout at 3 am and saw a weird, low flying craft. we chased it in my car and eventually ended up right under it. i glanced at my clock, looked at it, slowed down to almost a stop, and looked at the clock again and i had lost 6 minutes of time. the craft was black, but the lights on the outside were so bright that i could see the outline of it. there were metal panels on the outside and a dark glass looking area at the top but i couldn’t see inside. after i looked at the clock there was a bright flash that lit up the whole area and it was gone.

the last time i saw a ufo was about 6 months after that.. i was driving home on highway 440 and saw three red lights over the highway acting weird and then they disappeared. 

but yeah that’s like all i can think of.