The Fouke Monster: Southern Sasquatch of Arkansas

Standing from 7-10 feet tall, with three toes, dark hair and accompanied by a foul odor, the Fouke Monster is one of most unique Sasquatch cases out there. After many rumors and wives tales out there of an ape-like creature roaming Arkansas, it first made its media coverage in 1971. The creature reportedly attacked Bobby and Mary Ford’s home late one night, where it busted a window by the couch where Mary was sleeping and attempted to grab her. The creature was chased off by Bobby and his brother Don who were just getting home from a hunting trip. The creature later returned that night and attacked Bobby while he was standing on his porch. The creature grabbed him and threw him to the ground, Bobby managed to escape the attack but had to go to the hospital where he was treated for shock and the scratches on his back. Three toed footprints and scratch marks on the porch were found in the area.

After the attack sightings rose and a $1,090 bounty was placed on the creature. So many people were out with guns that the town had to temporarily ban guns out of fear for the public’s safety. People were even fined by the police department for “filing a fraudulent monster report.” Public attention slowly died down, and the film The Legend Of Boggy Creek was made about the creature. Reports are still made of the creature to this day.

Rarely do we hear about attacks from a Sasquatch but it does happen. A three toed Sasquatch is also very interesting as most tracks found have five. Perhaps a different more aggressive species of Sasquatch exists with only three toes. Or perhaps the creature just lost its toes at some point in its life for whatever reason. Perhaps it was a bear that people were seeing, however a bear doesn’t stand from 7-10 feet tall. What do you think? Was this all a genuine Sasquatch, or just a hoax for the town’s claim to fame? It is no doubt that the sightings generated revenue for the town, could money be the motive to fake such a thing? The answer lies deep within the forests, where the beast waits to attack again.


It’s Danny Phantom cosplay photo story! Hope you like it!

As Danny Phantom: Kouji Alone(me)
As Evil Doctor: Tachi
Ph: Ovsyan
Thanks Kai for help and Joe for the slime!


If you ever find yourself wondering what happened to No-Face after Spirited Away, we have an answer for you. Japanese Twitter user @lionifuly spotted the lonely spirit now spends its time riding a motorcycle around Japan, both delighting and spooking fellow travelers.

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