Satan’s Hollow, Ohio- This creepy underground tunnel system has been dubbed ‘Satan’s Hollow’ by many as, according to legend, it acted as a meeting ground for Satanists in the 1960’s. Cloaked figures would enter the hidden tunnel system to sacrifice animals and perform dark rituals. However, the place was abandoned after one ritual went too far and the cult members reportedly summoned Satan himself.

I’ve used a highlighting filter on this particular picture so you can see it properly- The apparent story behind this one is that two brothers went exploring an abandoned building when the younger brother was spooked by something scratching above him. He ran out the room crying and called to his brother who comforted him (as you can see above). This image from a redbox security camera was supposed to catch such trespassers in the act, but this time it captured something far worse than a bit of breaking and entering: On the roof, there is a demon-like figure staring straight into the camera. This must have been what scared the young boy.



Spirit Halloween,

The Skeleton-Files.

Crying, bawling, convulsing, throwing up profusely.

Just finished going through my Spirit Halloween store which opened up yesterday. There were little to no customers, maybe about 3-4 other groups and I outlasted them all. All the associates were like okay, weirdo, you’ve made 5 rounds throughout the store, you’ve seen everything!

I just can’t help it, I’m so in love with Halloween!

[in the tune of Get Schwifty from rick and morty]

Oh, yeah!
You gotta get spoopy.
You gotta get spoopy in here.
It’s time to get spoopy.
Oh oh.
You gotta get spoopy.
Oh, yeah!
Take off your skin off and your organs.
Reveal your bones.
Time to get spoopy in here.
Gotta reveal your bones.
I’m Mr. Bones.
I’m Mr. Bones.
Reveal your bones.
Take off your skin off and your organs.
It’s time to get spoopy in here.
New song, spoopy.
Double x.
spoopy song, comin’ at ya.
It’s the spoo-spoopy.
Hey, take your skin off.
It’s spoopy time today.


Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 5): Part 64}

- Kitten Heels -

Beatrice’s witch senses told her that this wasn’t a dead end. Her younger sisters stood behind her complaining about the bats and the rats whilst she tried to search for a weak point. Beatrice didn’t give two cats whiskers about her bickering sisters she was confident that this was a hidden passage but she couldn’t find the weak spot.
{Belinda tries to slap Bianca again but Bianca dodges her and laughs}
Belinda: “ Can’t you see Beatrice is trying to get us out of here?”
Beatrice: “ It’s no use! Maybe this a just a wall and we’re trapped. ”
Bianca: “ What? I can’t die like this!! I need to say ttylxox to Deedee {sobs} My roots need touching up {sobs} and I need hair extensions {sobs} my nails are off fleek {sobs} I NEED my iphone to check ma fb and text my bf {sobs} MY HAIR, My roots are showing {sobs} These kitten heels!! {ScreamM-. “
{Belinda slaps Bianca quiet}
Beatrice: “ Ok then, I’ll use magic to make our own path, I’m certain this is a trap door of some kindOpen Viviae Rectus Helluium Versailles-doorium!!! ”
Suddenly, like magic the bricks started shaking!