Ghosts of Tsunami Victims Being Picked Up by Japanese Taxi Drivers

According to several news reports, a recent study interviewing taxi drivers about their strange taxi-driving experiences found that at least 7 claimed to have picked up a ghostly passenger.  Since all of the incidents took place in areas that were hit by the 2011 Tsunami disaster, and reports have all taken place after the event, drivers are assuming that the passengers were victims of the Tsunami.  In all of the stories, the drivers open the door for the passengers and ask them where they are going.  After receiving vague or strange responses the driver begins the trip, only to turn around at some point to address the passenger, and notice that they have completely vanished. A few of the drivers have said that they arrived at the destination, and when they turned around the passenger asked “Am I dead?” before disappearing before their very eyes.  Of course there are a variety of different theories surrounding these reports, either disproving or supporting the claims.  However, no one can deny that the stories themselves help to keep our world spooky.

(You can read several of the complete and original reports here:

The Hinterkaifeck Massacre

“…Andreas Gruber discovered footprints in the snow leading towards the farmhouse. As he backtracked them he found they had come from the woods – however there was no trail leading back. Andreas rushed to the farmhouse and gave it a thorough search. When he heard footsteps coming from the attic he grabbed his gun and went for a look, but found no one there.”

Read more about this unsolved massacre here:

Caption: “Milwaukee Road Lakewood branch switcher heading for Peerless Confection on 4/15/86. Conductor’s eye view crossing Clybourn on a dreary afternoon. Note that the right-of-way used to be at least three tracks wide here. Construction of the Treasure Island shopping center on this right-of-way would begin in a little over a month.“


April 15, 1986

Photo by John Smatlak