Toward the end of the 1940s, Soviet researchers sealed five prison inmates in an airtight chamber and dosed them with an experimental stimulant gas to test the effects of prolonged sleep deprivation. Their behavior was observed via two-way mirrors and their conversations monitored electronically. They had been promised their freedom if they could go entirely without sleep for 30 days.

The first few days of the experiment passed uneventfully. By the fifth day, however, the subjects began showing signs of stress and were overheard bemoaning their circumstances. They stopped conversing with their fellow inmates, choosing instead to whisper compromising information about one another into the microphones, apparently in an effort to win the favor of the researchers.

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Who am I?

Don’t worry, we’re not dealing with some existential crisis here – this has been a question asked a lot ever since I made my first appearance over 2 years ago in Vinesauce’s chat, imitating Fantasticaneer’s broken text.  I’ve thought about it for a long time and finally decided that this whole dual-identities nonsense is getting old and holding me back as a game designer in general, and that it’s time to finally answer this.  So I’m gonna touch on two things here – why I made the game and who I am, both of which kinda tie in with each other.

I’ve touched on it before, but the origins of Le Fantabulous Game were essentially that I was sick of the huge influx of “le epik randum unity games” that had swarmed the site as a result of The Fantastic Game.  In addition to this, I remember feeling as though Fantasticaneer had taken a bit of an elitist position as a game designer on the site – I honestly don’t remember if this was actually true or not anymore, but I do remember it’s how I felt at the time as a spiteful little 16 year old.  So I sat down over spring break and decided to make LFG to mock both him and the entire Unity game mania that had taken over the site, and really the entire attention whoring nonsense that had also dominated nearly every stream at the time.  Since then, I honestly haven’t been on Vinesauce very much except for the release of v0.9, so I can’t speak for the current state of the site.

Now for the real question: who am I?  Honestly, odds are you’ll all be disappointed by the answer, and I have a feeling very few of you (if any at all) will recognize my name.  But the feeling of hiding my identity has made me somewhat feel like I can’t really embrace my game design concepts, so I figured I’d just be up-front with who I am.  My actually commonly used username is Meowtock, you can find me with that name in lots of places.  Don’t expect to dig up any weird dirt though, I’ll be upfront and say that the worst things you’ll find are probably some horrible Homestuck fan-adventures I made when I was a jackass.  So that’s that!  Add me or block me or whatever ya feel like doing, but I figured it was finally time to come clean about who I am just to relieve stress for myself.

In terms of game news, there honestly hasn’t been much new stuff.  I’ll post any updates here soon, and I do plan to detail my next project within the next month or so.  So yeah, keep an eye out for that!