The theme of the third Object Head Zine is “SPOOKY”.

This year’s topic is a little more flexible - participants may draw either spooky-themed object heads, or place object heads in a spooky situation! It can be either scary or cutesy or even a mix of both! You may include monsters, but please keep object heads the focus of your piece.

This book will feature 25 people I’ve selected, plus 25 open slots available to the public. This year’s zine is a PAID OPPORTUNITY of $100 CAN (approx. $80 USD) per page. A Kickstarter launched after the drawing period completion and compilation (around late Feb, 2017) will provide payment, plus cover the cost of printing and shipping for the books’ single run print and sale!

The 25 pre-selected participants are:

Potentialforart | 2-ee | Rezllen | Nighthead | Modmad | 0Chromat | Raveninblue | Artic Blue | Tigercubmia | Sellerdoor | Wallabri | Kalkie |Theholeyness | Jessica Pamintuan | Khantaya | Drew Rausch | Pengosolvent | Aaron Alexovich | Melyssa Denton | Audrey Kare | Sticksandsharks | Xoves | Derekhetrickart | Chickenwithtie | Mindkiss

The guidelines are as follows:

  • Illustration-quality works in either digital or traditional mediums. Both colour and b/w acceptable; background required. *BG can be as simple as a pattern or colour block!
  • 6”x9”, 300 DPI illustrations with a 1/8th inch bleed (FINAL DIMENSIONS SHOULD BE 6.25” x 9.25”) Works must be in CMYK, a template will be provided via email if you are selected. Works will be in a vertical format only.
  • 10 slots are open for a 1-4 page comic. A separate portfolio of your comic works must be sent in for consideration.
  • At least one (1) work in progress picture should be sent in with your final illustration/comic.
  • For consistency’s sake, keep faces to a minimum (You can have eye(s) or you can have mouth(s) but don’t have both in a humanoid arrangement.)
  • Original characters only (yours or your friends’).
  • You can include humans or non-spooky object heads, as long as there’s a 1:1 spooky object head to non-spooky object head/human ratio.
  • This book is for all ages. PG-13 content at the most! Cartoon violence and blood are acceptable, but realistic gore is NOT. Use your common sense. If you’re unsure, run the idea by me.
  • Completed illustrations/comics must be sent as a flattened psd or tiff file.

To apply, please submit:

  • Examples of your work (art blog/tag, homepage, etc). If you wish to submit a comic, please provide examples of your comic work as well. Object heads are not required in  your portfolio but always welcome.
  • The name you want to be credited under
  • The website you want linked on the credits page
  • The email you want displayed on the credits page (optional)

There are only 10 slots for comics available due to page count space so if you apply for a comic space, and you are selected, you may not be picked for comics but instead illustration!

Please send this information to objectheadzine (at) hotmail (dot) com, plus any questions you may have about the zine. I’ll do my best to reply promptly. If you haven’t received a response from me regarding your application in a few days, please send it again. There are a few essential questions answered over at the FAQ. There is also a twitter account for the zine for frequent updates and WIPs of the book!

Applications are due August 2nd, 2016, 11:59 PM, PST.

Thank you and good luck!

Nap Incident - July 28, 2016

During a sudden bout of exhaustion, I fell asleep in my bed. Too lazy to shut off my lights, I covered my face with a pillow.

At some point, I was aware that there was a hand either holding or brushing my hand. This hand was room-temperature.

Then, something pressed my pillow hard, with purpose, against my face. I woke up shortly after, sat up, alone.

My door is locked; it locks from the inside.