Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 5): Part 12}

- Susanna Genevieve Beauchanan -

*.*.*.* Susanna continued with the seance, Edgar Allan Poe was filled with fear as she raised her voice:
Susanna has just opened the door to the Spirit realm, Genevieve is able to break from her eternal bonds in The Underworld and possess a new body.

Susanna: “SPIRITS IF YOU ARE HERE WITH US NOW SHOW YOURSELVES! OOT ZOKAS NOVEET!” Her latin words echoed *.*.*.*.*.*

[Candle lights flicker as a spirit comes hurdling down from the ceiling. Susanna clasps her head, the lights go out as the unknown spirit possesses her.] *.*.*.*

Susanna Genevieve: Ŵhŷ dįd ŷøü šûmmøn mę? her voice was unmorally low and demonic like satan. Her vocal chords full of ectoplasm.

Edgar: “Susanna?… What  is happening.”


Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 5): Part 11}

- Poe Way Seance -

Edgar: “Should that be happening?”

{The candles blow themselves out, ominous spiritual seance darkness}

Susanna: “That seems like a good sign!”

The room is dark, only the green light of crystal bool illuminates the room, spirits are around. The illuminati like dark rooms…  Spiritual presence, beware
{ { Geniveve {Edgar & Susanna can’t hear}: aaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHH } }

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