Dino Drac’s 2016 Halloween Countdown starts TOMORROW NIGHT.

Get set for two straight months of nothing but PLASTIC BATS.

Unsolved Mysteries

Some interesting reading for a rainy day.

(These are the most reliable unsolved stories I could find. There are many others that require more sources to be believed or already have very plausible answers.)

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There’s always that one kid in lecture that takes a photo of a lecture slide with their iPad even tho the slides are posted online and there’s nothing different between the one being shown and the one posted????


Graveyard-In-A-Bottle Necklaces: $30

These necklaces use real dirt mixed with resin to keep the bone and headstone in place. The cork has been sealed shut so nothing can accidentally fall out. 

Bottles are just over 1 tall. The included chains are a rustic steel color for a vintage look, and approximately 28″-30″ in length.

As we all know, Halloween is just around the corner! These spooky necklaces have been made for just such an occasion.

There are currently 8 slots open for anyone wishing to buy these necklaces.

Please read the FAQ page before making a purchase.

To buy this or any of my other necklaces, go to the “Purchase Items” page of this blog. Shipping and handling costs are already included in the over-all price.

It’s that time of year again (… basically)! If you need a bunch of cool junk to get you in the Halloween spirit, here are some recommendations. As it is every year, this list is jump-scare free as far as links are concerned - meaning the content the links lead to might contain scares (ie, the films), but the link itself won’t automatically open to any screamers, flashing, etc. I also can’t possibly trigger warn for every different bit of gore, disturbing themes, etc, in the articles, stories, and films. I also would like to warn that the games listed may have some loud noises, bright lights, or startling images as well. Please browse at your own discretion!

My personal recommendations on films, videos, articles, stories, etc, are all marked with a ‘‘! Everything on this list is worth taking a look at, those are just the handful of things I’m the most excited about or can personally recommend. Some of these selections might be B-List, shaky-cam garbage. Exit if it’s not your style & move on, I don’t need my inbox full of horror-purists telling me what a good scary movie is. We get it. You’re so tough.

Previous Masterposts: 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015

Happy Halloween (season)!

Full Length B-List Horror Films on Youtube 

LGBT Horror Film Downloads (NSFW)
* torrent at your own risk!

Less Horror, More Childhood Halloween Memories?
* torrent at your own risk (check netflix!)

Seasonal Pasta Specials

Free Online/Downloadable Games
* italics signifies this game is a free download

Halloween & Autumn Themed Recipes

Spooky Scary Cocktails

Special FX Makeup Tutorials

I think that about wraps it up for now! If you’re still craving more creepiness you can check out the previous year’s posts which are linked up near the top of this list! Happy Halloween season!!