Ghosts of Tsunami Victims Being Picked Up by Japanese Taxi Drivers

According to several news reports, a recent study interviewing taxi drivers about their strange taxi-driving experiences found that at least 7 claimed to have picked up a ghostly passenger.  Since all of the incidents took place in areas that were hit by the 2011 Tsunami disaster, and reports have all taken place after the event, drivers are assuming that the passengers were victims of the Tsunami.  In all of the stories, the drivers open the door for the passengers and ask them where they are going.  After receiving vague or strange responses the driver begins the trip, only to turn around at some point to address the passenger, and notice that they have completely vanished. A few of the drivers have said that they arrived at the destination, and when they turned around the passenger asked “Am I dead?” before disappearing before their very eyes.  Of course there are a variety of different theories surrounding these reports, either disproving or supporting the claims.  However, no one can deny that the stories themselves help to keep our world spooky.

(You can read several of the complete and original reports here:

The Hinterkaifeck Massacre

“…Andreas Gruber discovered footprints in the snow leading towards the farmhouse. As he backtracked them he found they had come from the woods – however there was no trail leading back. Andreas rushed to the farmhouse and gave it a thorough search. When he heard footsteps coming from the attic he grabbed his gun and went for a look, but found no one there.”

Read more about this unsolved massacre here:

The Cat Call

It was a Wednesday when we had gotten a load of snow the night before, causing school to be canceled! I’m a Junior in High School, so I wasn’t going to really be playing in the snow or anything, probably just sitting inside online and eating food. However, I have a dog and seven cats, so I do have to feed them and let the dog out to go to the bathroom.

Well I had just woken up, it was 7 a.m. and the initial excitement of a snow day had me wide awake. It was the first snow day of the year after all. Since I couldn’t get back to sleep I got up to let the dog out to go to the bathroom.

I live right outside of town in one of the first few houses in the country area. We have a small wooded area in our backyard and a much more sense area in front of our house. There is a small path that my Uncle, who lives next door to us, made with his four wheeler, that goes back into the woods. It goes pretty far back, all the way till you come to a road after a few miles back.

Anyways, we aren’t supposed to go back on that trail, because deer, coyote, fox, and other kinds of hunters go back there and my parents are afraid we will get shot or something. So we stay in our back yard for adventuring, which isn’t much because a river cuts through our back yard. But we still have fun.

So I let my dog out and a few of my cats also came outside, they are inside and outside cats, they come and go as they please. I walked around outside for a bit in the snow just enjoying it. When I looked over at my dog after about ten minutes I saw her walking on the path in the front yard that’s forbidden!

I didn’t rush to get her or anything since she is pretty old and lazy, but I follows her back into the path, she was throwing her nose around in the snow like she normally did, and looked like she was following a scent. She normally did this, so it didn’t seem strange. She didn’t wander too far back before randomly reaching one point of the path and then turning around and running back home as she normally does when I tell her to.

It seemed strange to me though that she randomly just turned and left the area so abruptly, but whatever, now I could go back inside and relax! I turned to walk back home when I looked down and saw one of my cats. She’s black and gray, so very easy to see in the snow, and I wondered how she had snuck up on me so easily, as her meow is very weird and not hard to miss.

I simply disregarded my thoughts and smiled at the cat,
“Hello, Lillian, what are you doing? Let’s go home, come on.”

She didn’t follow me as I walked past her and towards the house. I kept walking assuming she would follow when I suddenly heard her meow. She kept doing it though ; she would not stop. I turned around and towards where the cat had been, realizing I needed to get her. When I saw her, she was walking farther down the path!

I sped my walk up a little and grabbed the cat as quickly as I could, although when she saw me grabbing for her she began walking faster. She was looking in the direction of wherever the path led. I didn’t bother to look down the path then. I just turned to my house, holding the cat.

Lillian was still in my arms when I took my first step onto our wooden porch. It wasn’t slippery, but I still looked down for ice before stepping. The cat seemed to have calmed down, so I set her down on the porch, as we were only a few feet from the door. When I set her down she instantly turned towards the direction of the path, and therefor I insantly picked her right back up.

When I looked back at the door, I saw two more of my cats at the door looking outside! That normally meant they wanted out. I slowly opened and slid in the door, making sure no cats got outside. I set Lillian down on the carpet and closed the big door so that they couldn’t see outside.

I sat down on the couch and looked at the window, which is where the cats now were, sitting there looking out the window and at the path. This was scary though. What was down that path? I had been down the path before, but that was years ago, maybe something had changed…