The Hands Resist Him is a 1972 painting by Bill Stoneham. It depicts a young boy and female doll standing in front of a glass panelled door against which many hands are pressed. According to it’s first owners, the painting was extremely haunted and cursed anybody who displayed it in their house. Many people have claimed they feel ill, anxious, or angry just by viewing this particular piece. Do you?

Due to this, the painting could never seem to find a permanent owner and was auctioned off to dozens of different collectors for several years. Eventually, it found it’s place at an art gallery in Michigan. Although the owner was in no way superstitious or a believer in the paranormal, he recalled that lights and electrics around the painting would constantly break, despite them being brand new.

The creepiest part to this story is that both the owner of the gallery, and an art critic who reviewed it, died within one year of coming into contact with the painting. Both deaths have never been fully explained.


Strange “Rain”

If you were to think about what comes from the sky, you would most likely think of water in the form of rain, sleet, snow, or hail. However, sometimes extraordinarily bizarre things rain down from the heavens. Here is a list of several of the strangest “rains.”

1.       Fish: Reports of Fish raining down from the sky have been occurring since 200 AD. More recent incidents that have been recorded are the following: In 1947a Biologist was notified by his waitress at the café which he was dining at that “Fish were falling from the sky.” When he ran out he was able to grab several of the fish as they fell. The fish were 2-9 inches long, and were icy to the touch. In 1984, a builder noticed that there were almost a dozen fish on the roof of a man named Ron Langton’s house. Other fish also rained down on three other locations in London that night. Finally, in 2010 hundreds of fish rained in Lajamanu, Australia.

2.       Blood:  Blood rain or red rain occurs when blood seems to fall from the sky. Sightings have occurred since 8th century BC. In the past the appearance of blood rain was seen as a bad omen, and was used to foreshadow events. There are several theories as to what blood rain is. Scientists have said that it may be caused by an unidentified form of life without DNA, red dust suspended in water, or by the presence of micro-organism. Sunspots and Aurorae may also be to blame.

3.       Raw Meat: There have been several instances where raw meat has fallen from the sky. The most famous incident was the Kentucky Meat Shower on March 3rd, 1876.  During this time several flakes of red meat, thought to be beef, mutton or venison, rained down near Rankin, Kentucky.

4.       Frogs: One of the most common types of bizarre “rain” is frogs. Frogs have more recorded incidents than any other types of objects that have fallen from the sky, and the amount of the falling creatures is much larger. In 1977, thousands of frogs fell prior to a heavy storm in Carnet-Plage France. On September 23rd 1973, “tens of thousands” of small frogs fell during a storm in Brignoles France. In 2010, tadpoles rained down on a town in Japan.

5.       Golf Balls: Several dozens of golf balls fell on the town of Punta Gorda off the coast of Florida in 1969.

6.       Yellow Rain: In 1978 yellow rain fell on villages in Laos. No one knows what the cause of this rain was, however some suspect it was either a substance that fell from planes, a chemical weapons attack, or caused by a phenomenon known as mass defecation flights, where honeybees rained down yellow bee feces.

7.       Money: On October 8th, 1976, a plane dropped 500 lire, 1,000 lire, and 10,000 lire notes down on the citizens of Piazza Venezia in Rome. In another instance, a German woman was able to collect a decent amount of money as it fell from the sky as she was driving.

8.       Human Waste: Gerry and Leroy Cinnamon of Woodinville, Washington were shocked when, on October 18th, 1992, several baseball sized chunks of greenish ice came crashing through the roof of their living room. As it began to melt, it started to smell horrible. Two days later the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that the green chunks of ice were actually frozen human waste from a leaky United Airlines sewage system. Similarly, chunks of waste have also fallen in Tennessee (where it weighed 25 lbs!), in Denver, and Chicago.

9.       Hay: The town of Devizes in England was in for a surprise when hay began raining down in handful size lumps in the center of town.

10.   Sharks: In 2012 a shark fell on a golf course in Southern California. It was able to be transported back to the ocean where it was released.

Other Strange Things: Some other strange things to have fallen from the sky include snakes, spiders, maggots, seeds, nuts, stones, mud, birds, and non-dairy creamer.

(Sources: Unexplained Phenomenon by Bob Rickard and John MItchell,,