Okay in my house we have a strange tradition. My mother builds this beautiful Christmas village.

It wraps all around our house through the rooms and under the trees and it’s wonderful.

Every year she hides the Christmas Vampire

This started when I was a very small got child and spread to all of my friends, including my best friend from elementary school who I just so happened to grow up and marry. Now that we have grown up and moved nearly 600 miles away we still always go home for a week at Christmas for multiple reasons, including the Christmas Vampire.

Needless to say we still partake and things have gotten heated.

Stay tuned for the epic conclusion and to see my husband and father in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s sooty costume when I find the Christmas Vampire First!

Happy Haunting!

It Will Come Back but He's Howling Outside Your Door
Hozier's Evil Twin

It Will Come Back by Hozier but you’re alone in a cabin in the woods.  You hear something coming from outside, almost like a warning, but it’s dark out, and you don’t want to leave to investigate.  You can tell that there’s a pack of wolves somewhere in the distance, but you can’t be sure how close they are.