When the nights start drawing in and the days turn cold… When that damp chill creeps into the air and you start to feel cold to your bones… When you hear the gnawing in the walls, gnashing of teeth in the closet and screams in the night… You know it’s.. Abdab season!

Abdab season runs from the 1st of September until the 31st of November. During these three months you can take your very own Abdab home! Whether that’s advisable is a different matter…

Abdabs come in two different sizes, meikle and muckle. Meikle abdabs are 2” big and Muckle abdabs are about 3” big.

If you prefer the smaller size then you can have the pleasure of taking him a moosie, corvie or nathair home. Moosies are based on a mouse skull and are terrible chewers.. Corvies are based on crows and have an obsession with shiny trinkets.. Nathair are dragon-like and have terrible tempers. 

The three larger abdabs are Caberfeidh, Crystal and Screaming. Caberfeidh abdabs have an impressive set of antlers like a deer, Crystal abdabs have kitten skulls encrusted in gems. Screaming abdabs just make the worst noise…

If skeletal miscreants are your bag then look no further than my Etsy shop! Turnaround is 10 days and you can choose which body colour you would like your abdab to have!

Coming soon: Abdab patches, an abdab print and two new breeds of abdab! z