spooks 8.8

The one time when Lucas North was slightly amused ... (but it didn’t last)

I was re-watching Spooks 8.8 and I noticed all the times Richard Lucas makes a wry smile:

Well, of course it could not last…

Luckily for us, Lucas is always a sight for sore eyes, however he feels (sorry Lucas).

In  a tight sweater, blue like the colour of his eyes…

With a sexy headpiece + mic on:


Some hand porn and lash porn thrown in just for the sake of it:

Thank you Richard Lucas, for being you. I miss you so much. I hope Daniel Miller will be a little like you


Lucas: C'mon then, Ros. Small-talk me a little.
Ros: OK. Um, my perfume is made from the anal glands of cats. I read that in the paper this morning.
Lucas: It’s actually the perianal gland of the civet. But not any more, because they synthesize it.
Ros: How do you know that?
Lucas: I’m a polymath.
Ros: What the hell is a civet?
Lucas: A civet is a kinda cross between a cat and a mongoose. And in Vietnam they drink a coffee made from the half-digested beans harvested from its feces.
Ros: Versatile little creature.