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Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

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hey the blank pages link isnt working for me in the translations page, im trying to translate it to Japanese, but i have to edit them out, and i checked, most the translation links dont work, only the first spanish 1.but the blank pages is more important.

Okay, wow, I don’t know what happened to all those links (or when, geeze it might’ve been quite a while ago), but I rediscovered the ones I could. Lost a few though (namely the Simplified Chinese ones.) Sorry guys! :(
If you know of any translations that aren’t currently listed, send me a link and I’ll put them up! 

If you want to make a translation, please use blank pages found here!

Also, please make a page to put them up on yourself! (Tumblr or elsewhere.) Please do not send me a bunch of translated pages.

Thanks for letting me know, though, friend.
Haha. Trying to run a comic/blog is hard.

okay so i might be a litl buzzed woozy tispy right now but like
and i know that i cant even like lhold a penscil right now and thats fine but like
it feels like a really good time to draw ands tuff
but at the same time its like WOOOW i should REALLY JUST SLEEP
hahahahaha i can t lift myhead off the pillow wowww haha i am so tiredmy headhurtskinda

if i get a hangover i swear to gd

SakuraCon 2017 FNAF Showcase
Characters, sound files, and games (c) Scott Cawthon ----- Finished! Enjoy walking through the story of your favorite bunch of animatronics, brought to life ...

Here it is! A full showcase of the amazing FNAF cosplays from @creaturecomplexcosplay and @neverlandfnafcosplay ! I had a lot of fun filming and editing all of these clips, and I’m glad it came together in a coherent, pretty cool little film, especially for being short little clips we randomly recorded! Enjoy the spooks <3

off-screen klance moments:

1. keith unchaining lance from the tree

2. lance and keith running around the castle after getting spooked

3. The Bonding Moment

for all we know they could’ve already HUGGED or HELD HANDS or KISSED… how are we to know 🤔👀


In which Sunny develops Stockholm Syndrome and, meanwhile, two flowers have fun in a night date!

I’m sorry, @zombie-frisk‘s birthday was weeks ago [I think] and I did nothing ahaha ;D

Hope you like it, Spooks!

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you're gorgeous, spooks! <3 did they harass you a lot? what did they say to you? :(

thanks so much friend!! and nooo nothing too awful just a lot of skeevy looks up and down + winking and muttered comments and stuff. I was with my family (including my grouchy Irish grandad) though so i was alright! its gross and awful but i just ignore them because they’re not worth the energy