spooks 3

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

Commission Status: OPEN

Hi, so I thought it’d be nice to open commissions for a little bit! I’m only gonna be taking FIVE at a time! These are only gonna be from the waist up, but if you want something smaller, come ask me ^ ^ I also intend for these to be transparent, but a simple background can be added for no extra cost! :D

I work on a canvas sized : 6000x4000 with 350dpi and will resize it accordingly~

Will draw:

-Oc’s (Must Have a drawn reference sheet)



-Shipping art

-Nsfw (Ask about this first)

Will Not:


-Extreme Fetishes (Ask me if you’re unsure)



-Sequential Art (Comic pages/Strips)


-Complex Backgrounds


If Purchasing a Sketch:

Payment is gonna be required once I finish and have sent a preview! Normally I’d say half and half, but since this is a sketch, I can’t quite do that. So I will send a smaller version of the finished sketch (maybe even slightly messer than the final piece) for your approval.

If Purchasing Anything Coloured:

At least Half the payment must be sent once a Sketch of your commission is provided! You may also request an update at any point in time while I’m working on them!

Payments will be made by INVOICE ONLY!

To Order:

Link to Google Form


If ordering a commission that involves other people’s characters, especially in a Not Safe For Work situation, please make sure you have permission from the original owner the oc!

I usually work on art mostly Monday-Thursday, but depending on the character it might take a while~ None the less, don’t be afraid to ask for a progress report <3