spooks 3

Saw a chain mail post going around tumblr recently and thought you could all use this image in case you have paranoia, anxiety or are just easily spooked by those posts <3 

(also i did actually say a prayer over this image to protect everyone who ever reads this. no matter when you see this post from now on you are under her protection)   


In which Sunny develops Stockholm Syndrome and, meanwhile, two flowers have fun in a night date!

I’m sorry, @zombie-frisk‘s birthday was weeks ago [I think] and I did nothing ahaha ;D

Hope you like it, Spooks!


Generation 18 Cat Compilation #1 ~

I usually would post these as separate posts but I’m trying to take less pictures per generation (to sort of make my legacy more concise.  I’m not sure if that’s the right way to put it).  

Anyway, groups of the Cohen cat photos will be put into one post and I will just call them cat compilation.  :p  As usual, tags are ordered in order that the cat first appears (left to right, top to bottom).  I try to do this in most posts but I’m sure there are some I got lazy on..

anonymous asked:

BOO!!! Did i spooked someone? :3- spoopy ghost anon

Ell: AHH a ghost! Oh wait.. It’s probably just me finally loosing my shit. Hello voices in my head.



This halloween party is out of words thank you to everybody who jump in my crazy idea for this party…halloween is really special to me so i wanna make it more is special with the people i love most thanks for been a amaizing support and help 😭😭😭 Apple loves all of you 🍎💋 i couldn’t done this party well without my @freebackbird MARRY MEEE 💍💀

Back here as you can see i was not in the mood to be spook and this 3 dumbasse’s @dr-trevorsterling @willclarksonphotograph @ashton-yourbodyguard wanna scared me idk what for and it didn’t work 😒 so boys go back to your rooms thank you 😂😂😂 and lolo bond bad place to be hide yourself ajajajajaja my beloved lolos were all over eachother idk what the drinks have some some were needy 👀👀👀👀☔ and Trevor fuck you bro wheres the rabbit costume 🐇😂😂 CAPTAIN WILL TAKE US HOME!!!! 🏠 bc everyone will be drunk🎶🎶

Thank you for coming my sweethearts @freebackbird @willclarksonphotograph @dr-trevorsterling @ashton-yourbodyguard @nataliekiki  @a-russette

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I got tagged by @scoiataeled​ and @ferelden-doglord​ - thanks, both of you ♥

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