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It probably went on for only a few seconds, but to Y/N it felt like hours until he drew away, and she whines again, having not realized that her nails were digging into his forearm. She lets go, turning in his lap to face him and she sees him licking at his lips. Her head is foggy, and her body feels like Jell-O, and she giggles at the thought of having Jell-O legs before leaning her head against his shoulder.

“You need to drink cranberry juice.”

His voice sounds far away.

Y/N passes out.


Harry is smitten with a human, and Y/N hates cranberry juice (a lot)

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Richard Armitage - Filmography 1/5

1992 Boon, season 7 - Man in Pub
1999 Staged - Daryl (Darryl Newman)
1999 Cleopatra - Epiphanes
1999 This Year’s Love - Smug Man at Party
1999 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace - Naboo Fighter Pilot
2001 Doctors, season 3 - Dr. Tom Steele
2001 Casualty, season 16 - Craig Parker
2001 Macbeth - Angus
2002 Spooks, season 1 - Armed Police Officer

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Cheerios is definitely an introvert. 1) is spooked by unexpected attention 2) quiet, only says what he needs to 3) resting bitch face 4) is reserved at first but might open up if he likes you enough 5) socially awkward 6) might seem stuck up or antisocial 7) can deal with being alone 8) the death stare™ 9) not very good with daily conversation 10) rarely shows emotion Suddenly all the hate against chari makes sense. It's because he's an introvert. We always get crap from people. 😭

I would lie if I said I don’t love him for exactly these whole reasons. 3, 5 and 8 in particular lol

!!! Why people have to be annoying?! Do not even try to hate over my beloved introverts! I’ll be your mother hen, defending you all! 💪

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Rules:  Tell me your favorite character from 10 fictional works (shows, movies, novels, etc.) and tag 10 people.

These aren’t in any particular order. Just writing them as they come to mind. Also, there may be some characters that should be on the list but aren’t. I’m very tired.

1. Lestibournes/Spook from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy

2. Kaori Miyazono from the anime Your Lie In April/Shingatsu Wa Kimi No Uso

3. Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon (the movies, never read the books, apparently they’re very different)

4. Baze Malbus from Star Wars: Rogue One

5. Nao Tomori from the anime Charlotte

6. Cyra Noavek from Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth

7. Lily West from the Jack West series by Matthew Reilly

8. Iggy from the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

9. Poppet from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

10. Auron from Final Fantasy X


i made a trans boy positivity playlist!!

1. spook school - are you who you think you are? // 2. jesus and his judgemental father - rockstar // 3. panic! at the disco - emperor’s new clothes // 4. the academy is… - sleeping with giants (lifetime) // 5. all time low - guts // 6. cobra starship - fold your hands child // 7. walk the moon - i can lift a car // 8. fun. - walking the dog // 9. noah and the whale - tonight’s the kind of night // 10. gym class heroes feat. ryan tedder - the fighter // 11. angel haze feat. sia - battle cry // 12. patrick stump - spotlight (new regrets) // 13. a day to remember - sometimes you’re the hammer, sometimes you’re the nail // 14. decade - down and out // 15. high dive - clean // 16. the front bottoms - twin size mattress

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Can the ppl sending fan art please stop saying their work sucks? I swear half the time they're just saying it for attention; because all of their work is better than anything some of us can draw.

I’ve noticed this trend as well, so here’s some advice from spooks, to everyone.

1. Drawing is a skill. Like all skills, it takes time, effort, and patience. Everyone can learn how to draw if they commit to it. Don’t give up before you’ve even started.
2. Don’t compare your art to others, only compare it to your previous works. What you see from others and think is really good is the end result of hundreds of failures, and every failure is a learning experience. You get better with each drawing. Taking inspiration from others and learning from others is totally cool though!
3. Never feel the need to apologize for the quality or quantity of your work. If you are drawing for yourself, you don’t owe anybody other than yourself anything. And yourself deserves the best. If you worked your hardest, be proud of it.
4. If you’re drawing something as a gift to someone else, still don’t apologize. Saying “this sucks but here you go” isn’t going to make the recipient happy. Saying “I tried my best and hope you like it” will!
5. Just because you don’t say it outloud doesn’t mean you don’t feel that way. Chances are you’ll never like your own art. Your hopes and expectations and your skill level will never quite match up. Don’t feel bad because of that, and use it as motivation to keep working at it.
6. When complimenting others, don’t put yourself down, just bring them up. Saying “you’re so much better than me” isn’t going to make anybody happy. Stay positive and on track. Compliments are about the other person, not yourself.

[Edit] 7. Accept compliments people give you!

Tldr: work hard, get inspired, don’t apologize, don’t discourage yourself, be positive.

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"hey spooks a lil bird told me someones gonna get boned on the train..what does that even mean???"

“Sounds like T-Bone. 

Someone must of rattled him, hope it wasn’t me!

You’d have to be a bonehead to mess with him… There ain’t a coffin on Earth big enough to fit that big-boned skele-tons worth.”

{1/10 - Spooks has legs!}

The Bride of Phil-enstein

Based on this imagine

*Phil Lester-centric


“Are my neck bolts even?”

You laughed at the strange question and turned around. Phil stood in the doorway of his room, dressed in a black suit. Two little silver knobs stuck out of his neck, one on either side.

“They look great.”

“So do you.”

Your face heated up, as it always did when Phil complimented you. You hoped he couldn’t see it under the pale makeup you’d slathered your face with. “Alright,” you said, finding your voice again. “So, do you want to go ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Classic’?”

“I don’t know what either of those mean.”

You smiled. “‘Hollywood’ means I get to cover your face with green makeup. ‘Classic’ means I just draw on a few stitches.”

“It’s Halloween. I’m going all out.”

Phil sat on his bed and allowed you to smooth green makeup over his face. Then you drew a few stitches on with an eyeliner pencil. As a final preparation, you plastered Phil’s fringe down onto his forehead. “All done!”

“How do I look?” Phil asked, standing and posing for you.

“Very handsome.” You stood on your toes and pressed a quick kiss to Phil’s lips. When you pulled back, only a tiny bit of your black lipstick had transferred to his mouth.

The two of you went out to find Dan, who was flapping around the lounge in his vampire cape. “Having fun?” you asked with a laugh.

Dan froze. “I wasn’t doing anything.” He hated that you were always able to catch him doing stupid things. “Wow. You two look great.” Dan walked over and he and Phil flanked you so that Dan could snap a picture with his phone. He quickly posted it to all his platforms before asking, “Ready to go?”

You and Phil nodded and you headed out into the night, wandering the streets with all the other spooks. The BBC Radio 1 was having a Halloween party tonight and Dan and Phil had both been pestered to come, at least for a little bit. Phil had promised you that you would still be home in time to watch all the scary movies you wanted. You appreciated the gesture, but you knew it was important for him to make an appearance. You couldn’t keep your boyfriend to yourself—you needed to share him, especially with those who gave him paychecks.

The tube was surprisingly normal—the three of you were the only ones in the car wearing costumes. Normally, you’d feel self-conscious about sticking out in such a way. But you loved Halloween and didn’t care if the world saw. Phil reached down and grabbed your hand, squeezing it gently.

When the three of you finally reached the station, the party was in full swing. People called out, complimenting you on your costumes. Dan and Phil began to mingle and you stayed to the sidelines, feeling slightly out of place. You watched Phil interact with his co-workers and smiled, proud of him for having landed this job and for sticking with it.

“You must be Y/N!”

You turned at the voice. A woman in a witch’s hat was standing next to you, smiling. “Yes,” you said with a smile, unsure who exactly she was.

“That’s a great costume. And I think it’s adorable that you and Phil dressed up as Frankenstein and his Bride.”

“Thank you. Phil wanted to come as Minions, but I convinced him to go a bit more… mature.”

The woman laughed. “That sounds about right.”

The next few hours passed, with you and Phil getting compliments left and right about how cute you looked, how awesome your costumes were, how wonderful it was to see you. Finally, Phil pulled his phone out and checked the time. “You ready to go home?”


“There’s just one last thing I need to do.”

“Okay,” you said with a smile. You expected him to go off, talk to a co-worker or something, but instead he dropped down in front of you.

On one knee.

You froze on the spot, watching as he pulled a small box out of his pocket. You heard everyone around you grow silent. You felt dozens of pairs of eyes on you.

“Y/N, these past few years have been… so amazing. And I know that I… we have nothing but greatness waiting for us in the future.” Phil smiled up at you. “I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He took a breath. “Y/N, will you marry me?”

You finally took notice of the tears that were forming in your eyes, blurring your vision. You didn’t trust your voice, so you nodded at Phil, who’s smile grew even brighter. He reached out and grabbed your left hand, sliding the ring onto your finger. The crowd burst into cheers, Dan being the loudest.

Phil stood and wrapped his arms around you. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too.”

At that moment, you felt someone crash into you, another set of arms wrapping around you. “You guys, I’m so excited!” Dan said. “But dammit, Phil, you made me teary.”

“Thanks, Dan,” Phil said with a laugh.

Numerous BBC Radio 1 employees congratulated you as you walked past, leaving the party. The three of you hopped onto the tube and rode back to Dan and Phil’s flat. Once there, Dan started popping popcorn and Phil started gathering up bags and bags of candy. You popped a DVD into the player and sat on the couch, waiting patiently. You pulled your phone out and looked at the notifications you’d gotten during your time at the party. There were four from Dan—two tweets and two Instagram pics. One of each was from the picture he’d taken before the party. The other two were about a picture he’d apparently taken during Phil’s proposal.

You stared lovingly down at the picture. Dan had taken it just as Phil was sliding the ring onto your finger. The caption read Frankenstein truly got his Bride tonight! Very happy for my friends. Their love knows no bounds.

This was the best Halloween ever.