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oh sense i KNOW its gonna come back cause it happens ever month of october;

1) yes, spook has been (and in some certain areas still is) an antiblack slur (note; spooky and spoopy are different)

2) no it is not the original definition

3) still be considerate to those who feel uncomfortable with the word ok


Levihan Spook Fest Week 1:


It’ll always be you and me, so why are we dreaming alone?

I’ve been thinking about ‘The Lord Mistborn’ and his super creepy hemalurgy ideas.

He can’t have actually implemented those, surely? I mean, ethically its a nightmare but he doesn’t seem to have cared about that…. but surely if he’d been actively using hemalurgy in the general population people would still know about it 300 years later. It’s not that long a time.

I don’t know, because I don’t have a copy of SoS to look through. But surely he didn’t kill people via hemalurgy so that their allomancy didn’t die with them? (yikes).

Anyway. I have to assume he didn’t, but he wanted to, and Sazed wouldn’t have interfered because that’s not a Sazed thing.

Basically what I’m suggesting is at some point a tall looming figure in a dark cloak might have come up behind ‘The Lord Mistborn’ and suggested that maybe, maybe hemalurgy was not a thing that should be happening.


This year’s halloween event is finally revealed, and will last all month !!

Some of them kept their costumes from last year with a few upgrades, and some went for something completely new. No matter what, they all love what they’re wearing !

The kids will compete against each other in two different ways :

  • Team competition : Trick-Or-Treating. Gather the most candy in the whole wide city, and you’re on top of the world. Smart strategies are advised, stick with your two teammates and don’t let your guard down. The others could backfire…
  • Solo competition : The spirit of Halloween. Think you have the best costume ? Wanna show off and claim to be the spookiest kid in daycare ? Very well, but you will have to fare against all the 17 other kids, including your own teammates. You are on your own.

Note #1 : Spook Specialists are the biggest threat, as they know Halloween like the back of their hand. There’s two of them : Nozomi and Yoshiko. They can be quite frightening, but the other kids might team up to neutralize them.

The event will last until november 3rd. The event will pause for Eli’s birthday on Oct 21st, the kids will remove their costumes and switch back to their original designs. It will resume the day after.

Note #2 : Important

I will not be here from October 30th to November 3rd, as I get to celebrate Halloween elsewhere. It has been a dream for a very long time, and might as well be my first time trick-or-treating as my country doesn’t celebrate Halloween. At all. Except in Eurodisney, which is where I’ll be headed.

Rin’s birthday will be delayed to my return, as I will not bring my laptop with me to enjoy the experience at its fullest.

Costume details :

  • Honoka can pull her hoodie on top of her head by simply pulling the two strings on her costume.
  • Hanayo’s party horn acts like the pumpkin head’s tongue. She puts her mask on and blows the horn. Guaranteed success.
  • Umi’s visibility is close to zero. She will constantly need Nozomi to guide her as long as her paper bag is on her head.
  • Nico’s trident bends when it hits something.
  • Eli’s potions are actually little LEDs that will help her go through darker areas without the slightest problem.
  • Ruby’s moth wings will flap with every step she takes.
  • Dia asked for blood drips coming from her mouth, but Kanan messed up her makeup. Dia doesn’t know.
  • Kanan’s lazer guns are actually NERF guns. They’re charged with foam bullets.
  • Mari’s skeleton parts, including her face paint, her lantern and her scythe, are phosphorescent. They will be the only thing you’ll see when she’s in a darker area.

Happy haunting, friends !! Let the festivities begin !!


1. (Proper n.)  The night of October 31, the eve of All Saints’ Day, commonly celebrated by children who dress in costume and solicit candy or other treats door-to-door.

2. (Proper n.) For the particularly dedicated, the entire month of October.

3. (Proper n.) The time for spooks and  ṣ̳̮̬͓̙c͎̝̩̪̮a̡̺͎͇͉̞̜̝re̷̹̤̫̬̟s̵̟̲.

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