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It probably went on for only a few seconds, but to Y/N it felt like hours until he drew away, and she whines again, having not realized that her nails were digging into his forearm. She lets go, turning in his lap to face him and she sees him licking at his lips. Her head is foggy, and her body feels like Jell-O, and she giggles at the thought of having Jell-O legs before leaning her head against his shoulder.

“You need to drink cranberry juice.”

His voice sounds far away.

Y/N passes out.


Harry is smitten with a human, and Y/N hates cranberry juice (a lot)

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salesmanofhappiness  asked:

18: Are you scared of spiders?

((I am actually really fond of spiders. I love bugs and they love me, except wasps. They’re just bitches. But now that you’ve got me talking about bugs, I’ll show you a few of my favourite arachnids. Get ready to be spooked!))

1. Huntsman Spiders 

2. Whip Spiders

These bad boys aren’t poisonous but they will pinch you with their mandibles. Ouch!

3. Golden Orb Weaver Spider ((I wouldn’t touch this thing right off the bat but I’d like to look at in a glass box until I build up the confidence to hold this precious gem!))

((And the list goes on, however I am afraid of a select few spiders but none of them make me scream like these things!))

5. Daddy Long Leg Spiders

((I have good reason to be afraid of these things, I have a phobia of things with abnormally long legs, I’m even afraid of octopus and spider crabs! But it is said that a Harvestmen spider (Daddy long leg) is the most poisonous spider out there. Luckily! Their fangs aren’t sharp enough/long enough to puncture our skin! Take that you ugly mofo! They are the reason why I don’t like sleeping in tents! I woke up with a really huge ass daddy long leg resting on my shoulder! Talk about rude awakening!)) 

CORRECTION! Harvestmen are actually considered aphids! Since they have one body and not two separate sections. 

oh sense i KNOW its gonna come back cause it happens ever month of october;

1) yes, spook has been (and in some certain areas still is) an antiblack slur (note; spooky and spoopy are different)

2) no it is not the original definition

3) still be considerate to those who feel uncomfortable with the word ok

i’m trying my best to try; try to cook and clean and bike all the time and search for a new kind of light. i’m trying my best to not hurt my friends or myself but it never works. search for a new kind of light.

they told me it’s time to go outside. i try my best, i try to try, try to work, try to bike beneath the sky. wide eyes they make some things so bright, make everyone look like they’ve got more sight. cut by the saw grass, i keep my pace, the harder I look the less there’s a trace. i feel like i’ll never figure out what i want, what it’s all about.

—  Spook Houses, Try Pt. 1/Pt. 2

Kit Harington chats with Grimmy about Spooks on BBC Radio 1