Nábrók- The name given to a style of Icelandic pants found by historians, believed to be from the 17th century. The name literally translates to “Necropants” for a very creepy reason; They are made from human skin. Sorcerers and witches would wear the trousers all day and night under their clothes as a sort of underwear in order to bring them wealth.

Politely being asked by your sorcerer friend to be used in a pair of Necropants after your death was a great honour in 17th century Iceland, but making an authentic pair of Nábrók was a difficult practice for the witch. They would only bring prosperity if the maker/wearer stole a coin from a widow and placed it in the scrotum of the garment. When the wearer died, if they did not pass the Nábrók down to their children they would be infected with lice as soon as they passed away, but if the trousers were passed on, they could bring wealth to future wearers. Above is the only surviving pair of Necropants, and is on display at the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft in Holmavik, Iceland.

The Sensabaugh Tunnel in Tennessee is one of the most haunted tunnels in the world. Built in the 1920s by Mr. Sensabaugh, the tunnel lies next to a huge cemetery that was once flooded during a storm, and locals believe that the disturbed spirits have made their new home in the dark structure. Screams are heard echoing through the place, babies cry and for anyone brave enough to drive through it, they will find that their car engine will mysteriously cut out and child-like hand prints will appear all over the car.