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☎ for me ur good ghost son

Name: Ghost Son 👻👻

Ringtone: September - Earth, Wind & Fire

Picture: A picture Daniel accidentally took when trying to take a selfie with Jen. It features Jasper photobombing it and a blurry Daniel being spookled and Jen laughing.

Last Text Received: I think dogs should vote. Dog suffrage.

Last Text Sent: Jasper I worry for you sometimes.

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May I please have a reading ms. Spookles?


I pulled The Nine of Cups, reversed - errors or obstacles stand in the way of success. don’t allow an excess of confidence to blind you from the truth.

Quick note to my spooklings - I am open to all sorts of requests for horror and angst memes, not just Halloween-themed ones, but since it is October, this is the best time to hit me with your holiday requests! I’m hoping to spend this month in hyper drive creating a whole lot of new memes to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year~


My Halloween-themed Destiel one shots.

Here you go, my little spooklings.

Baby’s First Pumpkin (Ao3 version | Tumblr pt 1, pt 2, pt 3): Seven years after the angels were cast out of Heaven, the Winchester brothers finally have their own little families. Sam has two children and a third on the way. It took Dean and Castiel a while but they finally adopted their own baby girl, Mary Joanna. And since it’s her first Halloween, Dean is bound and determined to do it right even though she’s only four-months-old.

Halloween Candy (Ao3 version | Tumblr version): It didn’t occur to Dean that he might be in love until Castiel started bringing different Halloween candy to the bunker and making him try it too. And as Dean found himself pretending that the experiences were new to him too, he realized he was doing a lot just to see Castiel smile. But when will he get the guts to do something about it?

Angel In A Devil Suit (Ao3 version | Tumblr version): With Halloween fast approaching, Charlie decides they need to take Castiel out on the town since he’s never had a real Halloween in his existence. The former angel comes up with a costume that he calls amusing but he builds it in secret. No one is allowed to see it until Halloween night. And when the time comes, he doesn’t disappoint!

All The Right Molecules (Ao3 version | Tumblr version): It’s going to be Halloween soon and Dean goes shopping for candy. Castiel can’t resist the allure of fruity treats despite the candy being saved for trick-or-treaters. A sweet, fluffy one-shot about Dean and Castiel trying to find their way together in a post-demonic life.

I truly deeply thank each and everyone of my followers from the bottom of my heart!

Seriously you guys rock so much! It’s literally beyond words, I’m amazed at how awesome you all are. Never stop being this hauntingly awesome! The blog as hit 21,540 followers and it’s still growing! Thank you, thank you so very much for the precious gift you’ve all given the blog :) I love you spooklings! Keep it Creepy and Happy Haunting!

Music Shuffle Challenge

Alright so spookling tagged me in this a couple days ago, but I’m just now getting around to it. Got my iTunes up, so here’s the first 10 songs of all my music on shuffle.

  1. Bounce! - System of a Down
  2. Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year - Fall Out Boy
  3. Over the Mountain - The Word Alive
  4. Drowning Lessons - My Chemical Romance
  5. Shallow Bay - Breaking Benjamin
  6. Zydrate Anatomy - Repo! the Genetic Opera Soundtrack
  7. The Infanta - The Decemberists
  8. Dark Light - HIM
  9. Are You The Rabbit? - Marilyn Manson
  10. Midna’s Desperate Hour - Twilight Princess Official Soundtrack

That is….a horrible depiction of my iTunes, what the fuck. Oh well, at least we got some gaming OST and some Decemberists in there. All great songs, just not as vast as the damn thing actually is.

spookling replied to your postBless the Fatshion tag for showing me pictures of…

I would say go for it. It feels MUCH better after cutting it. No more getting caught in a web of your own hair every time you try to move, and it immediately feels healthier. (I got 12 inches off and it also makes my proportions look nicer, so!)

How short did you gets yours cut? I’m debating. I really don’t look good with a bob (learned that the hard way) but I don’t think I could pull off super cropped either. Somewhere in the middle, maybe?

Hi Spooklings!     

Fall/Halloween is my Favorite time of the year. So I will be starting a favorite’s page on my blog, but with a little change. :)) 

To be on this page, you will reblog this post to qualify for the 1st week! 

Starting September 1st, I will look at who I follow, who follows me, and who reblogs the post and pick my favorite blogs. 

I will be looking for blogs related to the Fall, October, and Halloween. 

I will post my first set of favorites on September 1st! 

My favorite blogs will be added to my Favorite’s page and, 

  • will have the option to be promo’ed 1-2 times a week.  
  • Every Friday of each week until Halloween, I will do a list promo of everyone on the Favorite page.

(If you can think of any other things you would like for being on my favorites page, let me know in my ask!!) 

You can check out the page on my blog for more details. :)