Sometimes Emm wonders if learning how to really fight was a good idea.

She’s in the public bathroom of the municipal park again, but this time instead of coming in battered and bruised and in dire need of a new t-shirt Emm is sitting on the floor, cross-legged, looking a little scrubby in a tank top and baggy sweatpants but not sporting any new injuries to worry about—her black eye’s swelling has gone down a lot, her lip isn’t nearly as puffy as it was a week ago, and she can ball her right hand into a fist without causing the skin to split again over her knuckles where she busted them open on that ruffian’s nose.

“It’s important to make sure your stance is like this; you see, you can quickly shifft like this or this if the guy who’s trying to come at you is… hey. You’re bleeding again.”


Spook’s looking down at her with his brows furrowed, down at her lap where her injured hand is balled into a fist with red peppering the bandages and wh—oh. Oh. “I-I must’ve been distracted, sorry,” Emm says hurriedly, fishing in her pocket for the roll of bandages and medical tape she’s been keeping with her. “It’s been getting better though. Talking about fighting with you though makes me forget that for now I’m out of commission, haha.”

While she unravels the old bandages she hears a running faucet, then the sound of returning footsteps before Spook settles himself in front of her with a proffered pad of wet paper towels. “I guess we’re going to havve to put offf sparring ffor another week then.”

“Psh. Making excuses so you don’t have to face me one on one yet?” Emm shoots back with a half-smile as she daubs at her knuckles. Spook smirks at her before reaching over and plucking the roll of bandages out of her lap.

“Just want to make sure my worthy advversary’s in top shape before we really throw down. Now give me your hand.”


“…So I can bandage it, you rufffian.”

Emm opens her mouth, first in surprise, then to argue that she can bandage her own hand fine and dandy thank you very much, but Spook’s giving her this look that’s making her feel silly for wanting to tell him off at all so she gingerly holds out her hand.

His hands are firm, scarred, callused, but gentle.  Emm watches him work, feels how lightly he holds her hand in his, sees how he wraps her wrist and palm and knuckles with a practiced speed and thinks about how one day she’d like to return the favour.

i have the feeling that emm’s older brother taught her how to fight and that’s how she held her own against those losers but i’d also like to think spook started giving her pointers uvu