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Uncle Gerry’s Family Fun Zone

by reddit user Red_Grin

This is a lengthy story but it is worth it:

I didn’t know Will could draw, I remember thinking as my friend’s hand quickly moved across the page. And then I looked more closely at Will’s impromptu sketch, and I immediately regretted it. I tried to unsee it. I shifted my attention to other things around me, anything at all that wasn’t ink on the page: the blur of Will’s hand, the beads of sweat gathering at his temples, the gentle autumn breeze creeping through the crack of the window.

Don’t look at the page. Just don’t look at it.

But I knew I had to. So I looked. And it was worse than I expected. Much worse.

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The horrific algebra teacher

Ok, so I’m gonna start this off with this: I genuinely like math. It makes sense and dictates the world around us. Well, as a kid going into 7th grade, I was pretty smart (not to toot my own horn or anything). But I could do most simple algebra problems in my head and get the correct answer.

Now, here’s where it starts. In 7th grade, I had a teacher named Mrs. Roach. Now, any student at my esteemed middle school, knew of Mrs. Roach. She had a reputation for being a straight-up, no-holds-barred bitch.

She taught, you guessed it, algebra.

Now, in middle school I was a quiet, shy, easily spooked kinda kid and a star student with straight A’s and B’s.

So we begin the year, and I start hearing… things about our beloved algebra teacher, Mrs. Roach.

Some kid apparently dumped raid on her desk, another gave her raid as a present, and she called my friend a derogatory slur (spik) hen she accidentally dropped her book in the hall.

I go into class with hope in my heart and nothing but a love of math.

Well, that changed pretty damn quick.

So a little background, I wear glasses but didn’t know it until the END of 7th grade. So, I couldn’t see the board. Constantly squinted at it like it was suspicious.

So what does the beloved Mrs. Roach do?

Sits me in the back of the class where I can’t see.

It gets worse throughout the year as I slowly realized she had something against me. I still to this day do not know what.

She would call me stupid and dumb in front of the whole class when I got an answer wrong. When the other kids would pick on me about whatever, she’d turn around or start doing something at her desk.

Now, here’s where it gets really bad.

One day, she gave us 30 problems for class work and another 30 for homework. I had a history project as well I was working on, so I spent a good chunk of the night working on what I didn’t finish in class and the homework. Needless to say, I finished the work, but not the homework.

I go in the next day and hand her the work from yesterday, and first words out of her mouth is “I can’t read this, rewrite it.” And she crumples all of my hardwork and throws it in the trashcan.

When I say I didn’t finish the homework, she starts straight-up yelling at me about how I “had time to do the equations” and I was “just lazy” and my parents needed to “teach me to be more responsible” or I was “never going to get anywhere in life.”

Needless to say, little depressed 7th grade me started to cry. I sobbed for a good five minutes while my friends were trying to calm me down.

Walk up to Mrs. Roach and ask if I can go to guidance.

She says no, get back to work.

So I ask if I can go to the bathroom. She says alright and I go.

Cue kid finding me bawling my eyes out in the bathroom and walking me to guidance where I sob out my story about Mrs. Roach and miss my bus. Mom has to come pick me up.

I tell mom.

Two parent-teacher meetings later, she still hasn’t stopped. I ended up passing her class with a D and moving onto Mrs. McGill, who got arrested for beating up her daughter while drunk who was beating up her son.

TL:DR: Had an algebra teacher named Mrs. Roach. She really lived up to her name.

Should you be questioning this? No…


So in an earlier ask, someone questioned If Gaster was a skeleton. To which I said yes he is. But he has a special ability.

 When Blizzard Gaster concentrates, he is able to manifest a flesh layer in order to protect him from the cold. 

But his layer only reaches up to the tips of his fingers and toes. Some of his spine is also exposed. (cause creatures with exposed spines are cool XD)

However, this layer isn’t as sturdy as human or monster flesh. Every once in a while, Gaster must remove his layer or he gets sores similar to frost bite. 

Removing the flesh doesn’t hurt. But the actual procedure is quite grotesque. Gaster usually does this in private so he doesn’t spook anyone. (especially his kids XD)

I hope that clears things up. :)

Can I just say this?

I have seen alot of these missing persons posts on Tumblr and it breaks my heart to think that maybe there’s someone out there who is missing…

But let Auntie Kitti tell Y'all a story.

A few years ago, my (now) brother and I were going to a convention in Liverpool, UK. This was at the height of the Attack on Titan fandom and they had went as Mikasa. Now being the awesome big sister I am, I let him go off at the con to do as he pleased, I was angel from Ao no Exorcist and had a meet and he had an aot meet to get to so we knew we couldn’t stay together all day.

He had his phone, I had mine. Both of us had each other on speed dial AND we had established a meeting point for later that day.

All went well and we met back up, had fun and all that cool con time jazz… Until later that night I log into Instagram to see something shocking.

Someone had taken a picture of my brother and said that they were missing and that he was this other kid’s sibling. Now I knew he was safe, he’d gone home the same time I did and I had made sure he’d went into the house. He was safe.

But people were believing this kid and giving details about my sibling. My name, his dead name, his last seen place which was his address…

Now this is horrifying enough but take into consideration that I am on a protective list due to history with certain types of people and my brother’s biological father had threatened him previously to the point where our mum and my brother had to move…

It could have seriously put him in danger.

Luckily the kid got spooked when I got in touch with her and removed the information but what I’m worried about with seeing all these stories of people going missing…

I get people want to help, I do too… But you might want to consider the possibility you could be putting them in more danger by giving Information out. Find them, yes definitely but please… Be careful.

My brother was, at the time (and I hate to say this but he was only about 13,14 at the time) born female and, while he has come out as trans, there’s a history in Liverpool especially of kids being taken (just Google Jamie Bulger and you will see what I mean)

Please think before you give out information… I don’t wish for anyone to not help, or for people to stand by and do nothing, I just want to make sure people know that there is absolutely no guarantee that the Information you give is going where you want it to be.

Sorry for the rant… I got worried.

Ridiculous Things

Pairing: Neji x Tenten | Read Time: 11 mins

“Good work today.”

Tenten glanced down from the treetop where she sat as she watched over their target’s residence that rainy evening.

Twenty feet below her stood her teammate, Hyuuga Neji, who was clad in a dark gray raincoat to ward off the expected overnight chill during his shift. For the next few days, they would be taking turns keeping an eye on a B-class criminal who was assigned to them for capture by the Tsunade-sama.

Rock Lee and their temporary team member for this mission, Uzumaki Naruto, had already taken their respective shifts during the day. She took the early evening to midnight hours, while Neji was slated for the graveyard hours.

(She initially got the overnight shift when they drew lots to decide their assigned hours, but the Hyuuga clandestinely switched hers with his upon learning what she picked.)

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lets-have-a-mediocre-time  asked:

I heard your askbox was empty? How about UF and MT skelebros with an S/O who's house is haunted? Very haunted, as in things being thrown at people, messages written on mirrors, the works.But S/O is so used to it that when the cabinets start slamming and plates start flying they just roll their eyes and keep doing what they were doing

Oh, this one is really interesting!! Thanks for requesting~!

UF!Sans- It won’t necessarily be grounds for a break-up, but it could be if you really want him to spends tons of time at your place. The poor guy has enough anxiety with having to worry about a cabinet door crushing his skull out of no where. The fact you’re so casual about it kind of impresses him though, he could never keep a cool head like that.

UF!Paps- He wants to fight the ghost. He doesn’t care if he can’t, he wants to. He’s usually seen yelling at the messages on the mirror like “ CEASE YOUR INFERNAL INCORPOREALNESS THIS INSTANT TO RECEIVE YOUR JUSTICE!!! ” he will always catch the things thrown at him though, he’s got crazy good reflexes. He will stay over at your place a little more than if it were not haunted.

MT!Sans- He jokes about the ghost. Names it Spooks. He’s regularly quoted saying “ spooks wrote on the bathroom mirror again doll, where’s the washcloth? ” Spooks becomes a natural part of your lifestyle, and you both end up treating them like your moody invisible kid. Spooks even ends up getting a gift on Christmas, a dart board.

MT!Paps- He is unwaveringly optimistic. He is a Papyrus after all. Any messages on the mirror are met with cheerful suggestions on better grammar and vocabulary, any objects thrown returned to their place with a refusal for a game of catch. He will stay over at your house just as much as if it were a normal house, because to him there’s nothing weird about it. He will never let these ghosts get him down.

Pinky Promises- Peter Parker

Reader and Peter make many different Pinky Promises throughout their life together.


2478 words

a/n- i tried a different writing style and i hate it lol tbh i got a lil lazy but i felt bad about not posting i have like 8 stories in progress tho so be ready for them lmao

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@the-grey-kid-in-waterfall (x)

The creature looked up, and immediately yelled. He fell onto his back, sliding away. “Please, sir, don’t take me back! I’m sorry, I won’t run away again! Please…” He sobbed, terrified. Apparently he remembered Gaster, even if Gaster didn’t remember him.

… Well, that couldn’t mean anything good. What had this monster’s Gaster done?
A single step is taken back, holed hands held up to show he was backing off.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnHmM7mc4ZM)

maplemesyrup  asked:

I don't know if you explained this already, but I recently replayed Undertale and as I was walking through Snowdin, I got a phone call from what seems to be from Alphys based on the speech patterns and referencing anime. She was ordering a pizza? Can you explain that?

(undertale spoilers)

This is a fun event! It only occurs if your game’s fun value is in the range of 46 to 50.

The mannerisms, preference of using text to phone for the order, and anime catgirl all point to this being Alphys. 

There are a number of different fun events that can occur. To see them all, you’d have to play quite a number of different times! It helps keep the game a little more interesting.

Welcome to the Centuary Rescue

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Centuary Rescue.

{All characters created by Fia a.k.a hubedihubbe}

This here piece of work, is an introduction and brief description of each character that has been lovingly created and developed by the lovely Fia. It will kind of tell you of their relationships with each other and where they fit in at the farm.

{In other words I’m totally bored and this is entertaining for me}

Okay, enjoy!

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Words: 4,879
Sammy x Reader
Warnings: language, descriptions of disturbing imagery, blood
A/N: Thanks for your patience on this part ya’ll! Our story is progressing… the next part will reveal some important things! And yes, this one does end in a cliffhanger. MUAHAHA!

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Dean awoke uncharacteristically early. He’d fallen asleep with his head propped against the headboard and he had a pain in his neck to show for it. The radiating pangs were probably what had woken him. The light in the room was dim, suggesting that the sun was probably just starting to break over the horizon. The television was still on, though muted. Sam must have taken care of that after Dean had drifted off. In the flickering glow of some old black and white movie, Dean was surprised to see two figures sitting up against the headboard of the next bed. Sam leaning back, and you leaning towards him.

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