the-trash-god  asked:

1-30, and include the questions with your answers. Like copy and paste that shit. Think it'll make it easier for both of us dude D: You don't gotta switch tabs answering, I don't gotta to read, everybody gets free Pop Tarts the end.

Haha I’m tempted to not copy & paste it just for you! ;)
Evens are answered and so is #17

1.) Movie: NO YOU CANT ASK THIS TO A FILM MAJOR! We can’t tell you our number one because we don’t have a number one overall! We have categories! lol. Lord of the Rings films are definitely near the top though, they inspired my film interest.
3.) Song: I go by what I recently bought on iTunes…
I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons, Words - Hawk Nelson, Marry Me - Jason Derulo, All of Creation - MercyMe, Safe & Sound - Capital Cities, & Wake Me Up - Avicii 
5.) Color: Blue
7.) OTP: There are sooo many. You’d have to give me a topic/category lol.
9.) Thing to do: Watch hockey, design/edit videos, etc.
11.) Magazine: The Hockey News! :)
13.) Accent: British, Australian, Swedish, Canadian, etc.
15.) Clothing Store: NHL store? haha. I usually find some cute stuff for cheap at Target
-skip 17 cuz its answered-
19.) Actor: SO DIFFICULT. Dean O’Gorman, Stephen Lang, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Karl Urban, Viggo Mortensen, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, etc.
21.) Drink: Arizona Green Tea
23.) Cereal: Pops or Apple Jacks…on the rare occasion I get to have it Reeses Puffs!! (So good but so bad for you)
25.) Band: Imagine Dragons, The Fray, Swedish House Mafia, The Civil Wars, Rascal Flatts, etc.
27.) Smell: Holiday meals & Christmas <333
29.) Person from history: Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain! <33