In response to my horrific post about a mother giving botox to her child (fuck)… here is a funny spoof (and inisghtful really) about pageants.

Tales from House Wendy

I am sofa surfing and tumbling, and Kiddo (who is a longtime Turtles fan) is trying to give TMNT 2012 a chance (it’s horrible btw). I am half listening and hear the following:

“Take care of Spooge! Spooge Spooge! I am the butt explosion master!!! Let’s do a full frontal assault, and ram it all the way in there!”

Oh, and they were invading an actual butthole.

This is what kids are watching? On Nickelodeon!?!



Spooge Boy - Reggae dance (Blub) (Club)

Wilson, understandably upset at the threat that women on the internet deal with every day (except it’s towards his daughter and not him because, ew, rape a dude? That’s so gay), lashed out at the aforementioned spooge sock. They even got John Podhoretz and Ann Coulter involved because, at this point, this has become an amazing clusterfuck of wretchedness, like a ball of spiders floating in open sewage. You don’t want to help them because fuck that. Let them all drown in shit. By the end of the day Monday, Wilson had backed off attacking Nolte because, hey, no one wants anyone raped.
- See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.mx/#sthash.fZ6PUCUg.dpuf

syblatortue said: dhadhjgjsfj the lusus!!! XDDD and. is that unfortunate troll Sollux and KK’s descendant by any chance? hahaha~~ love the expressions btw <3 and the nookworm, he’s cute!

Yaaaay! XD Y’know, troll wasn’t meant to be their descendant initially, but now that you mention it… XD I foresee the most genuine platonic hatred for those two coming from this kid. :D

I sort of had this idea in mind that the nookworm had so much genetic material from both KK and Sollux that it sprouted weird combo horns when it got so big, and lusus horns tend to match their grubs’, so… :D Dammit, this is making me create another accidental fantroll (also grumpy, just like good ol’ Deplis, and with similar reasons)! XD

ABEAUTIFULBEHIND.COM - It&rsquo;s bareback army fun all the way as Kris Wallace gets spit-roasted &amp; splattered with spooge! HD

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It’s bareback army fun all the way as Kris Wallace gets spit-roasted & splattered with spooge! HD

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A Mariage Parfait?

First off, after a summer hiatus, I return with more spooge to spew. 

There was a little trouble with the po-po that curtailed my swilling but I am back and what do you know…there are 15,000 new offerings at the liquor store since the last time I visited! It is an awesome thing to have so many beers to choose from but when is the bubble going to burst??

Rather than list all of the things that I have had the pleasure to imbibe as of late I thought that I would keep it local and talk about the Norwegian Mafia a bit. 

Word on the street (actually pretty public knowledge now) is that the “forefathers” of the Duluth craft beer movement have divorced (Fitger’s Brewhouse). It has been long rumored that the sexy muscular partner’s share was for sale at a much inflated price yet that never materialized. Despite oodles of awful press, damn near picketing at their watering holes, and irreparable harm done to the brand by this philanderer - the beat has gone on for many years and the business has survived. Dinner table conversation has often included musing on why the Brewhouse didn’t expand outside of Duluth. Instead they kept finding new ways to try to push their beers in this little town despite the grey cloud that circled above them. After the UMD debacle, many people were astonished that RR decided to stay in Duluth and didn’t go in search of fresh meat somewhere else. 

I was surprised to learn that the more business savvy of the two bailed out and The Rocket is left to fly solo at the helm. I’d imagine that this was actually a pretty crafty move by Mr. Nelson as it sure looks like the establishments are having a tough time. Endion has been quiet every time that I have visited. The BU must be getting its ass kicked by the Tavern/Qdoba, and the old bookstore is not generating any income. Rodney is already calling everybody in his Rolodex to find new money. Perhaps he should give up on creating the health and wellness super center as the monied women I know won’t step foot in a joint he owns. 

Many folks in town have steered clear of these places so as not to support Rod. I find that sad for the great brewing team who has been there for so long. Dave Hoops has always deserved more recognition and I hope that he might use one of his deep-pocketed contacts (or the Nelson bros.?) to put together something somewhere that thrives and directly benefits his pocketbook(give the man some ownership for his efforts!). I understand that Frank K. is taking over the reins and I wish him all the best. It would be very hard to bail on that opportunity and to try to find new work in the Northland as a brewer. We all wish you luck Frank! Keep up the tradition of fine beer and good luck with your new boss. 

For those of you non-Duluthians who read this crap, my apologies for all of the mumbo jumbo. I’ll get back to beers soon. A Puckerfest is on the calendar, the autumn beers are arriving in the stores (in August), the State Fair binge is happening, and I’m back in the game. 

I remain, the Snob.