In response to my horrific post about a mother giving botox to her child (fuck)… here is a funny spoof (and inisghtful really) about pageants.

anjael asked:

All your rubick icons with the spraying green stuff just look like Rubick's neon green spooge, esp as hes making like "n-n" faces in the icons too... GL unseeing that, I sure can't

to each with their thoughts, anjo

u just see what u wanna see

Ok, so… no more Auzz after this but I thought the starters were sort of the done thing when introducing something like this. These have all had a little bit of a redesign since even the youngest of these is several years old.

Spooch (pretty set on Spooch now, even though it sounds like spooge and cooch all at once) has looked more or less like that for a good while, I pretty much just tidied it up.

Shufflbud has pretty much been identical to this since forever. Seeing as there is practically nothing to its design I have added its hands poking out from its shrubbery. (It’s a plant it doesn’t need a mouth, shut up.)

The Platypus had a dumb name and a weak design that I just overhauled in the space of five minutes. The tail seems a little tacked on and might be subject to reworking but for now it’s an improvement, though I’m not sure if it would affect the evos (which actually look pretty good).

So to reiterate… Auzz is a second region that’s developed over time much like my first region (Bretlan) as a means of storing my fakemon designs over the years. A lot of years. Like Bretlan this ended up with me creating pokemon specifically for the region and going against the original idea. While I will no doubt finish these WIPs and continue introducing the region there is a lot of other stuff I want to finish first, and i’m lazy and unmotivated to do so, so… maybe don’t expect to see much more for a good while.

That said, if there is interest I could post the finished pokemon daily(ish) from Bretlan to my tumblr to sate any cravings or you could just binge and visit my DeviantArt which has all of them there already. What say you?

anonymous asked:

Admin trash, Ive sent in many confessions to this blog and I love how many people Ive hurt. I won't be doing it on that stupid other blogs. There will never be anyone but you in my tiny hateful and bitter heart. I will think of you whenever I throw my spooge filled tissue papers in the trash.

The secret to a successful blorpjorp is: when he’s just bout to bust a nuttarooney, make sure his peckers jammed as far down yer gullet as it’ll go, so when he spooges out all that hot spunk, ya won’t gotta taste it none and it’ll just go straight into yer belly! :P