i keep forgetting that spyderman movie is a real thing, but then i think back on how black pan/ther and captain m@r/vel each got pushed back by a year (a fact a lot of people seem to have forgotten) so they could make spoodermen and i dont feel like maughing any more

Ok so Spoodermen Hermkermin.  I mean Spiderman Homecoming.  

It is a great movie, lots of fun, but as marvel movies go it’s a little on the lighter side as far as like, huge action scenes go. there’s a couple good ones, but honestly if you don’t live in an area where there’s a lot people who like Marvel in your area it’s not worth the cost of theater admission.  It’s okayish to take your kids too, the swearing is on the downlow, there’s hardly any, but there is a character who mentions porn (there’s NEVER any on scene, the most skin you see is Peter Parker’s bare chest and that’s only a couple of times very briefly for comedy), so if you’re that against it you can be braced for that.  

All and all though, it’s got a solid plot, catches a lot of points in awkward highschool life in Murica just right.  Down to awkward PSA videos, which are apparently gonna be on the blueray disc when it comes out.  I honestly think that the villain is the best villain today, across the Marvel cinematic universe.  He’s very fleshed out and is delightfully realistic.  There’s actually not too much cringey second-hand embarrassment though.  

So I do recommend seeing it, but if you wait for it to come to shelves it’s going to be more or less the same experience if you don’t have other people in the area who like Spiderman.