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Ned vs Ganke

the only thing I’m bitter about concerning Spider-Man: Homecoming is the whole Ned and Ganke parallel, otherwise everything was spectacular
* for those of you unaware, Ganke is Miles Morales’ (Universe 1610 Spider-Man) best friend in the comics

don’t get me wrong, I love Ned, but yall CANNOT deny the parallels:

• Both of them are the best friend of a Spider-Man (excusable to a degree, but hold on I will continue to prove my point)
• Ganke and Ned look very similar (which wouldn’t be crazy if there weren’t more similarities)
• though Ganke and Ned both discover their friends’ secret identities differently, they both have very similar reactions to finding out
** this is not a strong factor though, just an observance
• nonetheless, though, they both serve the same purpose as the best friend/confidant, carrying out the same duties in the Spider-Man stories
• one of the stronger factors that aids these points put together is one of Ganke’s most notable traits and a specific hobby he and Ned have in common. They are both especially geeky, while also having a passion for Legos (Ned takes this to a degree, but it is sort of known to be a hobby of Ganke’s)
• lastly, Ned Leeds was not originally who he is in the movie. He’s a very different character and his story arc is focused more on being a supporting character who works with Peter and then becomes the villain, Hobgoblin, so obviously they had to get their inspiration somewhere, and it really points to Ganke in my opinion

Alone, these points are sort of shots in the dark, but put them together they’re pretty blatant. I don’t think the creators of MCU Ned Leeds have outright said he is or isn’t based partially off Ganke Lee (correct me if I’m wrong), but from the looks of it they have and if this is the case I’m not a fan of them borrowing parts of Ganke from Miles’ story to create a similar character for Peter Parker.
Btw this isn’t hate for the new reboot with Peter Parker, it just seems too coincidental that this happened. I love Ned and Ganke tho 💞

Please do correct me if I made any invalid points and help me if I missed anything

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