90. Spontaniouse Auditions (Cycle 9 ep. 7) 

Sometimes I swear this show’s casting department looks at a girl’s name before her face, and a name like Spontaniouse is bound to get a callback.

Just how did she get the name Spontaniouse? Well, I can’t account for the spelling (other than probable illiteracy), but apparently she popped out of the womb before her mom was ready. To be fair, everything about Spontaniouse is quick, as even her time in the fast food industry was short-lived.

I could describe it all in more detail, but I couldn’t tell it nearly as entertainingly as Spontaniouse can in her own words (complete with her pantomiming her own birth!), so just watch the video above. We could all use a little more Spontaneity in our life.


“It was too hot and it was gettin’ to the summertime and I was like uh uh”


does anybody know where Spontaniouse is today i really hope shes doing well