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Significant Characters and objects

Characters, objects, and events that I think have to be significant, but I don’t know exactly why:

Dusting off this old chestnut, because… answers…

Lines have been crossed out from where we got sufficient answers, or I just have given up. A few have been added or re-added to the list. 

*Updated 11/16/16*

1.Colin- Seriously, why? why did he even exist? Why would wren and Melissa even need a flatmate? I mean I understand London is very expensive, but it still seems incongruous. Why even introduce him if he’s not involved?

2. Sara Harvey- I’ve already ranted about this, but I need her to be more than a victim and a love interest, or what was the point? I guess we sorta got answers. I guess. I hope there will be more. 

3. Holden- For real… his entire story line was building up to something, and culminated in him being creepy with Hanna about seeing Maya at one of Noel Kahn’s parties. I require resolution on this build up.

4. The guy from Toby’s work who knew Emily’s name- Cause… uhhhh…. if that is in fact where they were building pieces of the dollhouse, and he knows who Em is, then he is probably pretty aware of what he’s building. They implied that he was the owner of the workshop. so…?

5. Creepy Harold- The Norman Bates character from the Lost Woods Resort. Where is he at? Was he actually obsessed with Mona? There’s gotta be more to this story…

6. Bethany- Obvs. Everyone needs closure on Bethany. I won’t be satisfied til I see her face, and find out who she really was.

7. Johnny- What even was that shit? Comes around, says some shady shit to Spence, tricks her into vandalizing the college and then leaves…? I’m letting go of this one. I’ve just accepted that he was trash, time wasting filler.

8. Zach- That’s right. the fucker who owned the brew…What the hell was the point of his entire story line? He owned the Brew, where like 85% of the action used to center around… he’s a nice guy for like an entire season… bitchin’ pastry chef… then in the course of one episode his arc turns creepy as hell? and then he’s gone, and Ezra owns The Brew. Update: I still think there is a chance he was connected to Ezra somehow, so I cant cross him off just yet, but I recognize he’s probably just a creppy creep who’s gone. 

9. Holbrook- He was like, a MASSIVELY important character in s4 and s5. Said some pretty cryptic stuff to Hanna about her having him “confused with the wrong fall guy” and that “Tanner knows everything”. aaaaand gone.

10. Lucas- c'mon. there’s more to that story. Why bring him into the Christmas ep as helping the girls if we’re not going to follow up with him? Update: still pretty sure he’s A team, or going to try to kill Hanna at the least. Did he really take Jenna to prom? What exactly was their relationship? 

11. Andrew- Because “I was gonna be the big hero!” does NOT explain where the hell he was for the last month, and why he wouldn’t check in with his parents, or the police,and why he was being creepy as fuck BEFORE the girls were kidnapped. or why he had a total tool manifesto… as grossed out as I was by his entire character turn and disgusting explanation, I’m letting go of any hope on this one. he was just a product of poor writing. 

12.The NAT videos- Because they are practically a character in themselves. They have so much important content that they themselves probably explain more than half of this story.

13. Ted- I still firmly believe that Ted saw those videos. and In general that he knows more than he lets on. Guess I’m letting go of this one too. But begrudgingly.

14. Sara’s friends- Cause they painted a significantly different picture than Sara is painting. I still think there is a lot more to say about what there relationship with her was actually about.

15. Bart Comstock- Creepy movie theater employee/owner? Why did veronica think he was the one she had to “break” to get the truth? OK, but really… what was that about?

16. Eddie Lamb- we all wanna know where he is, and why he seems so important.

17. Wren- Again, everyone wants to know where he is. The last time we saw him, he was obviously a pretty important player.

18. Talia- literally, the last time we saw her she was blackmailing someone on Emily’s behalf. I’m just accepting that she was a weird, usless storyline. 

19. Eric Kahn- He throws the parties. I mean, I still find it strange that while CeCe was a patient at Radley she was *also* attending his parties on the reg, and she even dated Eric. But I’m guessing that he, personally, is never coming back into play. 

20. Noel Kahn- What does Ali have on him? What was his role in the entire A team hierarchy?

21. Ezra’s boxes of research- again, like the NAT tapes, they seem like they probably tell quite a story. What secrets did it have on the Hastings, and whatever happened to all of that research?

22. The rest of Bethany’s session tape. - Why did we never even discuss this again? I still think that Sara is the voice on the first tape, but why didn’t we ever hear hanna or Caleb ever discuss what they heard on Bethany’s session tape anyway? I would think that it had to be pretty important, if Mona hid it. 

23. CeCe-  I’ve grown somewhat ambivalent about CeCe’s story, but it’s crucial that they explain a great deal more about her to sum up the plotholes/ inconsistencies from 6x10. I mean… Did anyone even do a DNA test to see if she’s telling the truth?

24. Jenna- obviously. 

25. Melissa- I can’t even begin to list all the questions I have about her. 

26. Sidney- They specifically cast her for a reason. Why? Update: Ok, really. But why???

27. Duncan- The guy who flew Ali out to Daugherty’s Landing. How did he and Ali meet? I still need to understand what Ali’s life as a dead girl was like, and how these people all fit in. 

28. Nigel Wright- The guy who faked the flight plan, and appeared to possibly have a relationship with CeCe. Also came to the funeral with Jenna. What is his connection to this Charles story?

29. Cyrus Petrillo- There’s more to what happened between him and Ali than we saw. There’s got to be more to his entire story than we saw. What was he getting from Mike when they met up at that diner?

30. Ali’s leg scar- What really happened there? I know we are divided as a fandom, but I am not convinced that the flashback that we saw with Ali was accurate. Or, at the very least, there is more to it. 

31. Marion Cavanaugh- Because the timeline surrounding her death doesn’t add up. There has to be more to it. 

32. Boo Boo’s Ice Cream- Why was that place significant? it appeared to be a lair of some kind… Update: Yea, I know. But I still want to understand why their appeared to be so many various lair locations in the last arc, and if there’s any reason behind chosing tha tplace in particular. 

33. The Painting from Ali’s flashback- I can’t remember the paintings name, but the one we also saw at The Fitzgerald family art exhibit. They had said that the painting itself was a clue, so it must be more significant than being a painting that Ali saw in her creepy attacker’s basement. 

34. The Barrel- Are we ever going to find out was in it, and why it was in the storage unit? (I mean actually find out on the show, not just some random crap from twitter.)

35. Cindy and Mindy- the wordless wonders have been involved at least deep enough to be playing either Ali or Mona. (or helping them both, but that’s a different theory.) I still think there was more going on her than just insecure teen twins, but I’m letting it go for now. 

36. The Hastings “Secrets”- the great secrets of Ezra’s file boxes that were sure to be exposed, and then NEVER WERE. Where the hell did that plot line go? 

37. James Neilan- The lawyer who is obviously in fairly deep into the A plot, and not entirely on the up and up. Maybe not even a lawyer? I’m just accepting this guy as a loss.

38. Jonny’s Secret Machine- What the hell? Are we ever going to hear more of the secrets ‘A’ would’ve mined from this trap? Is it even still in The Brew? Or after 5 girls were kidnapped did the town just decide “Nah. anonymously recording my dirty deeds seems like a bad idea.”? Lol. Nope. apparently we are NEVER going to address this very unnecessary invention and story ever again. 

39. Varjak- Who, and why, please. Update: Still… who and why, please?

40. The Dollhouse- Who built it, When, and specifically why? Update: Even if I’m going to believe that this was actually CeCe as Charlotte/Charles (which I don’t) there is still an insane amount of unanswered questions regarding the spontaneous creation of this underground dollhouse in a public park. We deserve five minutes of screen time about how and when that plan was put into action. 

41. The House on Mockingbird Lane- The one from “The First Secret”, where Ali was attacked. Was there really someone inside the house when the girls first passed by? What is that houses connection to Radley? Update: I have extremely high hopes that this will be involved in tonight’s twin reveal. 

42. The twins from “The First Secret”- the ones who fought over their dolls in Ali’s ghost story. A relevant retelling? Foreshadowing? Update: Hoping for a good explanation of this tonight. 

43. The Ghost girl from “This is A Dark Ride”- Is she the ghost of one of the girls from “The First Secret”? 

44. All the twin references- Who has a twin? Anyone? is it a metaphor? is it just fan service from the books? Update: Also hoping for clarification here tonight.

45. Garrett: “Someone you know well has you fooled”- Who? and about What? I guess this was about CeCe?

46. Ali’s attacker in “The First Secret”- Who actually Attacked Ali in the abandoned house?Was it Charles? Was it Lucas? Was it Noel, just lying that he wasn’t there?

47. Ali’s prison cell- Who ransacked it? Who had access to even get in there? How in the HELL did no one see? 

48. Lesli Stone- Because apparently, they really did just decide to drop her story in the absolute middle. Why was she in Radley? Did she know Charles? Was she actually Bethany’s room mate? What does she know? Was she working with Mona at the time of her “kidnapping”? Why does she need an entire box of fake glasses? Update: no, you know what? I still want to know. 

49. Beach Hottie- Was this guy even real? or did CeCe make him up? IF he was real, who was he? And was Ali actually concerned that she was pregnant with his kid? 

50. Grunwald- They brought her back in s5, to give the girls her opinion on Mona, and have a strange conversation with Ali. How does that close the door on Ravenswood? What else does she know about Ali? Is she protecting her? why? 

51. Ali’s diaries and notebooks- There were so many anomalies and clues in those books that never went anywhere. what was the significance of Ambrose Pavilion? Why were they rewritten? WHO rewrote them? was it someone who reforged the entire diaries (they were written in pen.) or did Ali rewrite them herself?

52. Jason- What do you do with your life, when you’ve found out that you’re ex girlfriend is actually your brother? Where the hell is he? Why didn’t he ever try to poke holes in this Charles story? If it doesn’t add up to me, it definitely shouldn’t add up to him, since he’s the one actually went to parties and the prom with her. 

53. The Dollhouse Prom- There is absolutely no reason why CeCe as Charles would want to recreate her prom, as a man, When she was a trans woman. Also, she was already prom queen, so what reason would she have for needing to recreate that moment for Mona as Ali? (OK, actually I think that was Mona’s idea. I think she just really wanted to be Queen Bee.) But the entire concept doesn’t add up to Charlotte. 

54. Ken Dilaurentis- Same as Jason. Where do you go from something like that? Is he even alive? Why didn’t he contest CeCe’s story? Could he really hear everything she said while he was drugged? Did he even ever question what she said? If some girl showe dup and told me that she was my dead son, I’m certain I’d pay for some DNA testing.

55. Nicole- Isn’t it weirdly convenient that she flew from like, the other end of the planet to ask Emily to join her Habitat crew for the summer? Would not an e-mail have sufficed? Is she dead? What happened to her? Did Ezra kill her? Are they gonna turn around and say that she was “A” the entire time? I swear, that would not surprise me.

56. Toby- Are we ever going to address the fact that he was let out of the “A” team pretty easily? Or the residual anger and tension between him and Ali? Or the fact that he was literally building one of the same doors that was in the dollhouse, back in season 3? 

57. Alison- I’m still pretty turned around about all of the lies and double speak that happened while Ali was “dead”. So much of it could’ve been explained by Ali having a twin. I’m thrilled they haven’t (yet) gone that route, but it leaves a lot of confusing loose ends. It’s so difficult to tell who she aligned herself with during that time.And did she ever question whether CeCe was telling the truth?

58. Rollins- How long has he been CeCe’s doctor? Why in the HELL would he think she should be released, given her laundry list of violent crimes? And honestly, why is he so wooden and creepy?

59. Doctor Sullivan- Why does she keep spontaneously returning to this show? It’s obvious she has a history with Radley, so did she know about CeCe/ Charlotte? Did she know that Spencer used to be a patient there? 

60. 09.07- In 6x10, Sara tells the girls that on September 7th, every year, Charles brought her a red, white, and blue cupcake. I think its safe to assume that the story isn’t completely true, but “0907″ did turn out to be the code for entrance into the Carissimi group. So, what is the significance of September 7th, and why does it represent liberty/freedom? And to who?

61. The Carissimi Group- I can’t be the only one who had a hard time believing that CeCe was really the head of the Carissimi group. There was a moment in 6x10 when Ali asked her why she continued to play the game when she found out that Ali was alive, and her answer included “It was nice to finally succeed at something.” Does that sound like the tone of a financial genius? So, who really was in charge of the Carissimi group, and where did they get all their funds?What exactly does the Carissimi group do?