spontaneous little trip to meet friends of friends


they first meet when jungkook is on a trip to tokyo with his friends. a graduation trip they all spontaneously agreed on. they’re at this cute, little cafe when she catches his eyes. he’s not sure if she’s a worker or a customer, or both, but he knows that he’s intrigued.

after much teasing and encouragement from his friends, he finally gets the courage to ask her for her name. yerim. her name is kim yerim. a little shocked to realize that she’s a fellow korean, he compliments her ( “that’s a pretty name” ), and he’s quick to see her cheeks flush pink. 

soon, he has to leave but not before he gets a number. and an address. yerim tells him that she’s a hopeless romantic that always dreamed of writing letters to a loved one, and that’s how it starts. he writes one to her, and then she returns it. over and over again. an endless cycle. it’s almost like letters to juliet except they’re not exactly star-crossed lovers, just an ocean apart.

months pass, and the pile of letters beside his bed grow taller. he’s determined to go see her, but he’s a new college student working on minimum wage, and she’s still in high school. it seems almost impossible. 

until one day. 

he’s walking out from class when he hears a familiar voice. eyes grow wide in shock before he turns around to be met with her. standing there, in a pretty, white dress with a bouquet of flowers stands kim yerim.