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(It’s finished. Another one for my Nöck AU.)

Btw, for those who haven’t read it yet, @thisdiscontentedwinter has wrote an incredible small story to this AU and the first artwork.

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can  I thank Bones for freeing a whole row of seats and then some more

but still having Bakugou sit right next to Kami and Sero

thank you for so openly supporting my squad you blessed anime studio

John really loved drawing. He always loved it.

He thought that he was rather good at it - in the past. Until he somehow didn’t have time or motivation for it. Until he was too busy with treating patient after patient at the clinic.

Then, at Baker Street, he started to do it again.
He started to draw animals. Dogs or cats.
He didn’t think that it was as good as in the past, but it helped him to relax.
One morning, Sherlock walked past him and looked over his shoulder at a drawing of a Golden Retriever. It was the dog, John’s neighbour had, when he was a child. Bozer, John remembered. He was called Bozer. And he was a great dog. John always wanted such a dog. But of course he never got it. His parents were too poor.

“This is quite good, John,” Sherlock suddenly said, with astonishment and admiration in his voice.
John looked at him surprised. “You think so? I don’t know … I think I was better at it - sometime,” he said and laughed nervously.
“No. It’s really good,” Sherlock emphatised and walked away. In nothing but his damn sheet. John looked after him and felt very warm.

A few days later he realised, that he wanted to draw Sherlock’s face. It was a strong urge. He couldn’t really explain it, but he had to draw Sherlock. But of course he never really dared to ask his flatmate.
But one day, when they came home frome a case, full of adrenaline and nearly breathless, he finally gathered all his courage and said to Sherlock, “I want to draw you. If you’re alright with it.”
Sherlock frowned and asked, “But why would you want to draw me? I really don’t think, I’m a valuable model, John.”
John was speechless at first, and then he said, “You … you utter idiot. You don’t … You don’t even know that you’re damn handsome, right?!”
He was almost a bit shocked about his words. Maybe it was the adrenaline, which let him speak out the truth …

Sherlock stared at him, his mouth slightly open and his eyes full of surprise, mixed with a hint of suspicion. After a moment, he swallowed and then quietly said, “You think … you think, I’m handsome?”
John nodded furiously. “Of course I do. Christ. If you hadn’t said that you’re married to your work, I already would have asked you out a dozen times, but - well, I guess you wouldn’t even speak with me, if we weren’t flatmates,” he said and suddenly blushed - that was definitely too much, Watson you idiot! - and Sherlock … didn’t understand. Until he suddenly did.
“Oh,” he made.
John nodded again. Avoided his gaze. “Yeah. Oh. Oh, indeed.”
“Well,” Sherlock said slowly and scratched his neck nervously. “I … you know, I thought that you’re not … you know, not …”
“Gay?” John asked, and Sherlock nodded. “I’m bisexual,” John explained. “Figured it out when I was at university.”
Sherlock looked at him and then nodded. “There’s always something,” he said and smiled crookedly.
“Yeah,” John said, smiled too and then cleared his throat.

Suddenly, it feelt like something was … different.
There was something new between them.
Something, that made his skin tingle in a good way.

Sherlock suddenly said, “Okay.”
John looks at him in surprise. “Okay?”
“Okay, you can draw me,” Sherlock said. Then he frowned slightly. “And you don’t think that my face is … weird?”
“Of course not,” John said and then felt a hint of anger, because someone clearly must have said that once - maybe not only once … - to Sherlock. Sherlock who was gorgeous and deserved to be admired.
Sherlock looked at him attentively for a moment and nodded. “Okay. If you want to, you can start right now.”
“Oh. Great. Wonderful,” John answered and smiled brightly.

A few moments later, Sherlock sat in his armchair, and John sat opposite from him, with his drawingpad on his lap and a concentrated frown on his face.
Sherlock sat perfectly still and John drawed him in awe. It was the first time since years, that he drew someone, and he hoped that he at least got it a little bit right.

Later, when he was finished, Sherlock looked over his shoulder at the picture.
John licked his lips nervously. “Do you like it?” He finally asked, because Sherlock didn’t say anything.
Sherlock drew in a deep breath and then said softly, “It’s amazing. You’re very talented, John.”
John shrugged. “Well. You’re a perfect model.”
They smiled at each other.
Then Sherlock asked, “Dinner?”
“Starving,” John answered and grinned.

The next day, Sherlock hung up the picture at the wall in his room.

i’ve been listening to romanian songs again, including that one B)


I actually combined Day 6 with Day 7 in my last post. Lol. But I wanted to do something separate so I draw another one. I wanted all my entries to be light and cute, supposedly, but…maybe except this one?

The second drawing is for all the admins and those who liked, commented, re-blogged my YooRan works. This is actually my first time participating in a week event here on Tumblr, so I’m really happy…! Thank you guys!

Day 7: The Morning After/Master and Slave

I found out that almost all of my drawings of Yoosung, he didn’t have his hair clips, I’m sorry.

FMA AU week Day 6 Theme R:

Let’s go on an adventure! 

Because nothing says adventure quite like Breath of the Wild

Cotton Candy Moonlight Hair~

(please, don´t ask me how I came on this name… please!)


Another litte Juuzou. On a Moon. I have to say, that all of my picture Ideas come spontaneous while I´m drawing ^__^; (cause when I have a Idea in my head, and try to draw it, it becomes NEVER EVER what I first wanted and I became depressed… so it comes that I think on a pose, then start to draw and BANG there is the charakter, the hairs, the colors… and then smth like that comes out xD) ~

This isn’t my Gaster design but I can’t remember who’s it is for the life of me. If anyone knows could you please tell me so I can give them proper credit?

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I lowkey ship Austria with Croatia

is that so 👀

have some medieval…something feat. @ask-republicofcroatia’s…Croatia. it was gonna be her complaining about so-and-so to Austria but it almost looks like gossiping

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