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cute T.O.P backstage talking about how much he enjoyed that day’s concert :)

I want to go on an adventure. I want midnight trips to the beach. I want to visit every museum in town and have a picnic in a garden afterwards. I want to go to a random concert venue and buy a ticket for the days show regardless of knowing who is playing. I want to go to an amusement park and ride every ride. I want to have cheesy movie moments when the right song comes on. I want to go to music festivals. I want a spontaneous overnight trip. I wanna go night swimming at a pool. I want to tag my name on a wall. I want to live a day without worrying about anything. Just laughs, good people and good memories. I want to go on an adventure before I go out into the real world.I want to remember that day when I’m 80 years old.
I want to go on an adventure
"Spontaneous" Spencer Reid Imagine

The music played softly in your left ear.

“Butterflies with gilded wings this morning
Touched the red sun and the rain”

The earphone slightly slid out of your ear as Spencer shifted and pulled the cord.

“Spencer?” you asked for him. Knowing he was right next to you.

“Hmm?” he responded.

Both of your eyes closed as you lay in the dark of your bedroom listening to “Reflections after Jane” your favorite song by the Clientele.

“One day I want to just leave. I don’t want to have a plan. I want to just buy a train ticket to anywhere and go. I don’t want to have a destination in mind. I want to see everything. Hear everything. Smell new things and taste new foods.” you admitted yourself to Spencer. You’ve always longed to be adventurous but you were afraid something would go wrong.

“Everyone wants adventure. There’s nothing wrong with that.” both of your eyes were still closed as you listened to the words flow out of Spencer’s mouth.

“I know I need a degree in order to work in film. But school is not my thing. I hate it, I want to be done and out in the work force. I want to make movies. I want to make people laugh and make people cry with my films. Why can’t I just do that without a degree? I already know how to do everything it takes to make a movie, why do I need a certificate of approval to do what I love?”

“I’m afraid that’s just how life is, love.” Spencer sounded sincere.

You didn’t expect him to understand, he loved school and learning new things. He has been on adventures. Moving to college was the first time you left your hometown, and your college was only an hour away.

“I want to be spontaneous and go to concerts and get drunk. I want to be crazy and take my shirt off. I want to have fun and see the world.” you were a little embarrassed about opening up to Spencer, but you love him and you trust he will not judge you no matter what.

“Well then, pack a bag. Spring break is in two days. You can miss your classes and the team and handle things without me. Let’s go on an adventure.” Spencer took out his earphone and sat up.
You sat up and looked at him like he was crazy.

“Are you kidding?” you questioned

“Come on! There’s nothing to be afraid of. You said you wanted to go on an adventure, so let’s go! Right now!” he got up and started to pack random things into a small bag.

You thought this over in your mind and thought, why not?

“Lets go on an adventure, Spender Reid.” you smiled.

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Ahaha. Ok. 

I had JUST gotten into Ghost a few days before the concert, spontaneously bought a ticket, and went to the show with my dad and my brother. The venue we went to is an old theater in the area of downtown that has NO parking near it for buses. 

SO. After the show, I meet back up with my dad and brother and we go outside, buy some merch, and when we step out, the bus is RIGHT THERE. My dad and I kinda looked at each other and nodded, because my dad and I are of the same opinion - if we can meet the band, we’ll try. 

So we go over to the buses, and a crowd starts to form and we’re all talking about the show. Then, one of the female fans suddenly is yelling, “DO NOT TAKE OUT YOUR PHONES GUYS THEY WILL LEAVE IMMEDIATELY IF YOU TAKE OUT YOUR PHONE” which was kind of a big red flag for me. 

Until that point, I had naively thought they would come out in costume. 

So suddenly Alpha runs out, completely inconspicuous wearing a snap back baseball cap and short sleeves. He signs like 2 things and then runs back to the bus and never comes back out. Then Earth comes out, and Air, and Aether. They’re all right there and I’m getting them to sign my ticket. My dad is having them sign his shirt and his battle vest. So, Aether is RIGHT NEXT TO ME I could have reached out and stroked his face if I had wanted to - and my dad says to him, “So what kind of amps do you guys play - I love your sound!” and Aether kind of chuckles and goes “er, I don’t know!” and my dad’s like “What? Do you live feed in?” And Aether kind of smiles and goes “Sorry, I can’t say.” My dad is flummoxed and kind of upset but he lets it go. Air walks up to us and he grumbles how no one ever has markers for signing stuff so he goes back to the bus and he gets a pen and he comes back and he starts signing stuff. He jokes about signing my dad’s face at one point. Earth was super sweet and very eager, and I was stunned by how short he was, because he was pretty close to my height, and I’m REALLY short. 

Then Mist came out and she was beautiful and kind and VERY shy and you could tell that she really loved the experience and wanted to keep playing in the band. 

And then, after that whirlwind, suddenly security tells us “Alright you need to line up on the wall, single file” and I’m like “OH SHIT.” 

So we’re all lined up, probably 40 of us at this point, and I’m starting to panic because HOLY SHIT PAPA IS COMING. And my dad kind of cranes his head around and then he goes “holy shit there he is. He’s SHORT. And he has that total rockabilly look going” and I’m sitting there trying not to scream as I look over and THERE HE IS HOLY SHIT. 

He was wearing dark SKINNY - like SKIN TIGHT jeans and dark shoes, with a black leather jacket. His hair was slicked back, and he had just a little bit of stubble on his jaw. 

And I’m now having a nervous reaction, my heart is palpitating and I’m starting to sweat. 

My dad, the smart ass that he is, suddenly turns to me and goes, “You should thank him for the orgasm!” because at the end of the show, Papa gives a speech about the importance of the Female Orgasm, and having sex and doing it FOR SATAN. I immediately refuse because my nerves are freaking the fuck out and I don’t want to make an ass out of myself. 
So he grins and says “alright, I’ll do it.” 

So Papa comes down the line, and he gets to me, and I’m straight up FREAKING THE FUCK OUT at that point. So my brain just blanks out and I do something SO DUMB THAT I’M STILL UPSET ABOUT IT TO THIS DAY 

I ask him about his health. Because during the show, he had mentioned that he was sick. So he kind goes, “oh yeah, I’m getting ok,” and then I thank him for the show and I get him to sign my ticket and then I ask, “Can I hug you?” And he goes “Sure,” and he leans forward and I get THE BEST HUG OF MY LIFE FROM THIS MAN who is probably all of 6 inches taller than me. His jacket was cold, and he smelled amazing. 
And then he turned to my dad. 

So my dad thanks him for the show and then goes, “By the way, man, thanks for the Orgasm.” 

And his face just DROPS. You could tell the poor man was just… shocked. He kinda blinks and then goes, “Uh, I’m glad you had one,” and I’m giggling like a mad woman at this point because the nerves are going fucking NUTS right then and then my dad goes back to thanking him for the show and especially for the fact that Ghost came to OUR town, which NEVER gets good shows - like ever. We have a festival and that’s it. 

My brother had met Papa once before at that festival so my dad points to my brother and they talk about the festival that Ghost played at and he signs my dad and brother’s stuff and then we walk away. 

My dad turned to me, and goes, “That was my revenge for that guy stonewalling me about those damn amps!” 

He wouldn’t know till later that that was Aether. 

I also caught Papa’s cold. I had it for like a week and a half, and it’s the only time I’ve ever been ok with being sick. We cracked jokes for weeks about how I swapped germs with Papa. 


Class of 2018

I’m sitting in bed after reading my senior letters for the third or fourth time. I need some quiet after last night, when I spontaneously drove to a concert on the rougher side of Atlanta, without the permission of my parents. I was by myself. Of course my friends met me at my car so I wouldn’t have to walk alone on the streets, but point made: you can do it alone if you really want it. 

Sometimes you’ve got to break rules, take risks. And that doesn’t just apply to walking into a rickety old music venue with teenagers from around. 

As many of you know, I believe in the power of words. They have always provided me comfort, always provided a safe space for me. Soon, you might start to hate them. Because in your rising senior year, everything is going to seem like it’s never going to end. But when it finally, finally, draws to a close, you’ll have a chance to really create some chaos. You’ll have a chance to make some noise. 

I’m writing this because of where I was this time last year. Struggling on how to portray myself in the college admissions process, not knowing what the hell I wanted to do, finishing up last-minute testing for the ACT, cramming summer assignments, working, trying to stay in shape, balancing family and friends, planning for the first day of my last year of high school, trying to figure out how to pay for parking and booking senior picture appointments… everything was colliding and I was stretched out like a rubber band. 

You’re going to feel tension for what feels like forever. I’m specifically speaking to the audience of high-achievers that I  have watched take on their own interests and passions, the ones who I’ve admired and loved for years. 

It’s going to be hard, and many of you are the first in your family to apply to college. Many of you want to go to top tier schools, and you’ll apply to at least ten universities with the hope of one day leaving Georgia once and for all. And you’re still going to want to maintain your rank, even though it doesn’t matter that much. 

Let me tell you something. My GPA in high school wasn’t a 4.0. I wasn’t in the top ten my senior year. My standardized test scores were below average, the bottom twenty fifth quartile for Asian Americans. I had a shit ton of extracurriculars and they always stressed me out, but I liked it that way because I did them because I loved them, even if there were a lot. Maybe too many, because sometimes the mental breakdowns were a sign that my threads were unraveling and my elastic was worn out. 

College applications are going to ask you some questions you may never have considered. And it’s not going to be fully accurate. I can’t tell you how unrealistic it is to ask 18 year olds what they want to do for the rest of their lives. But it’s okay, dig deep. Find the worst in you. Find the best in you. Stop reading those stupid College Confidential threads about your chances of getting into school. Just write about what makes you happy. Write about your favorite rap artist, poet, or food. You can write about insects or stars. 

But please, please. Take care of yourself. You’re going to skip lunch some days to do an assignment you forgot, or work on college edits with a teacher. But don’t you dare stay up nights in a row, depriving yourself of the one thing that powers you mentally and emotionally. And trust me when I say if I find out any of you are downward spiraling, I am stepping in. Many of you will cry because you’re stressing, your parents are yelling at you. It will pass. 

Some of you are thinking, what the heck? Because you may not be the people I mentioned above. You may apply to one school and be done with it. And you’re ready to go, to take the next step. But the year will still feel endless- because teachers will continue to expect excellence, expect you to be engaged. Remember they are humans too and this is their passion, and even if you are worn out and bored of the machine, the endless gears and repetition of school, you have to graduate. Some people never get the chance, but you have it. Hang in there. Even when you know where you’re going to college. Keep your head above water. Don’t do anything stupid enough to jeopardize your next steps. 

And more than anything, make an effort with your friends. I know you all are going to be moving on to amazing places, inventing mechanisms and curing people. But do not sacrifice cultivating your friendships, do not put them on pause. Because this time NEXT year, you’ll be in my shoes. Holding on tight. Counting down the six days when UGA moves in. The two weeks until State moves in. The two weeks until Emory moves in. The two weeks until Duke moves in. And you’ll be wondering where time went, and how you’ll do it without the people who have been by your side, sharing the same struggles every step of the way. 

You are in this together. Don’t think that your fellow peers are competition, because I promise you you’re not going to succeed. The only person you compete with is YOUR BEST SELF. That’s what got me to this point. 

So take risks. Find balance. Remember to count your blessings. And don’t start giving up now. You’re in for the fight of your life this next year, and I know you’ll make it count. 

got7 is...

yelling and group hugs that never end. they are arguing about food or movies or both. they are laughing until you cry and arms around shoulders. borrowed clothes and borrowed time. they are loud i love you’s and subtle i love you’s. blushing and teasing. they are sincerity and honesty above anything else. the happiness, sadness, and i miss you’s. they are going to the park and wandering the mall. spontaneous karaoke, concerts, and favorite songs on the radio. they are group chats that suddenly come to life at 2 am and snapchatting. “ugly” selfies, see you soon’s, and group cuddles. together, they are all the love in the world. together, they are got7 and got7 is friendship no matter what.

F1 playground xD

Little Nico gets reminded to drink Little Seb is not allowed to bring his flag Little Hamilton is huffy cause he’s not having the best car on the playground Little Max is refusing to share his toys Little Nico is punished for being attacked by another kid Little Kimi would rather be at home. Alone. As always. Little Alexander didn’t get the rules of the game And little red boy’s choir is giving a spontaneous concert


The Beatles April 9,1969, London, Traveling Wilburys photo session, 1988

“I like being in a band. It’s fun playing in a band, really. That’s what I like about it, And I like the idea that you can play music. And although you know, you’re supposed to know what you’re doing, there’s an element of spontaneity.” -George, In Concert Profile, 1992

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hello! i found you in the douwe bob tag and would love to hear about his concert you went to! and how he called you baby! love from a sad australian who can't see him haha

hi! i hope you’re ready for a long story because i am absolute douwe bob trash and i need to talk about him a lot. (i’m actually so much trash that i’m in a douwe bob trash group chat). and don’t worry, sad australian, maybe you will see him one day!!

so, the day before yesterday, douwe announced that he would give a spontaneous concert in a small record store in amsterdam. obviously, i had to go because 1) i am douwe trash and 2) i live in amsterdam so it was very easy for me to go. the concert started at 2 pm and me and my friend arrived at like 1 pm because we wanted to be in front (as one would like to be when they are seeing douwe). so suddenly, it was only 1 pm, i heard a sound that i had never heard before in my life, so amazing and beautiful i thought my soul would leave my body. but there he was, douwe bob, already in the record store because he was gonna soundcheck, and i was sitting there with like 6 other people?? jfc im weak. so he was like walking up to the stage and he was just like: hey guys, is it cool if i’m gonna soundcheck for a bit? LIKE OBVIOUSLY IT IS. oh my god he looked so good, keep in mind that this is the first time i ever saw him in real life and that he was wearing a low shirt and i was one meter away from his ungodly neck tattoo. jfc. so he soundchecked for a bit and then left again with a wave and a ‘see you in 45 minutes!’ and i was just sitting there like: wtf just happened. but at the same time, it all felt very casual you know, so that was really nice. jfc i’ve only done the soundcheck bit and that was 15 minutes i’m so sorry about what’s still to come.

SO at 2 pm the actual concert started and keep in mind that it was really hot in the store because there were lots of people and it was pretty hot outside. my son douwe arrived and got on stage and the first thing he said was: ‘are you guys drunk yet???i know i am.’ and then he laughed and i died. he started the concert with History, which is awesome because it’s one of my fav songs from Fool Bar so i felt very blessed. let me tell you, he is even better live than on his album, i didn’t know it was possible but it is. so after history, he asked the audience what song they wanted to hear, and he got a few requests, and he was like: ‘alright, now i’m gonna play a song that nobody asked for’ what a little shit. i love him. so he played Cynic, which i wasn’t complaining about at all because that’s one of my faves as well. reminder that it was really hot in there, so douwe was like: ‘guys, i’m gonna play one more song and then we are moving outside because i’m dying in here.’ so he was about to play Take It Off, and before he started, he was like: ‘we can also just all undress, that would match the song as well. but only if you’re 18 or older.’ ah yes my baby is so good. so he played Take It Off, which was awesome as well, and then he was like: ‘okay guys, now let’s all go outside because i’m dying and i’m sure you are too!’. this was, of course, an awesome idea, but i was standing in front which meant that i had to wait until everyone was moving. remember who was also in the back of the store, very close to me?? that’s right, douwe bob.

so we were walking outside (very slowly because it was super busy and no one was moving) , and i told my friend, who was walking next to me: ‘dude, i just lost 10 kilos standing there’ and i expected my friend to reply, but he didn’t, because someone else did. now you can already guess who someone else was, and you are correct: IT WAS DOUWE WHo was apparently walking behind us, also stuck in the huge group of people. he overheard me and he was like: ‘yeah, me too, it’s insanely hot here. but i could use losing some weight.’ and i was shocked for two reasons. 1) douwe initiated a conversation with me and 2) have you seen him???? he doesn’t need to lose weight. so i told him: ‘no man, you look great, you don’t need to lose weight’ and he laughed and i died and then he had to push his way through the people because he had to get outside and perform somehow. so my son went outside and he literally climbed on a container. (i was a bit more behind here because all the people in the back of the store were outside more easily obviously but hey)

then douwe proceeded to play Slow Down and i felt my soul leaving my body because whoa he is so cute and beautiful and talented and dhufgyuad. during the song, he did the infamous 10 seconds of silence, but some people already continued singing and he was like: ‘what the fuc guys?? haven’t you seen eurovision?’ and he looked so offended i’m laughing again just thinking about it. so then he said the also infamous: ‘i love you too baby’ and i just aidfhs he is so cu te. SO then unfortunately the concert was already over bc like i said it was very small (did i say that?) BUT not to worry because much more awesome things were still to happen and meanwhile i’m getting seriously worried about this reply’s length. 

THE concert might have been over, but douwe is perfect so he went back inside so he could sign things and meet people and all that. i was still pretty close to the store, so i was one of the first to get something signed which was AWESOME. i told him how much i loved the concert and he laughed and was like: ‘i’m glad you liked it. i especially liked it when we went outside because i was dying’ and i was like: ‘yeah man, i felt the same.’ and we just talked a bit and he took my phone and we took a selfie (HE TOUCHED MY PHONE HE TOOK THE SELFI E). i walked away, dazed and happy and satisfied with everything that had happened. BUT NO, SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAD HAPPENED. MY SELFIE WITH HIM WAS BLURRY. I FELT ALL FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS CRASHING DOWN ON ME. i mean, i’m not a dick so i wasn’t going back in line and ask for another one, and i met him and we talked so i was like: it’s fine it’s cool i’m seeing him again in 2 months i can live with this. so i walked outside and my friend was like: ‘ no bente you have to ask him for another picture together’ but im not a dick???? still, something inside me told me to wait and when he was done with autographs, he walked outside and i just (how did i get the courage) i walked up to him and i was like: ‘hey douwe, can we please take a quick picture because my other one was blurred?’ and he was like (HERE IT COMES THE MOMENT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR): ‘ah baby (BABY), i’m so sorry but i have to go’ so like, i already had my picture and i was like: ‘ooh no don’t worry it’s fine,’ and before i could even finish he just looked around and was like: ‘you know what, fuck it, let’s take a picture,’ AND I WAS NOT PREPARED AND I STILL HAD TO TURN ON MY CAMERA but it was okay because douwe took my phone (again) and we took two more pics and tHEY WERENT BLURRED and i was like: ‘thank you so much! have a safe trip home’ and he was like: ‘no problem and thanks! see you around’ SEE ME AROUND? WHEN ????/? and then he left and i was left standing there with two incredible thoughts: 1) i was the last person he took a selfie with #honored and 2) HE HAD CALLED ME BABY. BABY . MY CELEBRITY CRUSH CALLED ME BABY.

and that concludes the story of one of the best days ever aka the day that i met douwe bob and he initiated a conversation with me and he called me baby. and i was eye to eye with the neck tattoo. 

here are the selfies if you’re interested (also if you’re not interested):

the blurred one rip 

the one after he called me baby


i’m sorry about the length i hope you enjoyed my adventures!


clydehairgod😳Uh❗️F💥YEAH‼️This just happened!! Spontaneous concert w #Demi& #Nick on #Melrose w #jamescorden#carpoolkaraoke #thelatelateshow#thelatelateshowwithjamescorden#demilovato #nickjonas