spontaneous acts

“It is true that the masses have always been led in one manner or another, and it could be said that their part in history consists primarily in allowing themselves to be led, since they represent a merely passive element, a ‘matter’ in the Aristotelian sense of the word. But, to lead them today, it is sufficient to dispose of purely material means, and this shows clearly to what depths our age has sunk. At the same time the masses are made to believe that they are not being led, but that they are acting spontaneously and governing themselves, and the fact that they believe this is a sign from which the extent of their stupidity may be inferred.”
— René Guénon

  • Aries: Romantic, compassionate and sensitive. They prefer to hide their more gentle and reserved side with their fiery energy, but in reality, they've got a pronounced dreaminess, filled with fantasies, illusions, and vague emotions. They come across as far more aggressive and bold than they actually are. They have a tendency to internalize their sensitivity, which makes them feel isolated and lonely.
  • Taurus: Determined, energetic, and assured. Although at first they seem laid-back and relaxed, once they've set their minds to something, they are headstrong, full of verve and passion. They can easily take charge of a situation, but they doubt themselves and doubt their capabilities. Instead, they often use their courage for supporting the underdog, those with no voice. They have a tendency to internalize their anger, which results in short bursts of impulsiveness and agitation.
  • Gemini: Calming, grounded, and sensual. Gemini may at first come across as scatter-brained and disoriented, yet they're far more stable than they appear. Though subject to volatile mood swings, these are usually temporary. They have the ability to separate themselves from their emotions, making them more rational and level-headed. They have a deep desire for stability, but by internalizing it, they often end up clinging to the past or pursuing materialistic desires they don't truly want.
  • Cancer: Intelligent, clever, and quick-witted. Though Cancer is often portrayed as extremely emotional, they're much more logical than they appear. They can be very quick-witted and creative when they're by themselves, but they have a hard time expressing their ideas to others. Cancer has a tendency of concealing their thoughts and plans to others, but overemphasize their emotions instead. They can reveal too much personal, emotional information about themselves while not telling others what they're actually thinking.
  • Leo: Sensitive, generous, and loyal. Leo may first come across as open and confident, but they have a great deal of emotional depth which they find difficult to show. They form deep emotional attachments, resulting in integrity and loyalty to those they care for. They're generous and devoted, but have difficulty expressing their own emotions, despite their sensitivity. As a result, they may become guarded and hypersensitive, and therefore unable to share their empathy with others.
  • Virgo: Willful, self-sufficient, and powerful. A stereotypical Virgo comes across as quiet and analytical, but in reality, Virgo has a great deal of willpower. Behind the scenes, there's a strong leadership potential, a potency in personality that is influential and admirable. There's a great deal of pride in this position, but there's also inhibition. Despite feeling proud of their achievements, they feel uncomfortable in the spotlight- resulting in feeling torn between basking in the limelight and shying away from it.
  • Libra: Critical, devoted, and thoughtful. Very often, a Libra seems at best, friendly and charming, or at worst, superficial and unreliable. Libra actually is very thoughtful and eloquent, spending a great deal of time on formulating their thoughts and opinions, as spontaneous as they might act. There's a tendency to notice things here that others wouldn't- they have a sharp and keen eye for details that are usually missed. However, they tend to keep their thoughts and worries to themselves, increasing anxiety and feeling misunderstood.
  • Scorpio: Romantic, gentle, and idealistic. Surprisingly enough, Scorpio has a kindness and idealism that is hidden underneath a more heavy and secretive exterior. Scorpio has a strong belief in justice and is highly-principled, with a strong urge to protect the helpless and the innocent. In a more private sphere, Scorpio is compassionate and sweet to those who've shown understanding and care. By internalizing this aspect of themselves, they end up withdrawing and feeling isolated among others. They may secretly idealize their partners as a means of compensation, leaving them vulnerable to emotional disappointment.
  • Sagittarius: Profound, secretive and investigative. Happy-go-lucky Sagittarius has a great deal of depth, compared to what their appearance may suggest. They're interested in the taboo, the occult, the bizarre, though they don't tend to project this to others easily. Sagittarius can be very private and reserved, despite acting otherwise, as it's difficult for them to reveal emotional intensity. Instead, they prefer to push their feelings away or laugh them off. Yet, by hiding such a private part of themselves, they struggle with emotional intimacy.
  • Capricorn: Philosophical, wise, and witty. Capricorn is a naturally cautious sign. They tend to keep their ideals, personal beliefs, and thoughts to themselves. A natural behind-the-scenes planner, it’s a struggle for Capricorn to open up to others and to be spontaneous. However, when they do, they’re humorous and enthusiastic, with warmth and charisma. They use their ideals to fuel their inspiration and hopes for the future. By keeping their thoughts only to themselves, they put too much pressure and stress, worrying about their future and whether they’re doing things right.
  • Aquarius: Grounded, reliable, and realistic. Aquarius is typically shown as eccentric and bizarre, but don’t be fooled. They have a real knowledge of pain in life. They know how it feels to struggle with your own self-worth. They know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed with other's expectations. By themselves, they have a strong sense of discipline and responsibility. They can have very conservative beliefs, which you wouldn't expect from how they act. They try to obscure the heavier part of their personality, but by doing so, they worsen their feelings of inadequacy and struggle with realistic limitations.
  • Pisces: Aware, independent, and innovative. Most people view Pisces as dreamy and lost in their own world, yet Pisces has a keen intuition that enables them to read between the lines where others cannot. Though Pisces can be like a sponge, absorbing the information and emotions from others, they’re more detached and less influenced than they seem. They have an independence and a rebelliousness to them that others don’t expect. This sign is more objective, more logical than their starry-eyed appearance may suggest. Through concealing this more reasonable part of themselves, they struggle to appear as they genuinely are, isolating themselves from friends and companions.
  • *Check both your sun sign and your rising sign*
100% things ur sign probably does
  • aries: says something thats kinda inaudible and then just says "nvm" and starts awkwardly laughing when asked about what they just said
  • taurus: randomly starts yelling their opinion or response with absolutely no filter
  • gemini: suddenly and drastically changes something about their appearance every now and then for no particular reason
  • cancer: you always have those spontaneous moments where you don't interact with anyone or become a sarcastic twat
  • leo: suddenly starts laughing about something and no one knows what's funny and its probably pretty stupid but they keep laughing anyways
  • virgo: always keeps their bag or their room super messy for some fucking reasons and no matter how much they "try" to clear it up, it goes back to its original state
  • libra: tends to spontaneously act super childish and child-like, it's almost as if a kid spontaneously possess you
  • scorpio: happens to just stare at ppl when they talk to you and we get the impression that you hate us and are mentally cutting our soul apart
  • sagittarius: sometimes just suddenly begins to sarcastically argue with people and act like sarcastic asshole
  • capricorn: sometimes acts really cold with people all of a sudden and everyone becomes confused af as to why they're being cold
  • aquarius: randomly starts contradicting people for absolutely no reason and defends their point, even if the person they're arguing with and themselves know they are wrong, and no one knows why aquarians fucking do this
  • pisces: does this thing where they remember things that didn't actually happen and somehow they manage to convince themselves it did (probs bc pisces people tend to have terrible memories)

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3.8k words

members: jungkook, oc - reader

genre: fluff

warnings: language

You were sick and tired of your attractive idiot neighbor blocking your driveway.

a/n: i felt like writing this weekend and this happened surprise surprise. this is what happens when i’m buzzed off of two venti macchiatos please leave me feedback TT

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

You blocked out the angry voice shouting at you from your neighbors now open door. The hurried footsteps were getting closer but you pretended you didn’t hear, continuing to drag your key along the shiny black BMW blocking your driveway. Before you could reach the back tires a hand grasped your wrist, turning you around to face your irritating neighbor.

“Oh! Hey there, neighbor,” you grinned, innocently eyeing your neighbor head to toe. He was dressed casually with his hair tousled as though he’d just woken up. His jaw was tense as his hands tightly held your wrist, nothing but anger found in his eyes. You weren’t sure of his first name but had seen him a few times in silent passing. He was relatively new to the neighborhood, keeping to himself along with his roommate you caught quick glimpses of as well. The two had moved in a month ago and you kept to yourself as well, not bothering to play nice and whip up a housewarming desert you couldn’t even properly bake. It wasn’t until a week ago that you realized your neighbors weren’t exactly your cup of tea. They had people over constantly whether they were attending their overcrowded house parties, movie nights or simply staying over till the sun came back up. It seemed whenever the two had guests around their parking lot quickly become full, causing a new issue to arrive. You noticed the brunette, tall one seemed to have a kick out of parking right in front of your light blue beetle making it impossible for you to maneuver around his pricey sports car. The parties seemed to hit an all time high and you constantly found yourself trapped in your own driveway. You left sticky notes on his windshield, kindly asking him to stop blocking your spot and occasionally he would but it wouldn’t take long for him to fall back into his routine. It wasn’t until he made you late to your job earning you a lengthy lecture from your boss, that you felt you’d had enough, storming outside to drag your keys along his prized possession.

Your decision making skills weren’t the best when you were angry.

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Can I just say that this scene is beautiful? Not only because Betty is sticking up for Jughead, everyone expected that, but because of the way she does it. I mean after watching Cheryl’s slap I was sure that Betty would just snap and there would be a nasty girl-fight kinda confrontation, like in every other teen show. But no. She just goes to her and talks calmly, like a rational human being, she respects her grief and her pain-filled position, even though he holds her ground at how Jughead is innocent in all that. And Cheryl does the same, she understands where this is coming from and actually confides in her, maybe even feels regret at the way she spontaneously acted and wrongly turned her hatred towards Jughead. That “I barely even touched him” at the beginning is said apologetically, Cheryl setting it clear that she is not in a mood for a fight in case Betty is, rightfully so. But Betty just wants to wave a white flag between Cheryl and her boyfriend and nothing more, not demand apologizes or show her claws. That ‘girls being respectful of other girls’ is truly very praising for Riverdale.


Character Design is an important part of any movie, but few use it to map out character design as well as Howl’s Moving Castle

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BTS Reacts - Meeting Someone Cute At A Fansign

Jimin: Jimin would be minding his own business, but he’ll quickly take notice of your face at the corner of his eyes. Jimin is usually shy around fans that adore him, but the sight of your body edging closer to his own starts to get his heart pumping. After countless fan meets, it is a rarity that someone would make him as feel restless as you do - some part of him couldn’t wait to introduce himself. He’d start to fidget in his seat, nervously pondering to himself as he observes your every little movement: how would I be able to make a lasting impression on you? He doesn’t want to be just another forgotten face to someone that appeals to him so. When the time comes, he would force himself just a tad out of his timid shell to ensure that someone as comely as you would remember him by. He would butt his head in front of Min Yoongi, in attempt to pull you away from him, sending you a wholesome smile as he interjects:

“Hey, it’s my turn already, don’t you want to talk to me?”

Seokjin: Jin would want you to stay at his own corner for as long as he can possibly keep you, just so he can admire you for a little longer. The problem is that he would be so taken by your appearance, that he would often forget to keep the conversation between you two going. As you speak to him, he would enjoy watching the little things surrounding the way you talked - your fiddling fingers, the curl in your lips whenever the both of you manage to catch each other’s stares, the rosy tinge in your cheeks as you smile at him. Seokjin would have preferred that you did most of the talking - after all, that meant that he could spend more of his energy focused on just appreciating your good looks. He listens to you intently as you speak about whatever comes to mind first, tossing you a loose smirk while he enjoys the view of you before him.

“You have a really nice voice, you know? Just keep talking; I’m listening.”

Namjoon: The leader of Bangtan would already be trying to think of ways that he could get closer to you, not as an idol, but a person you’d want to meet on any regular day. Namjoon would probably try to be as friendly as he could possibly seem, wanting you to feel at ease with him. He is a good conversationalist, so any exchange of words always seem to flow naturally. He would grin every so often, shamefully flashing off the dimples in the sides of his cheeks - he knows the fans go crazy over them, and he hopes that it’ll affect you just as well. He’ll look to the members every so often when he talks to you, not because he’s uninterested in your chat, but mostly to make sure that they weren’t aware of his attempts at wooing you. They do eventually poke fun at him when they find out, especially during your conversation - ‘Kim Namjoon makes a good husband, just for your information!’

“Ignore them, they’re just teasing us. What were we talking about?”

Yoongi: This member is particularly quiet during fan signings, saving his energy for later when he needs to address the crowd before him, or whenever he spontaneously decides to act silly. He’s always watching the fans silently, examining their faces from afar. Soon, his gaze falls on you, and he is instantly attracted by your looks, subconsciously giving you a favorable pout. He rarely takes a romantic interest in his fans because he’s so focused on his career, but he seems to be unable to shake the feelings of intrigue stirring within his chest. He can’t help but periodically look your way as you line up. When you finally reach Yoongi, his fingers would flick gingerly at one of his ears, trifling with the ring that hangs from it. As tempted as he would be to straightforwardly address your attractiveness just to get it out of the way, he would be the kind to play it cool, just so no one can call him out on his fascination.

“So.. is this your first fan-signing?”

Jungkook: Kook is passionate about finding and being in love. He wouldn’t let this chance to speak freely with a cute fan slip by him so easily. He would want to make sure that he is in the center of attention, for you in particular. He makes sure to put on an aloof act as you saunter in front of him, pretending not to be bothered by your appearance in the slightest, before gradually becoming more chummy with you, bringing forth his hidden charms. He would pick at your fingers on the table playfully, coyly brushing his against your own as he assumes a boyish, laid-back persona. There was a time when he would have had his face turn bright crimson from the thought of spending time with someone as delightful as you, but Jungkook is older now - he’s seasoned into a person that is aware of his own charisma. He notices Taehyung trying to whisk you away with his chipper attitude, which results in him getting shoved out of the way by the maknae himself.

“Yah, get out of my way and wait your turn! I’m not finished yet!”

Taehyung: Taehyung wouldn’t handle his act very well if he sees a pleasant-looking fan coming his way. He would want to be the member of Bangtan that will be remembered by you, as the one who can make your heart stop. His brain would go into overdrive as he wondered how to captivate you, which results in him striving to pull of a cute and seductive disposition in one go. Tae would probably go overboard with his hyperactivity, trying insanely hard to get your attention, even though you’re already standing before him and speaking to him. Your talk with each other would be fraught with impulsive facial expressions that snap back and forth between comical grins and sultry, mischievous looks. You can’t help but ask if he’s alright, as he suddenly appears to be so sprightly; he almost seems like he’s itching to jump out of his seat from sheer excitement.

“Huh? No, I’m not okay - do you know how hard it is to keep up with someone as cute as you?”

Hoseok: Expect a lot of happy looks from the bubbly rapper. All that would be on his mind is how pretty you look. He would try to appeal to you similarly - as he listens to you, he’d innocently nibble at his thumb, watching you as if you’re the only person in the room that’s visible to him. Hoseok has the potential to be very forward with his feelings if he wants to, expressing himself openly with his provocative body language, especially since he’s an experienced dancer, skilled in translating his passions into reality. The corners of his eyes crinkle as his lips twirl into a smile, noticing your delicate features twinkle under the lights. Before you leave the table, he would most likely initiate some form of skinship to send you off - patting your head, holding your hands in his, leaning in close so that he can gaze dreamily into your eyes before you go, so that you’d be more in favour of him rather than the other members.

“We’d better see you at another fan signing, okay? I want to talk with you some more.”

I’ve made it so that the cute people in question are - as always - my lovely readers. Please enjoy this reaction! Thank you for the request and your compliment! <3

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Hi, there has been something bothering me about the series lately, the thing is in twintuition the twins say that hiccup is a logical thinker and over thinks things. Hiccup himself is all about responsibility when in the movies hiccup is spontaneous and careless always coming up with crazy ideas on the spot he has a witty personality. I feel the over thinking is more of fishlegs or astrids thing. Sorry that came out longer than expected.

No worries, friend! This commentary isn’t too long, but rather a good and succinct description of an interesting facet (or, perhaps, facets) of Hiccup’s personality. 

Hiccup is an individual who does indeed demonstrate many instances of coming up with profound ideas in the moment. He’s always jumping and doing things right in the moment, sometimes carelessly, sometimes brilliantly. So there certainly is a unique sense of Hiccup thinking and acting on the fly. At the same time, I do think that the idea Hiccup is all about logic and careful thought is correct, too. Hiccup is a complicated character, and this multi-facetedness of his character can be seen in how he acts responsibly sometimes, acts impulsively sometimes, acts carelessly sometimes, acts spontaneously sometimes, or acts with a lot of prior thought sometimes. As with many humans, just because he’s one doesn’t mean he can’t be another.

Hiccup and Spontaneity

Hiccup is undeniably an individual who acts with spontaneity. One of my favorite descriptors for his character is “impulsive.” Hiccup is impulsive in his choices, decisions, and “plans.”

In the first movie, Gobber walks Hiccup back to the house after the dragon raid. The reason Stoick has Gobber walk Hiccup back is to “make sure he gets there.” However, the second after Gobber leaves, Hiccup suddenly charges out the back door and into the woods. It always came off as an impulsive behavior to me - probably because Hiccup stumbles out the door so quickly that he falls on his hands. Even if we don’t consider that choice impulsive, Hiccup’s decision to throw away his cheat sheet was impulsive and gutsy when he was riding Toothless. Hiccup’s choice to have Astrid ride Toothless certainly wasn’t planned - he made this action quickly in the moment. Hiccup’s choice to save Toothless and the tribe by getting his peers to ride on dragons was an idea that came right in the moment. Then, in the second movie, Hiccup flees from Stoick and goes to Itchy Armpit at the heat of the moment rather than attending the planned Dragon Racing event. Hiccup later decides to leave Berk last-minute when Stoick is grounding the dragons, deciding instead to pursue Eret. Much of Hiccup battling Drago on Berk was through heat-of-the-moment decisions, too.

We see this pattern of spontaneous decision-making all the clearer in the DreamWorks Dragons series. Hiccup will make a lot of spontaneous choices in the heat of the moment. Sometimes these impulsive choices lead to reckless and dangerous behavior; for instance, Hiccup deciding to fly to the Isle of Night alone with Toothless, not telling anyone or going with them as planned, results in him being kidnapped by the Outcasts in the episode We Are Family Part 1. Other times, these spontaneous choices are the ways in which Hiccup defeats the enemies last minute, such as by using spoons and other metal to attract the Smothering Smokebreaths and then, through these dragon swarms, scaring away the Berserkers.

It’s to note that, while Hiccup’s impulsive choices aren’t always reckless, they can be. They are often dangerous and might have a low chance of success. Hiccup jumping off a baby Scuttleclaw to save Toothless from falling in HTTYD 2 was certainly reckless. So this is an impulsive and reckless choice. At the same time, some of his choices aren’t impulsive but are still reckless: for instance, Hiccup jumping off a cliff side to test his Dragon Fly invention in The Next Big Sting was a carefully planned event, but still, in my opinion, reckless.

Anyways. Hiccup’s spontaneous choices can be placed into several categories. First, as I alluded above, there are the brilliant last-minute decisions he makes to save the day, and then there are the reckless decisions he makes. To be fair, we often don’t know whether it will brilliantly work out or if it will fail horribly. But the point is that some of these choices are brilliant maneuvers and others feel dangerously reckless. The other category of division we can make about his actions is that some of Hiccup’s choices are made in dangerous moments and others are not.

Hiccup will make choices emotionally and impulsively in some instances, such as by choosing to suddenly fly off Berk in HTTYD 2 before Stoick grounds all the dragons. This is not a dangerous circumstance right here and now. Another example of Hiccup making an impulsive choice in a non-dangerous circumstance is in the episode When Lightning Strikes. Hiccup chooses to mount the top of a ship to show that lightning is attracted to metal. His life wasn’t in danger at this point (at least until he made that bold decision to hold up metal on the top of a ship). So some choices are made impulsively out of emotion and not necessarily danger.

In contrast, sometimes Hiccup has to make a spur-of-the-moment decision because he has no choice otherwise. If he is in the middle of the battle, Hiccup doesn’t have the luxury of contemplating whether or not his latest battle strategy will work. He has to just go and try it on the fly because he’s in danger. For instance, Hiccup fighting the Skrill in the first half of A View to a Skrill shows him acting on the fly. Hiccup’s decisions in dangerous circumstances are very commonly spontaneous because, by nature of the sudden incident, they can’t be pre-planned. He never would have predicted the exact circumstances of being chased by these dragons!

So, since this was a large chunk of text let me recapitulate: yes, Hiccup is spontaneous. Sometimes his choices are impulsive because of emotional reasons. Sometimes his choices are impulsive and can turn out to be reckless. Sometimes his choices are on-the-fly because he’s in the middle of danger and he doesn’t have the luxury of thinking situations through thoroughly before enacting a plan. But in all these cases, we see that Hiccup is an individual that works with spontaneity.

Hiccup and Careful, Critical Thought

Near the start of Race to the Edge Season 4 Twintuition, Tuffnut says, “As usual, Hiccup and Fishlegs are overthinking everything.”

At the same time that Hiccup can be an individual who is very impulsive, I still don’t disagree with Tuffnut: Hiccup can be someone who is a careful thinker and close planner. There are times in which he thinks carefully - something that Tuffnut himself (not a planner) would classify as “overthinking.” Here are some instances in which we see Hiccup not acting spontaneously, but as someone with critical thought:

Whenever Hiccup develops an invention, the creation by nature has to be full of careful thought. His inventions do require testing and modification, yes, but they also necessitate careful planning. Hiccup’s crossbow shield contains clever mechanisms that would have needed drafting beforehand. And even in the first How to Train Your Dragon movie, we see that Hiccup draws blueprints of his inventions before he creates them. He draws up a plan for Toothless’ tail, works methodically on the saddle, and creates his own cheat sheet for how the saddle-tail mechanism works. An organized chart like that is logical, careful organization. Beyond that, Hiccup even has a whole room full of invention ideas and sketches - while we do see his corner of the workshop in the final film when Stoick visits him, we learn more about his various inventions and drafts in the deleted scene “Axe to Grind” when Astrid stumbles across his blueprints. Hiccup here, while inventing, is being a very logical and methodical thinker. This is not spontaneity.

Furthermore, there are many times that Hiccup encourages a thought-out course of action before entering danger. While Hiccup doesn’t always have the luxury of planning battle plans beforehand, when he does have the opportunity, he does outline plans for the gang. This has been done many times throughout the franchise, starting with the plan Hiccup implements to fight the Red Death in the first movie. Hiccup carefully plots how to attack Viggo’s base in Family on the Edge over a period of several days before he puts the plan into action (even making a model of the location in the planning process - careful work!). Hiccup meets with Viggo on the island at the start of Maces and Talons Part 1 with an obvious plan. The raid on Auction Island was not without prior thought. The truth is, there are many times in which Hiccup and his companions go into an enemy engagement with a plan already made: something that Hiccup carefully concocted beforehand. Tuffnut’s used to seeing Hiccup create logical game plans.

Hiccup even yells at Snotlout for going out of line and acting spontaneously at the start of Cast Out Part 1. Snotlout’s spontaneous actions place Astrid in danger, causing her to fall out of the sky and nearly die. Hiccup grounds Snotlout and forbids him from flying because Snotlout’s impulsivity is unpredictable and unreliable. Hiccup is disciplining someone for being too spontaneous! Hiccup wants order here. And then again, when Stoick leaves in Dawn of the Dragon Racers and puts Hiccup in charge, Hiccup doesn’t want the youths to invent a spontaneous new sport. He wants to keep order, follow his dear father’s instructions, and hold to tradition with the annual Regatta. All of this is Hiccup discouraging impulsivity in a leadership position.

It’s to note that even in day-to-day matters, Hiccup likes to have methodical orderliness. He is the one who is upset if the twins are not on guard duty on Dragon’s Edge. He is the one who suggests that they need to create order when they first arrive at their new island home. He is the one who is often the leadership organizing and putting into place all the daily rituals and duties that the youths do on Dragon’s Edge. He is the one who came up with specific flight formations for the youths to follow when they were in the Dragon Academy. He is the one who came up with all the training exercises and strict regiments and trivia games for Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk. He is the one who leads the youths and expects them to obey his orders on the fly. Hiccup is not always spontaneous and careless. While there definitely are instances where he is spontaneous and careless, there are also just as many instances in which Hiccup is the opposite: careful and methodical.

One of your comments is that Hiccup is all about responsibility seemingly in the television series, but not in the movie trilogy. Because of this, I will leave this section with some demonstration of Hiccup caring about orderliness and responsibility in the movies and material directly created by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders. Hiccup is consistent throughout the franchise (give or take the aging process - but all people metamorphose naturally as they mature) in terms of his beliefs of responsibility. 

In The Serpent’s Heir, written by Dean DeBlois, Hiccup is chief and is trying to keep his chiefdom in order. He’s focusing on the responsibility of his leadership role. Earlier, in How to Train Your Dragon 2, even though Hiccup is running off spontaneously from Stoick sometimes, he also has with him a carefully formulated plan he systematically upholds. Hiccup’s plan is always to speak to Drago and try to arrange for diplomatic peace talks. The reason Hiccup wants this is not out of an impulsive reason (though it sometimes leads to impulsiveness). The reason Hiccup wants to talk to Drago is exactly because he believes it is responsible. When Stoick complains about Hiccup’s actions, his son balks, “I’m trying to protect our dragons and stop a war! How is that irresponsible?” The truth of the matter is that Hiccup, from the very start of How to Train Your Dragon 2, believes that trying to talk to Drago - his goal throughout the movie - is the responsible thing to do.

So Hiccup can be someone who cares about responsibility. Hiccup can be someone who loves to plan and organize. Hiccup can be someone who approaches a variety of situations with critical and careful thought.

Hiccup is, interestingly enough, both someone who can be spontaneous and impulsive, and someone who can be methodical and careful. These personality traits do not clash, but are complicated facets of his three-dimensional character. As we see in how Hiccup tries to talk to Drago in peace, he can use both spontaneous actions and careful thoughts about responsibility to try to achieve his goals.

Tuffnut and the Context of This Quote

Now the question is: does Hiccup’s consistent belief in responsibility and methodical approach to situations count as “overthinking”? After all, what Tuffnut says in that quote in Twintuition is that Hiccup is “as usual” overthinking. Overthinking is a little different from just thinking.

There can be times in which Hiccup overthinks throughout the franchise, but what is especially relevant is that Hiccup overthinks in Race to the Edge. Overthinking is part of Hiccup’s specific circumstance in the here and now. He’s doing it more than usual because he is interacting with Viggo - someone who is a crafty manipulator. Hiccup, trying to best Viggo, has had to carefully think through situations himself. This results in Hiccup worrying and overthinking through scenarios with Viggo. At this current time in Hiccup’s life, therefore, he is overthinking and overanalyzing scenarios far more than usual. It’s because he’s trying to do everything within his brainpower to stop his current antagonist.

So when Tuffnut remarks that Hiccup is “as usual” overthinking, I think that makes sense in the context of the situation. Since Hiccup and his friends have settled on Dragon’s Edge, Hiccup has been obsessively thinking about Viggo and trying to outmanipulate the man at his own game. As far as Tuffnut has seen, Hiccup recently has been consistently thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking. It doesn’t matter if twelve year old Hiccup overthought scenarios or not. It doesn’t matter if twenty-four year old Hiccup will overthink scenarios or not. But in the here and now, yes, Hiccup is pondering through scenarios exceedingly carefully. He’s still not successfully outmanipulating Viggo, true, but he is certainly pondering strategy closely.

On top of that, there’s an important thing to consider about Tuffnut’s quote: he’s criticizing both Hiccup and Fishlegs simultaneously. Hiccup and Fishlegs are, as usual, overthinking, according to him. This is a little different than Hiccup by himself overthinking. It’s the joint team that Tuffnut’s not thrilled with currently. And it is true that when Hiccup and Fishlegs are together, they tend to engage in deep, intricate scholarly pursuits. The two bring out the nerd in one another, and as is such, like to think critically together. So when Tuffnut talks about Hiccup overthinking, he’s talking specifically about Hiccup-when-he’s-with-Fishlegs overthinking.

The last thing I believe is relevant to consider contextually is that Tuffnut is not a thinker himself. Tuffnut is someone who is intelligent and capable of good thought, but his preferred lifestyle is one of going with the flow. He doesn’t like to plan ahead. He doesn’t like to adhere to schedules or regimental order. Tuffnut likes to casually mosey through life with no plans beforehand. This does contrast with Hiccup’s personality from the first HTTYD movie through the end of The Serpent’s Heir; Hiccup has always been more methodical and planning-oriented than the carefree Thorstons. So from Tuffnut’s angle as someone who doesn’t prefer to think things through at all, he’s going to categorize Hiccup’s careful analysis of situations (in this case in Twintuition, how to break a chain) as “overthinking.”

There is something to be said about how Fishlegs and Astrid think or overthink through scenarios in comparison to Hiccup, but I also don’t think that what Tuffnut says is erraneous with what we know about Hiccup and the present scenario! Hiccup is a complex character, and given the context of our current scenario, I think it makes sense that Tuffnut would make this criticism of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third.

Bangtan Boys

Rap Monster- ISTP

“I just want to say that I’m like this right now, I’m this kind of person and I’ve lived like this, but I’m having these kinds of thoughts right now. And in the future, I’ll be like this… People want to have assurance towards their existence to no end. I think the reason I do music is that while speaking of my stories through music, I’m able to confirm the reason to my existence. I don’t want to be a petty person, but someone who remains in history. Because it’s a life that you only get one chance with, I want to influence people endlessly, give hopes, and become someone who can become a dream. Until then, I plan to continue on forth. Because that will become something that confirms the worth to my existence to the world and something that can personally confirm myself as to who I am.” (Se-Ni)

Okay so I had the most trouble when typing Rap Monster because he is just so unlike the traditional descriptions of his type; or maybe I was just over analyzing everything he was saying. ISTPs are described as being very in-tune with their environment and noticing the details of their surroundings. He does have that Se look in his eyes, but due to his lack of motor coordination and how the other members say that he needs to pay more attention to his surroundings, I was a little confused.

He is constantly trying to make sense of what kind of role he plays in the world and vice versa (Ti). Saying that “youth” defines itself as being the most beautiful moment in life, writing poems about the relationship between his self-conscious and the world, etc. is his Ti shining through. 

Then it was just a matter of debating between ISTP and INTP. His thoughts are very deep and theoretical which is a typical INTP trait BUT he has no Ne. Despite the fact that he’s always lost in his own world, he does have Se in how he finds the most relaxation being out and about in nature (a typical ISxP trait), and how he gives answers questions straight-forwardly without branching out into several different ideas. 

The reason why I typed him as ISTP rather than ESTP is simply due to the fact that he describes himself as being “careful” and “timid.” The fact that he spends more time inside his head rather than out doing things and craving more sensual experiences justifies him being a Ti-dom. He also says that while he knows how to do certain things in his head, his actions don’t always follow. 

Overall I have determined that Rap Monster has developed his Ni to a good extent. You can see how much effort he has to put in order for his answers to be deep compared to Suga who’s a Ni-dom and therefore he does it effortlessly. Also he seems like a very healthy ISTP compared to his age because his inferior Fe also comes into play from time to time such as how he’s courteous and knows how to respond in given situations.


“My first child will be a daughter, and my second child will be a son. I really want my son to have an older sister. I have an ideal image of having an older sister. Most guys with an older sister told me this- that the older sister puts allowance in her little brother’s wallet. My older brother took money out of my wallet! And a long time ago, I was traumatized when my friend told me that his girlfriend went home to make her little brother food. I never realized that an older sibling could cook for their younger sibling. I will name my son Yoosun, with the common family syllable. I took the name of Yoobi’s son. I was sad when I found out that my name didn’t have the common family syllable.” (Fi-Ni)

Now I have a feeling that many people are going to disagree with me on his type simply because he’s extremely organized and a neat freak. Well being a perceiver doesn’t mean that someone can’t be organized. Those are mere stereotypes (I should know because I’m the most disorganized person out there).

The thing with Jin is that he’s always kind of just been in the background. Any interview or variety show BTS goes on, he gets the least amount of screen time (which is totally unfair btw) partly due to the fact that while the other members are goofing around to get attention, he’s just sitting there. He doesn’t necessarily look uncomfortable but it’s more due to the fact that he probably just doesn’t want to do something because other people are doing it. If he wants to answer a question or do something crazy, it’ll be because he wants to and not because it is expected of him (Fi).

He’s always said that his personality is the kind to not mind what others think of him and to do what he wants to do. He has a strong sense of personal values; you can clearly see how much his values mean to him. Everything he talks about will have some sort of meaning to him even when he’s answering questions that are supposed to be objective, he somehow brings it back to himself (”Oh so that means I’m like this” or “Yes that happened to me too”). He LOVES cooking and you can tell because his eyes just seem to light up and become animated (the way Fi users do) whenever he talks about something meaningful to him.

His Se isn’t really that hard to notice and it’s most apparent in his cooking. His attention to detail comes from his Se in that he’s focusing all of his energy externally by focusing on his five senses. This is why he seems like a perfectionist when it comes to food. The reason he’s good at cleaning is also because he’s so good at noticing his surroundings and taking in all the details.

He’s calm and relaxed and a trait that I’ve noticed in most ISFPs is that he so desperately wants to be free. J-Hope once said that when Jin gets mad he can’t see anything in front of him, this is his inferior Te coming into play.

Suga- INTJ

“I was an underground rapper for a long time. I have a goal. I want to be the bridge between main stream music and underground Hip Hop. They’re so busy slandering each other. It’s probably too soon to say I want to unite the two; I’d sound pretty bombastic, won’t I ? As long as I can make good music, it doesn’t matter if I’m an idol or an underground rapper ” (Ni)

His introversion is due to the fact that he doesn’t like loud places with lots of people and that, in his opinion, everyone deserves a time and place for them to be refreshed (for him it’s being alone).

His dreams are big (despite being unsure of whether he’ll be able to reach them or not) and elaborate (Ni). He has a clear goal of what he wants to do and where he wants to go in life (without having thought about the technicalities and the specifics). He hates repetition and sees no point in thinking about the past because “the past is the past and it’s not like I can change anything about it.”  He doesn’t linger on things and really likes what he likes and hates what he dislikes–there is no in-between.

He is willful, confident, and independent (the fact that he went up the PD to complain about the endless repetitive dance practices proves this). Not to mention his supreme title of the sassy queen of BTS.  He doesn’t worry about what others think about him and is stubborn in defending what he believes in (Te-Fi). He has a straightforward personality in which he says what he means and means what he says without sugarcoating anything for anyone (Te). Confronts people about his problems instead of talking about them behind their backs. 

According to Jin he has a variety of knowledge about various things and he has no idea where he gets it all from (typical INTJ trait). He pretends not to care when he actually does (Fi). He finds pleasure in being organized externally (Te) because it aids him in knowing which direction to go in the future (Ni). His biggest regret/weakness shows up in the form of his inferior Se in which he says that “I didn’t have time to look at my surroundings and was too focused on what was in front of me. I think I should take some time to look around me and try things that aren’t just work-related, whether it’s hobbies or sports.“

J-Hope- ENFJ

It {the set} was warm and the flowers were blooming so I thought it would be really cozy, but to be honest it was cold. I had to climb up in a tree to film and I was kind of scared. It seemed really scary so I was afraid and got tense. Something came from that solitude and fear. (Ni-Se)

I came to the conclusion that he was ENFJ because, for starters, he was given his name because he gives ope to those around him. He’s bright, kind,gentle, treas others well, and is pretty loyal. He’s sociable and has a lot of love to give to those around him.

He loves thinking about complicated things (a strong indicator of Ni). He has no Si and instead thinks about the future and remembers the past as facts rather than memories (product of having Se). The way he’s able to be spontaneous and act in the moment are his tertiary Se kicking in.

He likes to be introspective but then dark thoughts kick in (this happens a lot to xNFJs as we are naturally attracted to dark themes). His way of looking to the past and creating universal themes from them are strong indicators of Ni. 

His Fe is more obvious than Suga’s sass. No but seriously he is always smiling and reflecting the emotions of those around him. One moment that really stood out for me though, (just to make my point), is that when he cried when the members threw him a surprise birthday party, he unconsciously hugged all the members as a sign of gratitude. He was obviously very emotionally shaken up (he was choking on his tears for goodness sake) and so his thoughts must have been in a huge mess but seeing as how he hugged them as if it were the natural thing to do just shows that it is the natural thing for him to do. Only a Fe-dom would think about thanking everyone individually so that no one got their feelings hurt and felt excluded even in a time like that.

Jimin- ESFP

“My aim is frankly to be the first. This has many meanings but i want to get the first place in music program and i also want to get really important award at some award ceremony.” (Se-Ni)

Jimin was one of the easiest for me to type. I did think he had Fe for a while because he is just so thoughtful and the members described him as being the one who listens to all their problems the best which didn’t really strike me as an ESFP trait (no offense to all the ESFPs out there). 

He’s always living in the moment whether it’s on or off stage. He has a good sense of aesthetic taste which is why he’s so good at picking his clothes and knowing what would look good with what (Se-Ni). He tends to be alert to what’s going on around him and thus he’s so good at performing. On camera you can always see him making random hand motions and making exaggerated facial expressions which is a common habit of ESxPs. He also uses his whole body to describe how he’s feeling.

He went through a lot of hardships because he was the last one to be added to BTS but you wouldn’t notice it ever, because of his Fi. His emotions are kept quiet but you can tell they play a large part in how he makes his decisions. He shows his affections readily especially when it’s physical. He makes his likes and dislikes less noticeable than Jin because as an extrovert his first instinct is to keep harmony with those around him but when he does he becomes extremely stubborn. 

He loves to be the center of attention (that’s why he tries so hard on stage and unintentionally steals the other members spotlight even when it’s not his turn). He says that he has a desire to constantly be moving around and he hates being bored. 


"I have a motto that came from my father: “What is that that’s so important.” It has a lot of meaning. I have moments where I’m tired, annoyed, and don’t want to do things. But whenever I think of these words, those things become nothing. If you endure through it, good things will come your way. My father ingrained this into my head so whenever I’m at hardship, I think of these words so I hope we never forget this.” (Ne-Si)

V is friendly, self-centered (not in a bad way), independent, and eccentric–typical ENTP traits. Honestly, his 4D personality gives it away despite how “mysterious” people say he is. ;)

His Ne is so obvious that you can literally see it in his eyes. They’re always shifting from place to place as if sorting through all of the multiple things going on his head. He also gets off-topic in interviews pretty fast like in one interview he was asked about composing and he ended his answer with something about how Rap Monster should just write notes on his hands.  He’s an inventor of new ideas to the extent that Suga has said that V comes up with really good ideas that equal out his quirkiness.

Suga once said that “he’s immature and isn’t able to become serious. It seems like he doesn’t care what others think,” and this really made me think of Ti. Since Fe is a tertiary function in ENTPs, and because he’s so young, it can be hard to adjust to other people’s feelings. But he find it super easy to make friends with people (especially with his father Daehyun), and often mentions how he has a  lot of friends because he isn’t picky or judgmental and people are drawn to hat about him (a typical ENTP trait).  He has this extra childishness that comes with being young and that’s why his Ti isn’t that prominent unless you really devour everything he says like I did. 

Some other things that helped me included how he said that it’s super hard for him to cry even when he’s deeply moved. He’s not afraid to do embarrassing things and he seems really out of it most of the time. 

Jungkook- ISFJ

“Looking back at my audition, I was shy and i had no self confidence. I couldn’t control my feelings properly. I had a chance to stay in the US for a month before the debut. So many things changed. I gained confidence. Also i was awakened to expressing my feelings or dancing.” (Si)

Jungkook was a little harder for me to type and that was mostly because he’s so shy and all his talk about how he doesn’t care about what others think of him (we’ll see how much of that is true…)

He’s described as being kind, innocent, and bad at expressing his feelings. He’s also super bad at refusing requests. I definitely think that he has Fe rather than Te but it’s harder to notice because of how withdrawn he is. Hes always said how uncomfortable he is speaking in front of people and in interviews so that is definitely an indicator that his Fe isn’t as developed as it should be because he is so closed off. But his manners are still first class like how he he’s aware of social norms. I can definitely relate to how his Fe doesn’t immediately show. Whenever I’m put in the spot or in a social situation, sometimes it’s extremely hard for me to unconsciously use my Fe but rather I have to remind myself to or else I become too closed off.

He’s reluctant in being put on the spot like when J-Hope was trying to have a conversation with him in English, you could tell how he was alarmed and totally not prepared. 

He answers questions based on his past experiences relating to the matter at hand (Si). The actions he takes reflect what he’s done in the past depending on what has and hasn’t worked for him. For example when he’s reading he thinks “If I read, then I’ll become better at speaking then I am now, right?” He often mentions how he’s changed compared to his trainee days. The words he lives by are that passion is imperative in order to grow and that passion is fueled by accumulated experiences. 

Taurus can become compulsive when it comes to safety and security, especially when it comes to others getting hurt because of their negligence. The thing with them is that if something happens that could have been prevented, it reinforces this statement they believe about the power of planning and not acting from spontaneity. They are careful people for the most part.

Fools who dream - PART II (Jughead x Reader)

A/N : Part II here! Mainly because the first part was totally incomplete and meaningless without this. It’s kinda long, but i really hope you guys enjoy! Feedback would be highly appreciated.

Part I


Jughead was stirring his milkshake when he heard the door jingle to signal the entry of another visitor. The diner was crowded, not something Jughead appreciated when all he wanted was to be left alone. But where could he go? He was pulled out of his reverie when a girl about his age asked him if she could share his booth as there were none other left unoccupied. Jughead furtively read her face. Tear tracks were evident on her face, her mascara smudged from rubbing at her eyes. Not to take out his frustration on an already sad person, he replied with a “sure” and went back to sipping his milkshake.

Y/N observed the raven haired boy, upon whom she had forced her company. Hair tucked under a beanie, except for little curls which had rebelled their way out of their prison. Eyes bloodshot - from crying or lack of sleep or both. On the table sat a manuscript of sorts, whose title page seemed to have been shred by the boy in a fit of rage. She understood, but careful of jumping to conclusions, she asked anyways, “What’s this?”

”Not anything interesting, i assure you.”Jughead replied.

“Let me decide that for myself, will you?” Y/N smiled. “Y/N, by the way.” she held her hand out. “Jughead” he nonchalantly nodded.

As the girl flipped through the pages, Jughead asked, “Are you new to Riverdale?” She replied affirmatively. 

“Me and my dad moved here recently, he got tired of the place where we used to live.”


“After my mom died, everything reminded him of her. He was so heartbroken.” 

“I’m so sorry…I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Don’t be. It wasn’t your fault. It was nobody’s. And anyways..she was a soul to be celebrated…not forgotten with her coffin.”

Jughead couldn’t put a finger on what exactly, but there was something about this girl sitting in front of him. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, neither did she have an attention-grabbing personality. No, she was…beautiful. Kind of like a dream if you will. Enigmatic. There was a charm to her. She lightly tapped her fingers to a spastic tune, something that Jughead loathed when it came from Archie. But from her, he didn’t mind as much. It almost felt…soothing.

Y/N read a few pages then handed back the bundle to him. “It’s written really well. Like, the balance between imagery and logic and the storyline..it’s perfect! Did you try this with some publisher?”

“Just this morning. They rejected it.”

A silence cloaked them, one that Y/N felt compelled to break.

“I got rejected too, you know? Just this morning.”


“They were holding castings for an upcoming movie. Something about…wanting a new face for their project. I auditioned. Got rejected.”

“I’m sorry.” The beanie clad boy apologised again.

Y/N chuckled lightly. “You really need to stop apologising, ya know? Especially when you’ve had a shitty day as well. Not everything is your fault. So Jughead…is that your real name, by the way? Are you going to submit your book again to some other publisher?”

“No, my name is actually Forsythe Pendleton Jones. The third. Jughead was just…a name that stuck during elementary. And hell no, I already put all the guts I had in this meeting. Guess, I’ll just stick to writing for the local daily. What about you?”

“I’ll try again and again till people have to take me.”

Jughead admired the way this girl was so adamant in doing something she wanted. 

“I could never be like you. No, forever a pessimist. That’s who i am. That way, you don’t compromise yourself, you don’t get hurt as much.”

Y/N stared at him. She didn’t want him to give up. It didn’t matter if they were hardly acquaintances. Stranger or not, she decided, I’ll try to make him see some sense.

“You know, my mom…she wanted to be an artist. She painted. And God, she could capture feelings, the sunset right into the little frame. I remember, once on a trip to Paris, she jumped right into the Seine…saying she couldn’t paint the view if she didn’t feel it first. Fought everytime my Grandma brought up the topic of a steady job. She was my biggest cheerleader. Whenever I felt like giving up on acting or whatever the hell was my passion for the week, she’d always whisper to me - “ Just a little bit of madness. That’s the key. That’s the only way you get to see colors of life you never thought existed. Follow your heart, your dreams, your passion. You never know where it could lead you. The world’s lost it’s charm baby, that’s just why they need rebels like us to decorate it with our dreams.”"

Y/N sniffled into her sleeve, hurriedly wiping little tears that she didn’t realize had escaped. She took the cherry off the milkshake of a now awe-filled Jughead and held it out like a cup, and toasted,

“And here’s to the fools who dream
Crazy as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that break
Here’s to the mess we make”

silently dedicating it to her mother and hoping that she hadn’t made a complete fool in front of this stranger by acting so spontaneously and laying bare her open wounds, ones she talked to no one about.

Jughead stared dumbstruck at the now furiously blushing female. He felt something ignite in him. A flame. Maybe, she’s right. I could do this. I mean, there’s nothing at stake really, is there? 

And after so long, he smiled. Not the half sassy half sarcastic smirk he was so used to giving. It was like a ripple. Little by little, his face lit up. He picked up the cold glass and toasted back,“Here’s to us fools, Y/N.”



@betty-coopers-number-one-stan for being a sweetheart. 💋

Ask Compilation #4

Heh, yep! He’s overall confused about a lot of things and acts pretty spontaneous most of the time. He’s not really shy, just constantly struggling with himself at this point. He also knows about many of things - he’s definitely not stupid, but he has just seen certain things, not experienced them.

So yes, he definitely DOESN’T know how a relationship works.

Then you’ve been fooled by the victorious tsundere!!!


“Ahh, no. He knows what kissing is, if that’s what you mean. I think it just really didn’t cross his mind. He’s slow on the uptake sometimes when it comes to things like that. You could even say he’s… lagging a bit, pffheheh.”


We think it depends on how you would apply ink thinner. If you made him drink it as liquid he might get sick because that’s nothing you should ever drink.
Rain doesn’t affect Ink because as a skeleton he’s not sensitive to cold, though he would prefer to stay dry. It’s a better feeling.
And last, yes, there are illnesses out there that affect the magic of monsters - and for skeletons that heavily rely on magic to substain their form, it can be a serious problem.

That’s an automatic win because we think we can all agree that he’s doing a lot of stupid things ALL the time! Like… trying to kiss Ink! That was stupid, haha. Yup~


No prob for Ink! He’d just teleport away or fend off the net.
Besides, Ink can look after himself as well. He’s wandered through the multiverse on himself for a long time after all!


anonymous asked:

It seemed popular with kd blogs. So. What are your top 13 kd moments..i cant be satisfied with only 5 :( That was why i asked 13 because 13 is kd number for me. Can you also explain why did you choose those? I know its hard since youve been

2. Following them since 2012.

Hey anon,

Wow 13 is a lot :o But since I haven’t done KD spam for quite a while, this is the right moment to do one! And it’s indeed hard to choose only 13 out of so many precious KD’s moments u.u

So, let’s begin!

[[Do keep in mind that body languages can convey more than one meaning. However, to interpret a person behaviour depends on the situation. I don’t claim all of my analysis as facts. It’s an analysis from one pov - my pov.  If you have something to say or a different opinion than mine, please be constructive. I can’t help you unless you help yourself first :)]]

1. I found this very interesting because JI was staring at KS when KS wasn’t even talking. This leads to my conclusion that this was an act from JI’s subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind mostly consists of implicit memory - things you do spontaneously or automatically. The act of staring at KS already registered into JI’s mind that it becomes a habit for him OR KS became his subject of interest that his eyes tend to gravitate towards him. A guy tends to maintain his eye contact at the person they attracted to.

KS’s reaction was even more interesting. He was blinking his eyes twice consecutively. Then, he swallowed followed by his eyes moving downwards. Rapid eyes blinking is a sign of nervous or under pressure while gulping is a sign of stress or embarrassment. The movement of his eyes downwards in this situation could be a sign of submission.

Please don’t get be wrong. I don’t mean being submissive in that way. JI’s gaze was dominant which got KS nervous and embarrassed. It’s a natural reaction or stimuli when you got flustered. Your first response is lowered your gaze because you’re at your vulnerable state. It’s like telling the other person ‘please stop looking at me because I can’t look back at you’.

If you noticed, JI also blinked his eyes after KS did. He was mirroring KS. It also happened unconsciously. Mirroring could mean similarity or likeness.

So many things happened in just one gif…. or am I just looking things into deep? But that’s the thing about humans. They think they can hide with their words but their movements betrayed them. I believe that the more person moves, the more their body tell us. The more it appears implicit, the more truth in it.

2. This is a part of the gif set where JI tried to get KS’s attention but he got ignored. I like this moment because JI used his upper body to express his displeasures. He moved his body away from facing KS, turning his head around, patting his hand on his chest to calm himself down (internal emotions debate) and his mouth was moving that doesn’t form any words. The movement of mouth could indicate that he was thinking to say something. The words were already in his mind but he wasn’t planning to say it out loud. However, his mouth moved along with his thoughts.

This moment is cute because angry JI is cute. Lol.

3. The first time I saw this gif set was only the 2nd and the 3rd one. Then, I watched the video. I was shocked when JI called KS in that manner when KS was obviously older than him. JI was showing his dominance when his body leaned to the back, creating a space in front of him; meaning he’s not afraid if you’re near him. The slight nod of his head also a sign of power/dominance in that situation.

Don’t get me wrong what I meant by dominance in this context. You have to understand that dominance doesn’t imply one is more dominant than the other. It’s more like showing during this situation, I’m more confident than you are.

Then, the neck grabbing. According to study, besides the private region for an obvious reason, nape of the neck is the 3rd intimate/sensitive part to touch for men. The neck itself is a sensitive area for all humans.

Both of them extended their hands to reach out for the other person - JI for KS’s neck and KS for JI’s waist. This an act of welcoming the person, offering or seeking affection. It’s like the opposite of crossing your arms.

This moment really warms my heart. It shows that despite the fact that they are not the same age, they actually treat each other like they are the same age when SK really emphasize to treat the older appropriately.

4. According to expertise, head is a very personal area that only reserved for close relatives and intimate partners to touch. Head touching is a sign that you trust the other person and you shared a strong bond with them. It can be between friends too!

It’s like when your father, mother or friend patted your head. Usually, you don’t do it to people that are older than you. You don’t do it to your father or mother out of respect. I mean like, I don’t do it to them but I like it when my mom caressed my head. It also happens between athletes. When they scored, they touched each other head. But that’s in a different environment because it becomes a habit and a normal practice for them.

However, I find JI touching KS’s head very special because I repeat, KS is older than JI. They must share a very deep bond for KS to allow JI to touch his head.

5. I love the smile on KS’s face and the way they don’t look at each other when their hands touched. IMO, KS seems like he was trying to hide his smile when he pressed his lips together. His face muscles reacted unconsciously to smile but then he tried to hide it which resulted in a stiff looking expression - not natural.

But KD has always been subtlely obvious anyway. lol.

6. The famous jagi moment. Never forget guys!!

7. A person might see this picture and go aww. But whenever I see this picture I’ll be like they’re in love. This picture speaks louder than those KD shippers’ haters. Sorry, not sorry.

Anyway, last year, I read articles about how a picture can define a couple/two people relationship. It states that when two people body curves toward each other, forming a circle or even love, it shows that their relationship is good and intimate. When I saw that picture, it reminded me of the articles I read.

It’s like when you were taking a family picture and your parents just gravitated their upper body inwards to face each other. Even in a random picture of your friends and his/her partner, you can see how their bodies just move inwards - the gravitation is strong. You can never deny the pull of your body. Your body knows you more than you think you know yourself.

I find this picture very intimate. I believe if we look at the moment from the front, their heads probably formed a heart <3

8. I find this moment very intimate. JI’s nose touching KS’s ear is one thing but look at how their bodies moved inwards/towards each other. At the 2nd and last gif, even tho JI already leaned in so close, KS still turned his body around to get closer, it’s like close is not close enough to him.

In the 2nd gif as well, both of their hands moved towards each other and touched. Their hands actually remained in that position instead of pulling away.

The fact they kept on moving from just staying in one position really amplifies the pull of their body towards each other. It’s like you’re sitting next to your partner. It’s close but to you it’s not close enough.

9. I think in this moment, it was very unnecessary for KS to hold JI’s hand like that. You can see KS actually jerked JI’s hands towards his direction from the way he pulled his elbow and the slight halt of JI’s body before he turned around to face KS.

It’s like ‘babe you’re not going anywhere without me’. haha.

10. This random touches never fail to warm my heart.  It could be accidental or otherwise. But the way JI slides his arm downwards is a sign of intimacy because it lingers more than necessary. Intimacy can define between family, friends or partner.

However, look at the way KS moved his eyes. I remember reading a text about eyes movement. It states that when your eyes move from one side to the other side once, it means you’re being aware of the surrounding. You wanted to appear subtle and not suspicious. The verbal meaning is ‘I hope no one saw that’.

Anyway, as I was saying, KS’s eyes moved from one side to the other side right after JI touched his shoulder. You can see how his eyes paused at a certain point before he moved to the other point. He subconsciously observing the surrounding.

We also have caught KS looking around a few times when JI initiated skinship. Why are you being so suspicious KS? Is there something you’re hiding from us? ehem.

11. The famous pepero CF. I love this moment too. The part where JI doesn’t mind when his fingers touched KS’s lips. He even pressed it close to KS’s lips and look at the way JI smiled and munched. He might be eating pepero too but he only moved his lips after KS moved his lips too. Another gesture of mirroring.

12. The loving stares JI sent to KS. His eyes just screamed love. The way he tilted his head while watching KS talking. When a person exposed their neck it means they are not threatened by the other person or feels comfortable. It’s the opposite of touching/covering your neck which is a sign of nervous or timid. The area of the neck is very sensitive. During that moment, JI seems to be very comfortable and relax. It means that KS makes him feel comfortable.

The way KS turned his head and looked at JI while laughing then JI laughed too is so endearing to watch. KS gravitated towards JI, turning his head while laughing because he was seeking for that similarity/like-ness. ‘Do you find this funny too?’. JI mirrored KS again, laughing. If you pay attention to the 5th gif, after KS turned his head towards JI then faced the front again, he stopped laughing. Then, he laughed again after JI laughed.

JI also slide his hand across KS’s back (unnecessary touches) and caressing it. I really like this moment a lot. JI barely do anything but his eyes spoke volume.

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Jul 7, 2016 at 2:15am PDT

13. Who doesn’t love this moment? How they can just relate to each other with just one gesture and it straight away reminded KS of the subject JI talked about. The way they laughed together like a domino effect. It was said that a couple that laughed together a lot has a higher quality relationship. Laughing together shows that you share a strong or deep bond with someone. It can be between family and friends too.

Look at how in sync their body were. Laughing –> body fell forward –> looking at each other –> reaching their hands –> sat straight. It was like JI was mirroring KS.

And La_y’s reaction is fun to watch as well. I never see him so obvious like this before. He always had that neutral face (no changes. just one expression throughout one moment). La_y touched his chin. Touching/stroking your chin is a sign that someone is thinking hard OR judging/evaluating something. He also moved his head to face KS then JI before he touched his chin. It indicates he was actually thinking/judging them.

Then, his head and body were more dominant on his right side. He moved his head from right, downwards to the right. The right side is the constructive side. It’s a sign that he was having internal thoughts/emotions. Like he was thinking of something.

I just love how genuine this moment was.

Well that’s my top 13 I guess.

Anyway, KD is real ;)

Keep calm and support KD. Take care anon!

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Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter
Warnings: alcohol

“Thanks.” Draco Malfoy nods at the bartender, whom had just slid a glass of firewhiskey his way. His fingers wrap around the beverage before he brings it to his lips, feeling the slightly soothing burn as it glides down his throat.


Draco feels frozen in place. His eyes stay glued to the alcohol quivering in his cup as he struggles to swallow the massive lump in his throat. He knows that voice. And he doesn’t want to face the person behind it.

He decides to ignore it, hoping with every nerve in his body that he’ll give up and leave.

“Draco Malfoy.”

The use of his full name sends a shiver down Draco’s spine, and he’s left with no choice but to turn around. When he spins around on the bar seat, his eyes immediately fall on Harry Potter, who is standing wearing a leather jacket draped over a red flannel.

Draco’s blue eyes scan Harry’s body, taking in the sight of the boy he hadn’t seen in years. “Potter,” he breathes, more of a statement than a greeting.

He continues to stare, waiting for Harry to fidget - but he never does. That irritates Draco to his very core, as he has always liked having the upper hand.

“Well, if you’re not going to invite me to sit with you,” Harry says, finishing his thought by shrugging off his jacket and taking a seat directly to Draco’s right. The blonde boy sighs, swiveling back to face the bar. 

“For the record,” Draco says, before taking a large sip of his firewhiskey. “I didn’t invite you to sit down.”

Harry shoots him a sarcastic smile, his left eyebrow raised, before ordering a drink for himself.

“So, what are you doing here, by yourself?” Harry asks, sipping his cup.

Draco clenches his jaw, despising the way Potter asked that so naturally, and had managed not to sound intrusive. Prying his eyes from the remaining liquid in his glass, he glances at Harry, his eyes drifting to his brown curls. “I could ask you the same thing,” Draco responds, before downing the rest of his drink.

“Fair enough,” Harry says. His emerald eyes seem to drift over Draco’s face before he adds, “Let me buy you a refill.”

For the first time that night, the corners of Draco’s mouth curve into a small smile. “Are you hitting on me, Potter?”

Harry simply shrugs, and Draco can’t help but envy his complete confidence.

“What happened to the Weasel girl?” Draco asks, purely to push the Golden Boy’s buttons.

“You know, I don’t think you’re actually as bitter as you act,” Harry retorts, taking another sip of alcohol without tearing his eyes from Draco’s face.

“What?” Draco says, thrown off by the sudden comment and shift of topic. He furrows his eyebrows, avoiding Harry’s gaze.

“I think this cold exterior you have is just a front you put up. You probably always have.”

Draco’s at a loss for words, and he can’t seem to get any sound past his throat. After stuttering for a bit and trying to hide the fact that Harry Potter might have seen directly through him, Draco turns back toward the bar and lets out a small sigh. 

“Ginny and I broke up, by the way. It was mutual.”

When Draco turns back to face him, he can see Harry’s Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallows hard, looking down at the fingers on his right hand, which are fidgeting with his flannel sleeve.

Draco considers all the possible responses he could hurl back, but in the end he decides to go with: “I’ll take you up on your offer. For a refill.”

Harry grins.

A few drinks in, and the former enemies are laughing with each other as if they’d been close friends for years. 

The blonde boy peers at Harry’s right arm, which now sits bare on the table after Harry had rolled back both his sleeves.

The tattoo intrigues Draco, and he’s not sure why. It appears to be a large star, surrounded by smaller ones in a beautiful pattern that Draco could only dream of being able to draw.

“What does it mean?” he asks, nodding in the direction of the star, his pale fingers wrapped tightly around his third glass of firewhiskey.

“Oh,” Harry breathes, looking down at it himself. Draco can’t help but notice that Potter’s grin shrinks to almost half of what is was before. He’s about to apologize for asking, but Harry answers, “It’s Sirius. The largest star in the night sky,” he says, his smile growing again. “I got it for -”

“Your godfather.”

Harry looks at Draco as if he’s peering into something he’d never seen before. Draco squirms slightly in his seat, clearly overwhelmed by the intensity of Harry’s green gaze. “Yeah,” the brunette breathes, his eyes not faltering from Draco’s.

After what feels like an eternity, Harry leans back in his seat. “How about you, Malfoy?” he asks, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Any tattoos?”

Draco simply shakes his head, taking another sip from his drink. 

“So just that hole in your lip, then,” Harry says, twirling the ends of one of his curls with his fingertips.

Draco instinctively starts messing with his lip ring, sucking the cool metal into his mouth for a second. He notices Harry staring. 

“What was it, a spontaneous act of rebellion?”

It sounds odd to hear the word rebellion used like that by someone who was the center of an entire war. The right side of Draco’s mouth turns up into a smirk. “Sure.”

Really, he had been absolutely hammered the night he got the piercing, as a result of a disagreement with his father. But the next morning, he didn’t exactly hate the way it looked.

“It seems like we’ve both changed, don’t you think?” Harry says, tracing his right index finger along the rim of his empty glass. 

Draco looks at him; his lips part. He shakes his head and says, “I don’t think so.”

Draco Malfoy isn’t quite sure how he ended up kissing Harry Potter inside of a cluttered broom cupboard, but he didn’t exactly resist it.

He can taste the alcohol residing on the Golden Boy’s soft lips; enjoys the pungent taste as he threads his pale fingers through Harry’s brown curls. 

Draco can feel Harry’s steady hands on his neck, his chest, his waist. He smiles into their kiss, a smile that he never in a million years thought would arise.

His fingers move to trace the ink covering Harry’s veins, just as the other boy finds Draco’s lip ring. There happens to be a broom handle poking Draco’s lower back, but he couldn’t care in the slightest.

Harry breaks away for a spilt second. “Do you want to-”

“Yes,” Draco whispers, just desperate enough to make Harry crash his mouth back onto his.

It really doesn’t matter what the question was.

The following morning, sunlight leaks through the curtains as Draco wakes up in his bed, white cotton sheets wrapped around his torso and a fresh magenta mark curved underneath the skin of his jaw.

He wakes up in his empty bed. 

Draco’s hand flies to his forehead; his fingers trace small circles to keep himself calm. He wonders if it was all a dream. A random, incoherent dream where he’d slept with -

“You’re awake,” Harry says from the doorway. 

Draco’s blue eyes dart in his direction, and he tries to convince himself that Harry Potter is really leaning against his bedroom door frame, holding two steaming mugs in his hands.

Draco can’t help but recognize his own sweatpants, hung dangerously low on Harry’s hips. 

Draco’s speechless.

Harry carefully walks over, watching the liquid in the cups so he won’t spill. The mattress curves downward next to Draco as Harry sits, saying, “I didn’t know if you like coffee or tea in the morning, so I made both.”

The grin on Draco’s face stretches for miles. He wonders again if this is a dream, but the aroma of the coffee he takes from Harry’s warm hand is far too rich and vivid for Draco to be unconscious.

“Thanks,” Draco says, before taking a long sip of the coffee. Harry smiles in response and raises the mug of tea to his lips.

“So I was thinking,” Harry says, as Draco glances up at the brown mess of hair atop his head.

“That can’t be good,” Draco says quickly, before Harry can finish. Harry dramatically rolls his eyes as Draco takes a second sip of the hot beverage.

“I want to ask you out on a date.”

Draco nearly chokes on his coffee, and it brings a sharp sting to his nose.

“What?” Harry asks. “Why is that so hard to picture?”

Draco clears his throat. “It’s not,” he reassures, biting his lower lip. “You just caught me off guard.”

Harry flashes that golden grin, gripping the cup of tea near his lap. “Are you scared, Malfoy?”

Draco smiles, raising his eyebrows. “You wish.”

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p.s. i hit 2k followers today and I just want to say thank you all for taking the time to read the words that spew out of my brain :))

When We Collide (Part 3)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Parts: 1 | 2

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

The busy streets of New York seemed so empty, so gloomy and definitely not comfortable walking through. In the corner you could hear the faint sound of cars driving but so far on the road not a single car was in sight.

The only source of lights was the many ones from the building above. If you looked up you were able to spot a few people in the windows despite the time being in the middle of A.M. A woman standing in front of a stove, a pair on the floor above watching TV on the couch and if you looked to the left you could tell someone was about to go to bed.

At moments like these you would be in the stage of overthinking about everything but, it seemed so empty. You could tell that you were still drunk, your head was spinning heavily and your feet were so sore to the point of forming blisters.

But you were still so determined to walk home on your own.

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Another supposition of mine.

Human beings are masters of making excuses. It seems to be an innate skill regardless of culture. But may I propose a point that I’ve been pondering? If you said yes, thank you. Although that wasn’t necessary since I can’t hear you. If you said no, you’re probably no longer reading this.

The point. A good majority, if not all, of the great atrocities man has perpetrated are due to a lack of information. Not ignorance. Ignorance implies that the necessary knowledge is available but not applied.
From the establishment of patriarchies to witch hunts, pogroms, crusades, wars, genocides to ecological devastation, much of it was done by people who had no facts, only distorted analysis and very little understanding of their own world. Their world was frightening, incomprehensible and very small. Gods rose to give a face to mysterious forces, and by having them assume some physical incarnation, even if deified, it implied that there were reasons and some sort of order. Think about it this way. As a child the world is huge and there are more rules than you can count. Adults, and parents in particular, serve as a stable anchoring point and source of security. You don’t have to know everything. Mom and Dad are there. So imagine being a child forever, with no adults to be found. Ever. You’ll turn to gods, or those who claim to see the pattern and know the rules.
But even as societies emerged and knowledge accumulated, it was still fragmented. Distribution was variable, interpretations malleable. Comparison and correlations were very limited. Evolving from a tribal background where survival is difficult and any outsiders competing for resources a threat, it was to be expected that each group believed itself right, and anyone with a different narrative was wrong. You see, no single individual could commit atrocities, but a small group twisting information could create the environment within which they could happen. The genocides in Armenia, Rwanda, Cambodia and those committed by Germany in World War Two were not spontaneous acts of mass communal decision. People looking to make excuses for societal issues chose an outside group to blame and spread their distorted message until it was so widespread it took on the aura of truth. Otherwise sane and normal people chose to accept the logic of hate because it simplified a confusing world.
To clarify my point. Throughout history the dissemination of information has been limited. It no longer is. We are in the Information Age. Granted, the entire world is not a homogeneous system with all cultures at a similar level. The Rwandan Genocide happened in 1994. Additionally,
the internet is wonderfully (or awfully) suited to spreading misinformation. But the old excuse of “we didn’t know..” won’t fly anymore. You can choose not to know, refuse to know or refuse to believe, but the facts can be found now by anyone who chooses to look. Lack of information is gone as a justification. When you demonize those different from yourself now, it is only ignorance you can lay claim to. The uneducated can learn. But the ignorant defy fact, logic and reason to create a narrative of anger and hate, and history will not forgive you for that.

The Pizza Boy

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager. 

The Fake AH  Penthouse was notorious among fast food establishments. 

They were a dangerous group of criminals, well known so spontaneous acts of unpredictable chaos. As a result, any delivery men who were sent there where paid danger money. Which is why Trevor would often volunteer for the position. He liked the extra money and the danger never really fazed him. After all, how bad could it really be?

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Not to sound like a total shipper (because ships are honestly not a priority to me when it comes to SW), but I was just thinking about those ‘Poe is unimportant/not a main character’ arguments again and…

One of the arguments is ‘he didn’t even interact with Rey and that tiny scene in the novelization doesn’t count’. And yeah, I can sort of see where people are coming from with that because it was a little weird they didn’t interact at all.

But. While it’s also entirely possible they decided to completely scrap the Poe x Rey angle and that’s why the scene is not in the movie, I’m also pretty damn convinced that if the scene had been in the movie, the general audiences would have 100% assumed they’re the main romance of the trilogy. And as I’ve said previously, I don’t think it was the best moment in the narrative structure to introduce a romance.

And before someone objects or starts to talk about personal preferences etc., I’m talking about coding. Outside of Han and Leia’s ‘estranged but still loving spouses’ vibes, romance doesn’t really have a lot of room in the film. You could, of course, argue that the cute little beginnings of a crush between Rey and Finn counts, or even say that there are arguably some classic gothic romance undertones in Kylo and Rey’s interactions. I can see them, sure enough.

But as far as I can tell, only the meeting between Poe and Rey falls indisputably into the romance-coded category. It’s not super overt, but it’s a very very classic Meet Cute: attractive young hero and heroine come to close contact spontaneously/accidentally, act flustered and smiley while introducing themselves, sparks fly etc. Vintage stuff right there.

No one obviously has to like the idea of the pairing, but let’s just say that while I’m not exactly holding my breath, I for one wouldn’t be surprised at all if a) it happens at some point b) it will win most people over instantly.


☞ “Jumin Han is a douche!”
☞ “Jumin Han doesn’t has a heart or human feelings!”
☞ “Eww, Jumin is very rude so I hate him.”
☞ “He only prefers his cat.”
☞"He treats others like shit, doesn’t give a fuck about others’ feelings.“
☞ “Does Jumin Han is gay?”
These may be probably almost everyone’s thoughts and opinions regarding Jumin. When I say almost everyone, except for very few amount of people, everyone else bash Jumin Han. That’s the most unbearable sight to ever see.
Those who have played his route very carefully and fully concentrated, they must’ve been able to dig his actual self out. Playing his route and unveiling his true self could be only done by a player who is capable of dealing with a person who is mentally-scarred, emotionally neglected and trying not to further repress his hidden emotions.
However, anyone’s first impression on Jumin is actually not a good one. His texts in some circumstances, especially in the prologue gives off the vibe that he isn’t trusting people so easily; He appears bland and uptight.
But the actual thing is; he is not!
Well, to be honest, I never felt that Jumin was rude to RFA except for few incidents as I remember:
1. Once when Yoosung talked about V getting rid of Rika after her death, Jumin told Yoosung that it wasn’t something for him to judge. It came out quite harshly.
2. Telling Jaehee that he is fed of hearing her voice at the office and seeing her at the chatroom.
Some hate him for shoving Jaehee with loads of work but what to do. It’s her job. But it doesn’t mean that I’m taking his side. After all, he makes her work more than a limit.
But instead of hating him and trashing Jumin, have you guys ever wondered why he does such things?
“Yeah, the answer is simple. He is a robotic, heartless man with no any feelings.”
Someone will say.
Is it? Doesn’t he really has a heart? Is he a robot?
He does. He is a human being with feelings.
Then why not show them?
There’s a reason for everything, my dear.
He is repressing his emotions. Deep inside, he is scarred. He is struggling. He is going through so much, just like everyone else. He has determined himself not to deal with emotions. That’s why he appears cold to everyone.
Why doesn’t he get involved with emotions?
Since he was a small child, his mother had left him. There was a step mother but she was a bitch too. His father may have been very busy and buried to work to a point that he didn’t have a time to bond with his child. At a point, Jumin says that he was looked after by nannies. There was no one in his life except for servants, securities, butlers and nannies.
It was some kind of a professional, business and an unemotional life Jumin lived. Not a life which was filled with love, caring and kindness.
So what can you expect at first?
And about the relationship between Jumin and his father, Jumin loves and respects his father despite his womanizing and obsession towards women. At some points, Jumin mentions that they’re getting along well. They also gift each other and sometimes have a lunch or a dinner together.
What I have to ask, is that called a real father-son relationship?
Showering each other with presents is nice but that’s rather like showing off to me. That’s not what someone expects from their parent(s).
What’s more important is providing love in an emotional way.
A father is supposed to teach well manners to his child.
He is supposed to teach good and bad to the child.
He is supposed to advise the child, wisely.
Most importantly,
He is supposed to love his child properly.
To let him/her know that he’d be supporting them no matter what, to be with them through their thicks and thins, to guide them in the correct path and to let them know that he loves them very much.
Mr.Han might not be a bad person but he also hasn’t acted like a real father to Jumin.
Giving expensive gifts and dining together doesn’t mean that he is well playing his role as a father.
So it’s not surprising that Jumin is spontaneously acting like a brat.
Talking about the love life of Jumin, he wasn’t particularly interested in women until the player comes into his life.
Since his childhood, Jumin is used to see various women with his father; one at a time. He was used to see them enjoying all kinds of luxuries and dumping Mr.Han next day. In one word; gold diggers they were. In fact, some were also interested not only in Mr.Han but also Jumin. Jumin knows that everyone is coming behind them for their enormous wealth. He also knew that no one could expect pure love from such women. I think that’s why Jumin doesn’t bend so easily and trust someone so quickly. Because he thinks that all women are same. He also has stated that he had experienced several blind dates but wasn’t successful. Maybe he rejected those women so easily.
According to him, his only dearest, trustworthy companion in his life is Elizabeth the 3rd, his cat. She is actually treated as a real queen than an animal because he believes that Elizabeth the 3rd understands him well unlike the women.
Jumin also hints in his route that he had a crush for Rika. There was also a Visual Novel of a scene of him and Rika in the past. There he states that he believes her and trusts her. He also admits that Rika is beautiful when she herself questions him about her beauty. But at one point, in my opinion, I believe he was quite taken aback when Rika asks him if they would’ve ended up together if she met him before V. I conclude that Rika also tried to flirt with him and she was also the same like other women. Jumin really admires Rika. That’s true. But he never went over his limit by loving her as he was loyal and sincere to his best friend, V.
He started believing in love and stopped depending on his theory; all women are same , when he encounters the player. For the very first time, he starts to see a woman who is much better than Rika. A woman who truly understands him and isn’t eyeing for his wealth. That woman makes him feel special. She showers him with pure love and she is the only woman who is successful enough to help and understand Jumin. She’s the one who helps to bring out his hidden emotions and his true self out. Unlike his father and others, she is capable to stick with him during his hard times and helps him wholeheartedly. She is the woman of everything. She means very much to Jumin.
Eventually he madly falls in love with MC. He states that she was the woman who helped him to untangle the so called threads of his life. He tells her that she made him and RFA to see a new side of him. His actual self, the real Jumin Han who had been hidden deep inside for a long time.
And about his terms with RFA members, all I have to say is, he is the father to them. Not because he is the senior member.
First of all, I’ll tell y'all something.
There’s this Mystic Messenger account in Instagram (@mysticmessengerfacts). There, you can submit your Mystic Messenger confessions and the admin would post it, not stating who is the owner of the confession.
There’s this recent confession:
[“I don’t understand why everybody loves Jumin like he treats Jaehee horribly and mostly has no sympathy for anyone except his cat. I overall think he is a douche for treating everybody like a crap.”]
Okay. First…. calm down, Jumin stans. I know how we all feel. I was like ‘Bitch what the actual fuck?’
First of all, I’ll develop some assumptions regarding the owner of the confession:
1. Maybe this person hasn’t played Jumin’s route at all.
2. Maybe (s)he has played the route but has screwed up and didn’t understand our precious boy at all.
3. If (s)he has played Jaehee’s route, they haven’t concentrated well. Because there’re moments where Jumin showed that he has a golden heart.
Okay now I’m asking y'all again. Is Jumin a douche as that person has stated? Does he actually treat others like crap and only care for his cat?
I’ll put it in this way.
Not Jumin treats everyone like crap but everyone in RFA treats Jumin like crap. That’s the truth. He wasn’t sympathized by anyone at all.
☓ Yoosung always states that he is scared of Jumin and questions about his privilege.
☓ Zen always calls him a robot or a stuck up jerk who doesn’t care about anyone and insults him for treating a cat as a human being.
☓ Jaehee indirectly diss him together with Zen and always complains him for shoving her with work.
☓ Seven doubts about his sexual orientation and teases him and make fun of him.
But did Jumin ever speak against them? Did he ever complain? Did he not care for them just because everyone collaborate and talk shit against him?
(Forgive me if I state something wrong as I’ve only played Jumin’s route and gone through Jaehee’s route. I’ve got these information from others.)
☓ He has cared for Yoosung such as encouraging him to study well so he could offer him a job at C&R. He also has sent Yoosung’s mother to visit him because they can develop their relationship.(?)
☓ No matter how much Zen hated him, he tried his best to get along with him. When Zen felt down, he has visited him at a secret location and had comforted him not like a businessman or a cold-hearted person but as a true friend. In fact, he has offered him help to stabilize his career. He also offered him to be the model for the cat commercial.
☓ About Jaehee, everyone will think how the hell Jumin helped her. Of course he had. He gave her a vacation considering her enormous duty as his assistant. He actually cared for her. He also let Jaehee stay at his apartment during Yoosung’s route so she’ll be safe. He says that he trusts Jaehee so much.
☓ He helped at Saeran’s abduction so that could be said as a help for Seven.
He has done so much. Too much for the RFA that he doesn’t deserve to be called as a douche. To be honest, he is the biggest supporter and the caretaker of RFA.
Can y'all remember how worried he was when everyone was in danger because of the hacker? In fact, he immediately assigned bodyguards for everyone’s safety. He even tried several times to contact V so he could take care of MC’s safety. It says that he was the most anxious one when MC and Seven visited Mint Eye headquarters. Even V states that they have nothing to worry about since they have Jumin who could take a step when RFA is in danger.
And for the player, his caring and support is immense.
☓ He concerns for her in every route.
☓ He says he supports her and her affair. (with the relevant member)
☓ He always think about her safety.
☓ He cracks jokes with her, gets advice from her and worry about her health. Just like a father.
☓ He even volunteered in sending a vehicle in Zen’s route so the player could go and visit Zen.
So how can you call him a douche? How can you not love this beautiful person with a golden heart?
Lastly, what I have to say is,
Stop bashing Jumin Han. It’s fine to bash him if he was actually inhumane but he is not.
Not only Jumin but y'all would never know what is actually happening in a person’s life so think twice before speaking a word.
Some would think that I’m crazy for speaking for a fictional, 2D character who doesn’t even exist but alive or not, I don’t care. Jumin Han deserves so much of love and respect from everyone. Stop treating him like he is a shitty gay meme and a heartless brat who doesn’t give two shits about RFA.
I also think that the main purpose of Cheritz to create Jumin and his storyline is to give some kind of a message to the world.
Not to judge a person so easily just by their external personality without knowing their actual state.
So now I believe that those who thinks about Jumin in a negative way, will change the way they’re thinking. Deep inside, he is such a sweet, adorable man.

So the rant is finally finish. I actually didn’t know how to start and how to finish. I’ve wanted to do this since a long time ago. It’s really hard to watch Jumin being dispensed of injustice instead of justice. Please support him and understand him. I didn’t intend to offend anyone and RFA. I love them anyways but I love Jumin more!!!!
Thanks for reading, everyone! If you have any matter, please message me.

“Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.”
― Gerard Way

Scorpio Rising: Once you find beauty in darkness and depth, you may never return to light.

Scorpio is ruled my Pluto, the king of the underworld and Pluto also rules the 8th house, which is about death, intimacy and secrets. When you have the planet of transformation through self destruction on the Ascendant/Rising you can’t blame people for fearing you a little. 

With the Scorpio rising you will evoke strong reaction in people causing them to immediately hate you passionately or love you passionately and there will be no in between. Black or white? it doesn’t matter cause you got both extremes but never able to find a common ground. You are passionate and intense in everything, whether you know this or not it will be clear in how you carry yourself and the image that you project on to the world.  

You want to be in control of your image and your destiny and when you carry something it has to be meaningful and perfect. Your whole life may have been controlled by someone else, so the moment you become an adult you take full control of your life in every aspect, even when it comes to love. You think things through, you never act spontaneously and you like to know where everyone stands and where you stand.  

With Scorpio on the Ascendant/rising you will have on the descendant/7th house cusp the sign Taurus. It is your opposite sign and it is the sign that balances you out, you may think of it as your shadow side when you are in private or in love. You are possessive, needy and private when it comes to love and once you love someone it is a done deal for you and you see no one but them. Highly romantic but have trouble in opening up to your lover and you need time to trust the person you love before you finally give in. 

Sex for you is a piece of art through it you see the vulnerable and sensual side of your lover as well as discovering the things that turns them on. You love to satisfy you partner in every way possible and you are not the type of person who moves on fast when a relationship is done. You demand and expect loyalty and dedication in relationship and if they do not exist you will not go through with the relationship. 

Features: They depend on the planets that exist on the first house, so having other planets can change your features from your typical Scorpio rising. 

However, Scorpio generally have deep hypnotic eyes that is sober and alert all the time in case of danger or if a crisis is to happen. Sharp jaws that adds more sharpness to a Scorpio rising’s face. The nose tends to be thin and pointed at the end and is usually short and small. The lips are average sized, the upper lip is usually thin while the other is plump. when you smile it stretches and forms a wide breathtaking smile. The face tends to be Oval with strong set of cheeks.