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15/50 - “That was a perfect example of how not to do things.”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: Neil, Andrew, Fox children/andreil

A/N: I don’t think this is what you wanted but here you go. It became an andreil babysit the Foxes’ children with two lines about a cat. I’m sorry.

Who’s who is at the bottom.

“Kitty!” One of Dan and Matt’s toddlers squeals. Cameron.

Amalia sighs and rolls her eyes. She looks down at the tablet in her lap, rereading stats, then up at the television. She laughs watching her mother shove her father into the wall. Tobias joins in her laughter because as always he wants her to think he’s cool.

“Kitty, kitty, kitty!”


“Hm?” He doesn’t take his eyes off the television.

Andrew stares at his useless, Exy-obsessed junkie. He’s tempted to turn off the television, a common occurrence in the Minyard-Josten apartment, but Amalia is here. As much as he still likes telling Kevin no, Andrew wouldn’t dream of upsetting Kevin’s little girl.

(Secretly he was enjoying watching former Ravens shove each other around for charity. Kevin didn’t have a chance when the other side kept putting Thea or Jean on him. The former Ravens all knew each other a little too well.)

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Sugar and Spice - Michael Jones x Reader

Name: Sugar and Spice

Pairing: Michael Jones x Reader

Word Count: 380

A/N: Flashfics, get ‘em while they’re hot! No really, send in some requests. <3 I’m really bored at work.

Prompt:  “ Hi! Could I please have a Michael x Reader where they’re doing a live stream and he texts the reader that he’s hungry so she brings brownies to the set…”

Michael rolled his eyes at Gavin’s squawking over some perceived slight. It had been a while since he was on the RT Podcast instead of the Off Topic set, but he couldn’t complain. It was nice to relax instead of sitting on a bar stool for two hours.

“Damn, I’m fucking hungry.” Michael commented, cutting off Gavin mid-complaint.

“We had pizza right before the fucking podcast!” Geoff said incredulously, gesturing off-camera to the table that still had pizza boxes stacked on top of it. Michael shrugged nonchalantly and pulled his phone out of his pocket.

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So one really cute thing that daddy does is get me subscription boxes. This one is called Kawaii Box (not sponsored or an ad or anything weird its just super cute and people ask for suggestions!) Every month you get an assortment of cute stuff ranging from candy to stickers to hair clips and stimmy stuff. Its so cute! This month It was back to school themed so there was colored pencils, a hello kitty pencil case, some planner stickers, washi tape and some other stuff like princess hair clips!! You guys dont have to get this one but its a cute idea. When it comes I show everything to Daddy and its just a really cute bonding thing.


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【Translation】いいとも 1991【Yoshiki】

This is Yoshiki’s first appearance on this show. He appeared again at least two more times after.

The previous guests were the band By-Sexual. Tamori says that he has a feeling that it will be a “rock week”. Tamori teases the audience and does the X sign. He calls Yoshiki.

Yoshiki arrives with a lot of stuff. He gives Tamori a giant X poster. Yoshiki also has a bag with gifts for the audience. Apparently it’s pendants, but he doesn’t show them.
Then he has a box, with X cup noodles. This is a special version of cup noodles from one of the Violence In Jealousy tour sponsors. The box is supposed to have 5 cup noodles but there are only 3. Yoshiki says that they “disappeared somehow” and rearranges them in a neat way so everyone laughs.
Finally, he also brought the Jealousy CD as a gift and Tokyo Dome tickets for Tamori(These tickets were already sold out by 2 hours in sale)…

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So I just posted a video review ayy. But it’s me being super awkward and mispronouncing 99% of the words and laughing at the word sucker ayyy
Don’t judge too much, okay;;;; I’ve never filmed a video before and it was awkward af but I’ll get better for sure and even hopefully in the next video ayy

Today’s sponsor is Venom Box, the subscription service that sends you a box of venomous creatures every month. Last month’s theme was ‘Hidden, But Deadly!’ and those who survived that will love this month’s theme, 'Fanged, and Impossibly Quick!’ Venom Box has been sending me samples and boy, have I almost died! I have almost died. A lot.
—  Cecil Palmer, Ep. 71 “The Registry of Middle School Crushes”

My home away from home (dorm room) decorations…
When I moved away from home my dorm room was looking kinda rough. Have you ever wanted the perfect quote or picture mounted on your wall?

I bought these amazing prints from a shop called Entropy Trading Company! I’m seriously in love! The quality is amazing, they have a nice finish and the prints aren’t just on printer paper but on high quality photo paper!

I’m a potterhead but they also have other movie posters, dr who, breaking bad, parks and rec, superheroes, and other amazing typography! - Which one if your favourite out of the 3 I got? If you could pick any other poster which one would it be? Should I  get any other ones? Let me know in my ask box!

Got this in an email from Laney Rickman, who runs The Bird Endowment! Money is all sent, and Birblr has officially sponsored another nest box for endangered blue-throated macaws! If I get any more updates, I will share them here. Thank you so much to everyone who watched the live stream, signal boosted, and donated! Together, Birblr can continue to make a difference!

And now we turn to our Senior Black Correspondent, Larry Wilmore for the latest developments on this breaking story.