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‘Let’s See Where The Night Takes Us,’ Says Man To Arsenal Of Snacks

MINNETONKA, MN—Admitting that he hadn’t made any plans and vowing that he was down for anything, local man Adam Shaw was reportedly overheard Friday telling a small arsenal of chips, candy, cookies, and other snacks that he was game to just “see where the night takes [them].” “Looks like it’s you and me—we can go out, we can stay in, but to be honest, I’m willing to just play it by ear,” said the 28-year-old sales associate to a sleeve of cookies, a can of orange soda, and multiple varieties of puffed cheese snacks. “Who knows? Maybe there’s a movie on or something. It’s kind of nice to leave things open-ended and just let the evening take us where it may.” At press time, Shaw was telling a friend through a mouthful of gummy bears that he was probably just going to stay in for the night.

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peach hand cream | YEOPPUDA

hello everyone! this is going to be a review of the cute peach hand cream from yeoppuda store/@yeoppudastore on instagram! this was sent to me for review purposes by the lovely oxyu :-) tysm!!

the container is super cute and looks like a peach and butt, both nice things

!!!! not the tony moly peach hand cream however!!!! i thought it would be but its actually from a brand called “fruit of expression” from singapore (or hong kong?) i believe. no worries tho! it still smells nice (light peach scent that takes a little time to get used to) and does what a hand cream should do (moisturizes dry hands temporarily, i can’t say anything about long term yet)! and it looks cute on your counter haha

once again thank you yeoppuda store for this! hope you guys found this helpful~