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Some time ago someone posted Biker!Kylo, inspired by that I raise you: Rider!Kylo! On his black gelding called Nova’s Promise, who is equally as hotheaded as his rider, though Kylo is more stubborn, so he usually wins when they have a disagreement. Reckless as he is, Kylo prefers riding without a helmet, despite the danger. Don’t do this kids! Kylo competes in show jumping competitions on international level, his boldness and skill have made him one of the most highly acclaimed competitors in the show jumping world. Sponsored by First Order Riding.

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….I need that line on a T Shirt or something, Sam.

Also, I have to ask… what are the differences between the WDW and Disneyland versions of the Cap ride? Cause there WOULD be WDW version of it. Also, I really want Stark to now have part of the Communicores and sponsor some ride at Epcot post Stark Expo.

I’ve been to Disneyland several times, but I only ever went to Disney World once when I was like, nine, so I don’t actually know what the differences really are, I just kind of assume everything is bigger at Disney World. Probably Disney World they actually took down the Captain America ride to make way for Captain America’s World Of Tomorrow which is a corner of Tomorrowland dedicated to this weird fusion of like, forties nostalgia and retrofuturism. Stark Industries heavily sponsored it.

I’m actually going to Disney World in September, I’ll report back :D

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I know this is a really general question, but what do you think is the main difference in training young horses is in America and in Europe? Also just the main riding differences/goals/ways of thinking?

Oh boy. I’ve beat this to death. Even wrote a research paper on it.

Training Young Horses

Plain and simple it’s cheaper. A lot cheaper. They also have far superior breeding stock and pools of horses they cull and pull from, so they’re starting out with MORE and nicer horses than us.  It’s so much cheaper to train the youngsters in Europe. So they get exposed to more things, more technical courses etc. 

Ways of Thinking

It’s a way of life over there. In America it is a luxury. Everyone rides in Europe or at least took lessons at some point in their lives. Just about every county has a government subsidized riding school. That means lessons are cheaper and there is a level system before progressing. There is no sticking in one level like here. You’re expected to keep moving up as long as you’re riding. The local governments will also sponsor a riding team so costs are cheaper. 

Near Death Experince

( AU in which Yang is a professional and fairly well known longboarder for sector 9 and Blake is an aspiring author with a massive gay crush on the rider. One day while out shopping Yang literally crashes into her and nearly runs her down. Idk random AU I thought up and instantly fell in love with, Wrote this in like an hour. Enjoy the silly bees. Lemme know what you think?)

“Don’t forget the milk and bread. We’re running low.”

“Alright. Anything else I should pick up while I’m out?”

“No that’s everything thank you Blake.”

“You’re welcome.” Blake hung up on her roommate and sighed. It was a sunny and bright day, not a cloud in the sky yet Blake couldn’t have been in a worse mood. Another published had turned down her book just this morning. That was the third one just this week.

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Disney and Turner Classic Movies to Team up for the great movie ride!

So it seems that Turner Classic Movies will indeed sponsor The Great Movie Ride. In return they have access to some specials and programs from Disney vast history such as the Disneyland specials and Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color segments to name a few. Now what does this mean for the ride? Well the article only states that the ending film and the queue film will be altered and updated to reflect the new team up. The attraction will also have signs changed to reflect the new sponsor. All of this is slated for 2015. Now the real question on everyone’s mind, will the actual ride and show scenes change as well? It’s not really clear and the article mentions nothing of it. I would hope that certain scenes would be updated with new effects and even change out certain films for different ones. But I guess we will see in time. Overall this is an excellent step in the right direction in terms of the theme of the park.