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1920s Flapper Girl Gatsby Hair Tutorial

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Hair may not be my forte but what’s the point of having nice makeup and bad hair? To rock the Gatsby look, yes you need the makeup but you also most certainly need the hair too.  The 1920s were all about glamorous up dos, finger waves and hair accessories. Every outfit was accompanied by embellished hair pins and decorative hairbands, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think the hair was oh-so beautiful. Don’t forget to complete the 1920s look with matching makeup!

Finger waves are my favourite look from the 1920s but I also LOVE glamorous updos, they make me think of amazing roaring parties (a la la The Great Gatsby)

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Light Blue Short Sleeve Twopiece

*Im so in love with this! I am even wearing it @ this moment because Im gonna go to celebrate my friend’s big day. This is awesome & I really feel so cool in this outfit! comfy & trendy look! <3 



Blazer  |  Top  |  Bottom  |  Shoes  |  Bag

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Love this dress I’m wearing from Shein! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day <3

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fresh from bath! Check out my outfit for today: (simple yet classy!)

TOP      |     BOTTOM

* the top is really comfy to wear, the design is good and its true from the pictures and the size as well.
* the bottom, fits to right from my tights so skinny and not that hight waist from the description though but still it looks great!

Check it out of course from my favorite online store!


Cute Black Cat Print Round Toe Flats from SHEIN

Im happy I got this today! I feel really good wearing this one! Its not that comfy but the style is perfect, this might just not fit on mine though I got the size EUR37 which is actually my size but its still like tight a little bit, and I bet it makes me feet hurts but still I love this cute kitty cat design. I cant wait to wear on casual outfit.



So I decided to order shoes/sandals from my favourite store, Today I got it! I feel excited about it. This Black Buckle Strap Florals Flat Sandals from SHEIN is amazing! from the box that is fully covered with hard material, that's really great job! especially what's inside, the sandal, this is really my favorite and I cant wait to wear it outside and show it off, I got already compliments. I really love the floral design, the love the quality that looks really good! I really recommend this for all of you! Hurry grab yours now for free shipping worldwide over $30!


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Thank you so much SHEIN for this amazing  White Sleeveless Floral Print Dress. I am so happy when I got this! I choose size M which is really fits well I actually fitted it right after I received this. One of my favorite. I feel so sexy. I really love dresses from this store! It always surprise me! The quality is really great.I love the floral design and this is really good to wear for parties and events. Grab yours now! for free shipping worldwide on over 30$ and get 30$ off on your first order :)


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