“Get In The Robot” For Coca-Cola Freestyle

‘Get In The Robot’ is my Coca-Cola Freestyle low/no cal mix available on the Coca-Cola Freestyle app for #MyMixMonday. Sprite Zero, Seagram’s Diet Ginger Ale and Coke Zero form like your favorite old school robot. I had a blast making this and it makes me want to dig out all my old toys. That’s a lie, they’re already out. I have shelves and display cases haha. Hope you guys enjoy it!

In collaboration with Coca-Cola Freestyle.


Hunter x Hunter <3

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Hey guys, a couple of months ago I got the awesome opportunity to work with @AdobeCreativeCloud on their #makeitonmobile campain and familiarised myself with the new iPad Pro and the Adobe apps on it. It’s pretty much taken the place of my laptop now. The #AdobeSketch app is a personal favourite and is what was used for the Illustration here. The layers were surprinsingly simple to work around and color application forced me to flex my color theory muscles right on the piece because I was determined to complete this in sketch and see how far it could take me . Anyways- here’s an Illustration I created while watching ballet documentary trying to capture the idea of motion and fluidity as well as athleticism.
Enjoy 🙃

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No one is born a bully, it’s a learned behaviour adopted by the broken used to break others. It’s important to call out toxic attitudes towards otherness and break cycles. This piece was made in support of #TheBullyProjectMural with @adobecreativecloud. The Illustration was figured out and rendered in #AdobeSketch, and comped and edited using #Lightroom and #PhotoshopMix. #MakeitonMobile #Sponsored

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