Web Art Academy’s Free Online Video Lessons.

Sponsoring Supersonic this week is the online artist resource Web Art Academy and they’re offering Supersonic’s readers FREE access to a treasure trove of their free online video courses for Oil Painting.  Along with the video courses you’ll get a free oil painting guide along with other valuable resources.

To receive your free oil painting videos lessons just head on over to Web Art Academy.

(P.S. – Check out yesterday’s promotion for free Drawing Classes from Drawing Academy.)



I’m really excited to introduce a new series of Men In This Town profiles in collaboration with Sydney based wine start-up Bootleggers; a father and son team combining their expertise to bring a new approach to importing quality foreign wines to Australia. The series will focus on how Australian men are expressing their personal style and taste through fashion and wine.

Second up, a good friend of mine, 33 year old creative Samuel Booth. Working in the culture and creativity industry in Sydney, Samuel’s styles are more of a throwback to his days growing up in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.



2006 Kante Vitovska Selezione.


Another special wine that Bootleggers imports is the 2008 Dal Forno Romano Amarone della Valpolicella retailing at $549 a bottle. And if you live in Australia, they’re planning exclusive free tastings in the coming weeks. Register now at the Bootleggers website to have the chance to attend what is sure to be a sartorial inspired night with some pretty damn amazing wine.

P.S. I’ll be there capturing it all, so scrub up! ;)

Man Worried He’s Taking Things Too Fast With New Snack Food

BENBROOK, TX—Expressing his reservations to reporters from his spot in the convenience store line Thursday afternoon, local man Keith Powers admitted he’s worried that he might be taking things too fast with his beloved Funyuns. “From the moment I tasted them, I knew that this was it and that I didn’t want to try any other chip out there—but lately I’ve been wondering if I should slow things down between us,” said Powers, adding that he has taken every opportunity since that first amazing crispy bite to be with the snack food. “It’s only been a few weeks, but I’ve been spending practically every day with them. If I don’t ease up a little now and keep my wits about me, this beautiful thing we have could just fly by without me ever stopping to truly savor what I have.” Powers went on to say that he’s trying to learn from past mistakes, such as when a rushed encounter with Flamin’ Hots left him badly burned.

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