new video is up! I made music with sex toys, so just a normal day

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in this video, I try to describe Naruto’s first arc PURELY from memory (I have not seen Naruto or refreshed my memory in years) to my wife who has never seen a single episode of Naruto.  HERE WE GO

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Here’s how hospitals can heal through sustainability

  • According to a June 2016 study, if the U.S. health care industry were a nation, it would rank 13th in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • While a previous study found the health care industry caused 8% of the country’s carbon emissions, the new study found these emissions caused 12% of acid rain, 10% of smog formation and 9% of respiratory disease from particulate matter in 2013.
  • Moreover, hospitals are among the top 10 in their communities for water use and the single largest users of chemical agents. The volume of hospital waste is staggering — more than 2.3 million tons per year.
  • By taking steps to limit these environmental impacts, the health care industry can promote the long-term health of our communities, particularly the most vulnerable populations. Read more

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I asked Twitter to submit me dialogue, and then I chose some to act out, but with RANDOM background music tracks, let’s see what beautiful nonsense was born.

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Black Lives Matter.

Before those three words became a hashtag and an inspirational rallying cry for a new national movement, they were a heartbreaking plea for simple recognition.

First shared publicly on a Saturday in the summer of 2013 — the day George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the murder of Trayvon Martin seemed to say the opposite — “Black Lives Matter” was an affirmation of a basic humanity too long denied.

In a recent phone interview, Alicia Garza reflected on the moment she posted “Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter” to Facebook, how her friend and fellow activist Patrisse Cullors then shared Black Lives Matter as a hashtag, and why it has resonated so powerfully ever since.

“We live in a world where it’s not actually true,” Garza explained. “To have a message that is affirming of people’s existence, is affirming of people’s experiences.”

That message of affirmation continues to resonate far beyond Garza’s words — and it’s what makes the movement she co-founded (along with Cullors and Opal Tometi) so different from the fights for civil rights that came before. From Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr. to Nelson Mandela, social justice movements have always been about more than their courageous and inspirational leaders. It’s the multitude of diverse individuals who unified behind a common cause that propelled movements forward.

But the diversity of those unified individuals wasn’t always so visible — and that’s what sets #BLM and the collective Movement for Black Lives apart from their predecessors. While #BLM has been justifiably hailed for galvanizing a new generation of activists through social media and mobilizing through a more distributed organizational structure, its leaders see their embrace of intersectionality and the foregrounding of multidimensional identities and perspectives as critical to ensuring this movement succeeds.

“Blackness is not a monolith,” Garza said. “There is no one way to be black.” Read more

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Iconic French comic Valérian et Laureline’ is the unsung inspiration for your favorite sci-fi blockbusters

  • Valérian et Laureline follows the adventures of its 28th-century namesake hero and heroine, agents of the Spatio-Temporal Service who travel through space and time to safeguard the Terran Galactic Empire.
  • Written by Pierre Christin and illustrated by Jean-Claude Mézières, the comic debuted in Pilote magazine in 1967 and appeared in print until 2010. Bound collections have sold millions upon millions of copies and have been translated into more than 20 languages.
  • Although it’s largely unknown to many American sci-fi fans, Valerian hugely influenced the narrative tropes and visual palette for a generation of science fiction that followed — yes, Star Wars included. Read more

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designin’ a cutie on camera he’s a good boy


The sound of the Caribbean is the soul of Trinidad

The sound of the Caribbean was born from a 55-gallon oil drum on the island of Trinidad.

With its distinct ring and chime, the steel pan instantly evokes the chill vibes we associate with the Caribbean more generally. Commonly known as the steel drum, it’s estimated that the instrument has migrated to more than 50 countries around the world. But the sound of the steel pan, designated in the 1990s as the national instrument of Trinidad, tells a uniquely Trinidadian story of resilience, ingenuity and enduring community.

It’s a story that’s hard to miss in February in Tunapuna, the steel pan capital of Trinidad, where local ensembles of as many as 3,000 pan players practice for the country’s annual Carnival celebrations. And it all begins with the poetry and craftsmanship that transform the discarded scraps of industry into the stuff of music. Read more

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