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Where We Begin: Chapter 3

Claire was a notoriously bad patient. Joe knew the raging storm that awaited him the moment she woke. Even with James Fraser looking on, she didn’t disappoint.

“Joe, this is silly. I did NOT need a CT scan.”

“Precautionary. You lost consciousness.”

“I did not…”

“Ye did.”

Clare glared at James who, to Joe’s amusement, glared right back at her. The man was stubborn, Joe observed, refusing to leave her side while she was unconscious, and holding his own against her now that she was awake. Joe immediately liked him, but knew now wasn’t the time to tell Claire as much, given the heat he felt from her gaze.

Her face faltered when she saw him prepare the suture kit.

“Stitches? Really? It can’t possibly…”

“You need about 15, so yes. Stitches.” Joe stated, stone-faced. She huffed at him, a sour expression pouting her lips as James sat on the edge of her triage bed, a smirk crossing his face.

“Let Dr. Abernathy sew ye up, lass, and I’ll let you recount all the reasons ye hate Scots. I may even agree with some, aye?”

Joe barked out a laugh, which he quickly tried to muffle as Clare’s heated gaze turned back on him.

“I don’t hate Scots.” She growled, looking back at James.


“I don’t. It’s more a dislike for the history…well its a long story. Ack!” She winced as Joe’s needle pierced her tender skin.

Joe tried to hide a smile as he watched James nod stoically.

“Well, we are a proud folk steeped in our tradition. Can hardly get us to stop talking about it.”

“It’s not…”

“But we’re impressive story tellers. I grew up on tales of loch monsters and fairy hills. My father told them to me to keep me out of trouble, but I’m afraid it had the opposite effect.”

Claire’s lip twitched. “You went looking for trouble I take it?”

“I’ve always had a natural gift for finding trouble, ye ken. Though today, I believe trouble walked into my coffee shop.”

“Yours, you say? I work across from it and spend a good percentage of my pay sponsoring that coffee shop. Can you say the same?”

“Why of course. Its the only place in town that cold brews with Nitrogen gas. And their muffins? Baked fresh daily. I practically lived there when I was in University.”

“Cold brew? What you can’t handle a hot cup of coffee?”

“Not in this heat! Lord almighty, I’d melt.” James looked appalled until her chuckle broke out.

“It’s barely broke 70 degrees this week. You think this is warm do you?”

“That’s sweltering for Scotland, lass.”

James grinned as he tapped Claire under her chin, his eyes moving to the wound on her leg.

“You made quick work of that, doctor.”

“It’s easier when she’s distracted.”

Claire’s eyes swiveled to the wound where Joe had finished the last stitch. Her expression shifted when she looked back at James as if she was seeing him for the first time. Joe chose that moment to excuse himself before she spotted his grin.

Claire looked up and the scowl melted off her face as James’ gaze pierced through her annoyed disposition. Her brain processed the white cotton t-shirt he wore, the bloody dress shirt discarded over the hospital stool, and she instantly felt gratitude as well as a small dab of shame. As Joe pulled the curtain closed around her triage bed, Claire sat up a little straighter, and let her hand fall on his.

“Thank you, James, for staying, even after I ruined your shirt.” She said softly, her fingers grazing his.

“Don’t fash yourself. I have plenty of shirts. But please, call me Jamie.”

Clare nodded as the corner of her mouth twitched. “Jamie.”

“And you don’t need to thank me. My motives for staying aren’t exactly innocent.”

He squeezed her fingers and a smile crept up her lips. “Oh, they aren’t?”

“Nah.” He bite his bottom lip and weighed his words carefully. “Since we didn’t get to have that drink, I didna have a chance to get your number, and well…” He looked sheepishly down at her hands. “I figured standing at the hospital doors waiting for you to arrive wouldna make the impression I desired.”

“I daresay you would have made an impression, with security at least.”

The both chuckled and Clairefelt a warmth enter her cheeks and her chest. She eyed the large, red haired man fluffing a pillow beneath her foot and felt her defenses drop a little further. He was very attractive, and the t-shirt he wore did little to conceal the chiseled physique beneath it.

“I’ll give you my number if you let me replace that shirt.” She offered, raising an brow at him.

“I’ll let you replace the shirt if you have dinner with me.”

“I thought we were only getting drinks.”

“You upped the anty.” Jamie smirked, pulling his phone from his pocket. “Dinner?”

Claire wished she could school her face to not look as giddy as she felt. She took the phone from his hands and plugged her name and number into the device.

“You drive a hard bargain, but I accept your terms.” Claire handed the phone back just as Joe returned to her triage bed.

“Your tests are good, LJ. You’re ready for discharge. Dr. Fitz already took you off rotation until Monday so rest up and get out of here.” Joe turned to Jamie and Claire watched the grin split her friend’s face. You’ll never hear the end of this one, Beauchamp.

“It was great meeting you, James. Hopefully i’ll see you again soon.” Joe said with a smirk.

Claire tutted at her friend, but Jamie laughed.

“If she let’s me come around, Dr. Abernathy. Wonderful meeting you.”

As Joe left, Claire swung her legs to the floor and tried her weight on her leg. Not too painful.

“Can you get home all right?” Jamie asked, holding her steady as she placed her full weight on her two feet.

“Yes. I’m not far, and I need to get my car home.”

“Well, I’d like to walk you to your car, if that’s all right.”

They walked in comfortable conversation, Jamie’s hand staying close to her elbow after she stumbled twice. He asked her about Joe and more about her work, and Claire found herself enchanted by this tall spectacle of a man. He was curious about all things her, and to Claire’s shock, she wanted to tell him everything. Even about…

“Well, this is me. Thank you, Mr. Fraser, for seeing me safe.” She bit her lower lip to contain her smile as he bent over her hand and placed a swift kiss against her palm.

“It was my pleasure, Ms. Beauchamp. Good evening to ye.”

Claire got into her car, her smile never ceasing as she pulled away from the curb. Her eyes continued to flicker to her rear-view mirror until Jamie’s figure vanished into the dark.

Chapter 4

just saying but… honestly i’ve been thinking about taking sponsors for a while. not just any sponsors just independent doggo shops and stuff. and i’d love to make a vid of me and cloud reviewing them (well mostly cloud i’m not…going to try on dog clothes and stuff dhjkgfk). i know a few people do message me and ask me to promote their shops and stuff, but ik this would work out better now i have my youtube channel !!!!!!

SO if anyone would be interested in that like doing a little doggo haul w clothes, and other stuff, to help get the word out about starting out shops, i’d love to!!!!

i’ve never done this before but it’d just be about sending us the products like i’m not gonna charge people…i am just a smal bean. let me know what you think anyway (even if you aren’t a shop lmk of the idea) !


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Okay the barcelona courfeyrac thing though. Imagine the Gaudi obsession he had at age like eleven. He would talk about this to anyone who would listen. He never completely got over it the lizards are his favorite.

Okay fun fact but I’ve always headcanoned Courfeyrac’s family to be from Catalonia so just fuck me up

  • Courfeyrac who takes Combeferre on vacations with him in Barcelona because he’s got family living there
  • And Courfeyrac knows absolutely EVERYTHING like “Looks there’s a building designed by Gaudi there! And there! And there! Look at those curves, cariño!”
  • They absolutely go to the Park Güell on a sunny day so the colours are bright and wonderful. Sooooo many instagram pics are taken that day.
  • “We’ll get married in the Sagrada Familia.” “But-” “It has rainbow glass work, love. It’s destiny.”
  • Combeferre can sort of survive with the little Spanish he knows, but he doesn’t understand anything un Barcelona because everybody’s speaking Catalan
  • That includes Courfeyrac’s family. He’s noticed that they always switch to Catalan whenever they talk about Combeferre and he’s pretty sure he’s been called handsome but he can’t be sure????
  • They spend like two hours walking down La Rambla because Combeferre is fascinated by the living statues there and there are SO MANY

In early 2015, we were approached by a luxury apparel retailer about designing an advertising campaign that would help the company convert more of their engagement into sales. The client had built a large and loyal audience by cultivating a luxury lifestyle image that appeals to Tumblr’s young, aspirational, and affluent audience. One thing they noticed was that their most engaged followers were existing shoppers, so a key criteria of their campaign was that it would target those users and their followers.

Our solution

Tumblr and Curalate (curalate) designed a unique ad targeting solution using their advanced image recognition software, which made it possible for the client to target users based on images as well as text. First they scanned the client’s online store and built a library of product images—these could be standalone photos of a handbag or blouse, or of a model wearing the client’s merchandise.

They then scanned the Tumblr firehose, a massive stream data containing all the public interactions on the network (posts, likes, reblogs, etc.) looking for anything pulled from the client’s online store. Since the software was scanning the image, not the source, it could even identify images that came from another social network. 

The whole process looked something like this:


By targeting users who were already actively posting and sharing the client’s content, image retargeting drove a 59% increase in overall engagement compared to the month before. That engagement translated directly into additional site traffic and sales:

  • 2.4x increase in unique visitors to their online store.
  • 20x increase in sales attributable to a Tumblr post compared to untargeted Sponsored Posts. 
  • 31% reduction in the campaign’s effective cost from earned media.


  • Reach known shoppers with image retargeting to increase sales and reduce cost. Tumblr and Curalate’s image retargeting solution allowed the client to focus on users who share content from from their online store. These users were naturally more receptive to the client’s advertising and were much more likely to be converted into shoppers and buyers.

For more information contact your brand strategist or sponsors@tumblr.com.