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my strangest legacy - in high school, for one reason or another (I can’t remember) my friends and I wrote “34 days until March 2nd” on the whiteboard in the drama classroom. It was completely arbitrary but we kept it it up, “30 days until March 2nd”  "23 days until March 2nd" etc. It spread around enough that the entire school is buzzing about what is going to happen on March 2nd. We figure we should think of something and decide to bring in cake. There were about 13 of us in total committed to bringing a cake. On March 2nd, during 3rd period lunch we all entered the cafeteria in a line (the parade of the cakes) and laid them out–a grand cake buffet for everyone in that lunch period. We did it the next year. And after we graduated it kept going.

This past March 2nd was the 9th year they’ve done it. It’s become a school sponsored event. There are t-shirts for this thing every year. March 2nd is cake day. I am a god. 

Random BatBros Headcanons

  • Dick has a mini heart attack any time someone falls.
  • Tim once met someone who hated coffee. At first, he loathed them with all his being, then he realized that meant he could hog it all, so now they’re one of his best friends.
  • Damian once tried to convince Bruce to adopt an entire shelter. Wayne Industries ended up sponsoring an adoption event instead.
  • Jason can’t do hugs. He loves to give hugs, but getting hugs makes him feel trapped and reminds him of his coffin. A rub on the shoulder is always better, especially when he’s distressed.
  • Same goes for Damian, but to a much lesser degree.
  • Don’t ever argue with Tim. He’ll chain himself to his laptop for half an hour and then come back and tell you all the ways you’re wrong. That’s if he doesn’t already know.
  • When they were kids, Dick was trilingual, Jason and Damian were bilingual, and Tim was confused. They’re all multilingual now, especially Jason and Damian.
  • Jason has like 20 homeless kids who’ve adopted him as their big brother.
  • Tim gets Wi-Fi everywhere.
  • Dick is by far the most tactile learner, Jason is the most audial, Tim is the most visual, and Damian is the most kinetic.
  • Jason has gifted this book to his older brother on at least five separate occasions.
  • Dick has ADHD, Jason has OCD (and I mean real OCD), Tim has ASD (LLI, very stimmy, lots of SpIns, high risk of hyperfixation), Damian has sociopathic tendencies, and they all have PTSD.
  • Alfred is their unofficial therapist and he stays abreast of all developments in treatment, research, and accessibility.

I really don’t have anymore than that right now, but I’m working on my autistic!Tim headcanons on a separate draft.

Get To Know Important People At Bayern Munich: Team Manager Kathleen Krüger

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kathleen Krüger! She is the team manager of Bayern Munich and I’ve met her in February - she’s awesome. 

She played football herself at Bayern Munichs Womens Team from 2003 to 2009. 

She’s 31 years old, was former assistant of Christian Nerlinger (former sporting director) and since a couple of years, she is our team manager.

She’s responsible for everything around the team: planning and booking the away trips, organizing events with sponsors of the players, checking that the bus is leaving on time and she’s even responsible for the teams free-time activities during the trainings camp. 

She also once said, that she prefers to do her work in the background and doesn’t want to be noticed. When I met her, she told us, that actually her whole life rotates around her work - she nearly has to be available for 24/7. To get things off her mind, she enjoys going jogging near the Isar. 

The team absolutely adores her - and she’s the only woman, who works that close with the team. They all have a lot of respect for her and love her a lot - when I was talking with her, she was always referring to the players as ‘her boys’. 

Here, have Franck Ribery singing ‘Kathleen Krüger, you are the best woman in the world” 

I’ve met her as a really self-confident, independent and strong woman who’s not taking shit from anybody and knows exactly, what she can do. We are lucky to have her, because without her, probably half of our team would’ve gotten lost somewhere and I hope, she will stay for a very long time with us xx 

anonymous asked:

Your dad sounds like a selfish fuck tbh

nah my dad is really great.

so much so that this ask actually kind of makes me mad.

like, my dad is incredibly loving and thoughtful.

did i ever say why my family left the church? when i came out as gay my dad and mom kinda went silent and we didnt talk a lot for a few days, but then one night at dinner my dad said “son, we’re not going to church on sunday” and when i asked him why he said “well, i was going over what you said, and i thought ‘i dont think my son is wrong to be who he is, so the church must be wrong’.”

and keep in mind, my dad was 50 at the time and he’s been an incredibly active member of the church for his entire life. he went to events, sponsored the boy scouts, held a position of honor in one of the quorums, all that good stuff. and it only took knowing his son was gay to leave.

so no, my dad is not selfish for not raising me with a silver spoon and i would urge you not to make those quick assumptions about people.


Harry: Shows up 20 minutes early during the first week of class with his 12 different colors of highlighters, but by the end of the semester he’s coming in 15 minutes late, doesn’t take his shades off, has two (2) different Starbucks cups and a smoothie for some reason. Calls all his professors by their first name, and is a textbook teacher’s pet. Managed to sneak a goldfish named Matilda in his room as a pet, and the hall manager pretends she doesn’t know about it.

Voted most likely to bring all the professors a gift on the last day of class.

Liam: Finds out at the last minute that he needs 8 math and science credits before he can graduate and he’s only got one semester left. Spends an obscene amount of time trying to spell deoxyribonucleic acid correctly (for reasons no one can comprehend). Spends all his free time on the Quad and goes to all the Uni sponsored events. Gives Freshman tours and remembers all their names months later when they show up, and walks them home when they’re drunk after their first party. 

Voted most likely to cry in the library at 2am until someone takes pity on him and explains how photosynthesis works

Niall: Has binders full of notes going back to his A-Levels. While Harry only pretends he has his shit together, Niall actually does. He always has extra pencils, has a calendar he keeps updating for assignments and deadlines, and is in a study groupchat for all his classes. Professors email HIM for notes to distribute to the class. Runs the college radio station and loves taking requests but does not tolerate disrespect of “The Oldies”. Is also “The Guitar Guy”. Still makes mixtapes for the people he dates. 

Voted most likely to fuck up the curve for everyone else, but then he gives you a copy of his detailed and annotated notes and offers to help you study so you forgive him. 

Louis: Was supposed to graduate 3 years ago. Why is he still here? What is his major? Has never shown up to a single class on time except his early childhood education modules because the kids he works with for the class credits know him by name and he refuses to disappoint them. Coaches a kids’ footie league on campus during the warmer months and is constantly trying to show people pictures of them. Wears their championship medal around for an entire month after they win Nationals. 

Voted most likely to forget to bring a pencil with him to take the final exam.

Zayn: Started as an English major, but now he’s a photography major, but he thinks he might switch to a music and drama dual degree, or maybe even a digital media degree. Owns 14 different kinds of mechanical pencil that he can meticulously explain the uses for. Takes naps in the school’s amphitheater while the orchestra practice. Usually wakes up during the middle and always stays till the end and claps (read: Whoop Whoops) when they’re finished. Can be found having “Jam Sessions” on the quad grass with Niall which usually draws a small (read: large) crowd, and results in crumpled bills being tossed in Niall’s guitar case (they split the take 50/50). Is learning to play the drums. 

Voted most likely to never say a single word in class until the last week of the semester when he becomes everybody’s best friend and favorite person. 

I’m still in a tizzy over Mpcgate. What brass balls these “compassionate” women had to follow, watch and report to Shatner Kim’s every move while at an MPC sponsored event. I bet they parade around in Be Kind shirts. And, the audacity of that scumbag to insert himself into Sam’s charitable event. How would he feel if someone crapped on his beloved horseshow/raffle?

I still contend that the ones at fault are the screencappers. What is said within this small group would not be picked up on anyone’s radar, had it not been for those who go data mining, looking for dirt to smear on shippers. They post their screencaps and then bemoan the fact that these sentiments are being spread far and wide. But, they are the ones spreading them.

And the biggest spreader of all with his 2+ million followers is one William Shatner.

feeling’s mutual

(an inadvertent new-year-themed sequel to this because of Her (@ilgaksu)

I know parties aren’t your scene, Cooper had said, but it’s a team requirement. And you can bring your boy! 

Andrew’s ‘boy’ isn’t the type to party either, but his interest in Andrew’s teammates almost rivals their curiosity about him. Andrew never had any intentions of passing on the invitation, which is probably why Cooper ended up going around him and to Neil directly.

That’s why Neil is here in New York at the Rebels’ New Year’s Eve party, sliding into the gap at Andrew’s side and handing over one of the drinks he just collected from the bar. We just have to stay until midnight, Neil had said earlier as he haphazardly looped his tie around his neck up in their hotel room.

He didn’t do a neat job on the knot - it looks that way now because Andrew has righted it into something suitable for the elegant tailored lines of the suit he’s wearing. Twice. Andrew messed it up in the middle himself, in order to wipe the amusement off of Neil’s face.

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McHanzo Halloween Monster Mash

Wanted to sign up for the Big Bang, but the word count requirement is too much? Or the deadlines aren’t good for you? Or you have no ideas that would fit the event, but would still love to participate? Well worry not, because I’m bringing you a Big Bang ‘sponsored’ mini event that’s open to everyone, whether or not you’re participating in the Big Bang!!

Welcome to the McHanzo Monster Mash!

There are no sign ups to participate, all you have to do is follow the guidelines below:

  • the focus if on McHanzo, or either of them separately
  • the theme for the event are monsters
  • pick as many monsters/mythical creatures as you’d like and include them in your work
  • anything goes: werewolves, vampires, ghosts, zombies, witches, spirits, etc. (if you can’t think of anything, you can check out a list of creatures here and here)
  • the required minimum for stories is 1 000 words (there is no upper limit to the word count)
  • the required minimum for art is a drawing with one character/monster
  • the same rules about respectfulness towards certain topic apply for this as for the Big Bang (read them here)

Posting is on Halloween, October 31st. Time zones don’t matter, just post during October 31st and make sure to include @mcbigbangzo in your post so I can reblog every entry and create a mini archive.

Additional info about the archive tag and AO3 collection will be posted a few days before Halloween.

IMs and our ask box are open for all questions!