*keep caption please!* ~ sassy look with ROMWE

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G&G GBT Sky:

Diameter: 14.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

Hello everyone! from now on I will be sponsoring Pinkyparadises contact lenses, and just some days ago my first pair got home! Pinkyparadise has a huge variety of contact lenses, wigs and beauty products and since discovered pinkyparadise I buy all my lenses from them.

These are the second lenses I purchase for my Jack Frost cosplay, the first ones I got were the EOS Dolly Blue Circle Lenses but those came out too dark and unnatural for the cosplays I needed them for.

The package came arrived home in less than tree weeks, and compared from other pages I’ve ordered lenses from, these took less time to arrive.

The lenses glass bottles (as you can see in the first two pictures) came perfectly wrapped in foam next to the animal-shapped cases (god these are cute) and a hair velcro to hold my bangs back when I’m puting on the lenses which by the way is totally new for me but work perfectly!

The glass vials where the lenses come in are actually pretty easy to open, you just have to find the arrow and push the cap up so you can rip off the metal ring and then pull off the plastic cap.

Important note!!: do not wear your lenses after 8 hours of having them soaked in lenses solution after having them moved to your lens case!!!

  • Overall Rating

Design~ 5/5 

These lenses blends perfectly with my -greenish hazel eyes, because of the gradiend arround the pupil.

-Color~ 4/5 

Perfect for my Jack Frost cosplay! This brand has also different shades of blue in this lenses.

-Enlargement~ 5/5

These are slightly bigger than my iris, but that’s perfect for making my eyes look a bit bigger.

-Comfort~ 5/5

I’ve spent a whole day wearing these and I didn’t even feel them! 

-Naturalness~ 4/5

There is  big diference between these lenses color and my eyes color, but thanks to the gradient they look pretty natural.

Remember to click the images for a better view!