I’m climbing a big hill for charity

Okay guys, I know… most of you are my age, are also kinda quite poor students, and also, like me, are kanjoos desis, but I don’t have a facebook and you guys are my only friends so I have few other people to ask.

My university is taking part in a nationwide charity week and, as part of that, I’m climbing Ben Lomond in Scotland to raise money that will go towards funding free healthcare for children in Aleppo, Hama and Idlib in Norhtern Syria. I’m sure you all know how dire the situation is generally but especially in terms of a lack of medical supplies. If you could give anything at all I would be immensely grateful.


Also, if anyone wants, I will be very happy to write them a poem on any topic you want if you donate (and if you don’t like the poem, I’ll keep writing until I write one you like). If you would like me to write you a poem, all that I ask is that you donate at least £10 GBP (which, post-brexit, is just over $12 USD)  and then message me with your request.

Summer Outfits For Your Star Sign!

Aries: top - bottom - swimwear
Taurus: top - bottom - swimwear
Gemini: top - bottom - swimwear
Cancer: top - bottom - swimwear
Leo: top - bottom - swimwear
Virgo: top - bottom - swimwear
Libra: top - bottom - swimwear
Scorpio: top - bottom - swimwear
Sagittarius: top - bottom - swimwear
Capricorn: top - bottom - swimwear
Aquarius: top - bottom - swimwear
Pisces: top - bottom - swimwear