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Do you know any ways to make money online?

I do a couple different things to make money online:

  • surveys: you can earn credit for taking surveys and exchange it for money on paypal (website 1 / website 2 / website 3)
  • adsense: put an ad on your blog & you make money for clicks (there are tutorials on how to set it up online)
  • sponsors: some companies partner with bloggers & give a commission when people buy through your link! find a lot through cj.com

I  got this lovely phone case and I just think it is adorable. This store has so many cute patterns which made it so hard to chose one- I might have to get another. I am really impressed by the quality of the case. In the past I have ordered a few and they end up breaking or fading. They sell cases for both iphone and galaxy, so if you have either of those phones I suggest checking them out 

Their store

Buy my same case