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I'm not against collecting dead animal parts but I do get sad whenever like. One of my friends wants to talk about taxidermy or collecting parts? animals not being alive anymore just kinda bums me out since I'm a big emotional baby.

i guess i can understand that in the sense that u just dont like thinkin about death? 0^: i kinda get the opposite feeling as you though. like, sometimes death makes me sad to think about, but when im fawning over my bones & stuff (esp the skulls) it makes me feel really calm cuz like, this lil bud had a whole life cycle, and then it finished its course and he laid to rest and i keep him here in my room to appreciate that he existed, cuz otherwise it’d just go unnoticed in the woods. i feel like i get an eternal pet, and i feel good when i acknowledge them cuz i know these dudes aint gettin forgotten anytime soon.

The Intelligence of Birds

Little jay on little wings–
dun-colored, rolled in dust–
where is memory?
In your twiggy needle-claws?
In your grey blood crimson muscles?
In your tarnished gold beak?
In your pink spongy brains?
In your bright black pinprick eyes?

Where is memory of starkwhite
sterile Lysol-bleach formica and starched
labcoats and virgin clipboard and
the smell of fruit in mazes of cardboard
(and later Plexiglas?)
White button for water,
black button for raisin–
Oh–how fast you pecked!

Little jay, smartest of birds,
clever jay–witty jay–
bird of parlor tricks, oh little jay!
Where is memory–
when dumbest screech owl
snatches you between sky and dirt
and eats the light from
your bright black pinprick eyes?

– S. E. De Haven