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 Kevin woo
Birthday: 91/11/25
Physical Size: 180cm
Blood type: O
Specialty: Singing, English, smile ^^
Hobby: Watching movies, swimming
Nickname: Ke-fish
Responsibility: Vocalist, baby face
Skills: Maggie Simpson, Sponge Bob
Habit: Licking my lips, merong (sticking tongue out) ^^
Body part you have confidence in: Firm butt
Favorite color: Sky blue

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Hey all! I’m going to start teaching a family planning class and really want to have an example of every form of pregnancy prevention, I was wondering in anyone has some sources where I could get them cheap or donated? What I’m looking for:

Fertility awareness beads, apps, thermometer that can be used for basal body temperature tracking (and a list of suggested brands)

Different types of spermicide (film, foam, etc)

Sponge, diaphragm, cervical cap

Combination birth control and progestin only pills

Nuva ring


Depo shot (maybe the type of syringe with no needle)

Implant (and maybe the device used to implant it)

Copper iud

Mirena and skyla IUD


Types of morning after pill

Other visual aids for explaining the menstrual cycle, ova fertilization, fertility tracking, etc would also be great, I’m probably going to use a whiteboard to draw things, and a dry erase calendar would be great too for period tracking, I’m probably going to use egg white to show cervical fluid but other suggestions for cervical fluid displays throughout the cycle would be awesome too

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Any tips for a first time harley cosplay? My bf and i are doing it for a halloween party at work and everyone is doing DC characters

I’ve said before, a large portion of a Harley cosplay is the makeup. So you might wanna practice before the party. I personally use Ben Nye Clown White cream/grease paint and Ben Nye Super White Setting Powder. Do NOT get the cake! The cake will look awful and streaky and you’ll wanna break something. Also, yes, you do need the setting powder. It really makes it look much nicer. It’s not translucent, it’s white, so it’ll really intensify the white and fill in all the cracks. 

Use a cosmetic sponge to paint your face and a powder puff for the powder. Also I use black liquid eyeliner to line the top of my eyes and regular black eyeliner to line the bottom (any brand will do). As for my lips I use Lush Confident but you can use whatever looks good. Depending on which version you’re cosplaying as, the lip color varies from reds to black. Since I cosplay Harley from Asylum, I use generic blush for my cheeks but if you’re not doing her from Asylum, don’t do this.

If it’s just for a party, you’re probably not gonna want to put too much into this. The great thing about Harley is that she’s become popular enough to get merchandise which really helps out closet cosplayers. (Lucky ducks, back in my day I had to walk uphill in the snow both ways just to do a Harley closet cosplay.) So maybe check out HotTopic or their site. The have socks, underwear, bustiers, pants, etc. It’s a good place to start if you have nothing. And a lot of people just do their hair in pigtails but if you wanna really get THE LOOK I recommend buying a wig. (If you’re not blonde already, of course.) 

Good luck and show me when you’re done!

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Your skin 👌👌 is lookin 👌 a plus 💯

YOU ARE AN ANGEL FOR SAYING THAT❗️❗️thank u v much! I’ve been using a konjac sponge recently that’s been smoothing my skin like insane


Kitchen Cleaning Tip

Microwave a wet sponge for 2 minutes. Let it cool before use!

Bake Off week 5: Alternative Ingredients.

Why is it that when its turning “normal” food into gluten free food I can make it, but when it’s purposefully gluten free I can’t even make a basic sponge?

I don’t like pitta breads, and I don’t have an ice-cream maker so cake it was. We also don’t have any honey in the house so instead of sugar free I opted for simply making something completely out of my abilities as a baker.

I have never covered a complete cake in buttercream, nor have I ever make chocolate decoration, so I made a 4 layer coffee cake with chocolate buttercream and icing (it was piped but I didn’t realise that it took an entire bag of icing sugar to pipe a tiny cake so I had to down size) with dark chocolate decoration and dark chocolate coffee beans.

It’s not the prettiest cake I’ve ever made, but it’s edible, and I’m quite happy that it wasn’t a complete disaster 

i’ve been tagged by the lovely lloydoholic <3 

now that i have a proper look at this, how did i even find them?  

ok so here’s a list of the items from right to left:  

  • my bag (i got it for half the price which was awesome).
  • sabriel by garth nix.
  • a little notebook.
  • some pens and pencil.
  • a power bank.
  • a mirror from etude house. 
  • a folding hair brush. 
  • my dior lipstick - it confuses most people trying to open it which is the best thing (?). 
  • a perfume atomizer. 
  • earphones and a wing-shaped cable winder. 
  • a little pouch that i put all those little things above in. 
  • hello kitty key chain and keys. 
  • sugar-free mints. 
  • hair ties. 
  • lipstick and lip balm. 
  • a powder pact from innisfree. 
  • a makeup pouch from forever21 - i sometimes put in a powder brush because i don’t like the effect the sponge has on the skin. 
  • my 2 glasses and glasses case - the smaller ones are for when i’m wearing a helmet and the bigger ones i use in class. 
  • my wallet. 
  • a pack of pocket tissues. 

i’m tagging mattmourdock spencersbitch secondarysushicorps satan-in-a-floral-dress and sententiousandbellicose 

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all i'm hearing is seamus going "You'll be saying "wow" every time you use this towel. It's like a chamois, it's like a towel, it's like a sponge. It's SHAMWOW" thanks sofia i'm now cackling

Bored of all the do gooders on my news feed whining about the migrants all day. You want to let 4 million migrants in to sponge off the government and ruin this country even more then complain that your kids are living in a shit hole in five years time cause you’re a brainless idiot that just wants to look like you care about everyone. Reality isn’t filled with fairies and rainbows and enough room for every needy person in England.