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Relationship status:
I will build a nest of cuckoos soon, so brave and lonely I’m.

Last song I listened to:
Over and Over by Hot Chip

Last book I read:
Mere Anarchy by Woody Allen

Favorite color: Black

Top Three Shows:
The family guy, Sponge Bob, Twilight Zone

Top three characters:
Charlie Brown, Linus and his happiness blanket

Top three ships:
Stewie and Brian, Tristan and Iseult,
Bess McNaill and Jan from the movie
“Breaking the Waves” by Lars Von Trier

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“even upper class ladies wouldn’t really have luxurious baths, using rough sponges and cheap soap. they were still suspicious of bathing, you wouldn’t lull about in the water - it was degenerate, something more like what your husband’s French mistress would do.”


well my friend left and i immediately got #triggert because i was left alone with my thoughts and can i handle my thoughts? no. so after masturbating to eextremely vivid flashbacks and sobbing loudly, smoking more while continuing to sob loudly, and looking thru amazon prime while sobbing loudly im….watching spongebob 

i asked myself, “okay what WON’T” trigger me” but literally everything triggers me because i’m a living case study on ptsd, so i chose spongebob but you know what? i betcha spongebob is going to trigger me. spongebob is gonna fuckin trigger me if i don’t FIGHT HARD. it’s me vs a cartoon about a talking yellow sponge. everyone please believe in me the way my father never could

take this dad im bout to watch spongebob i will prove u wrong

anonymous asked:

my mom wouldn't let me watch spongebob bc she thought it was too violent so every time it came on the tv my dad would loudly say 'turn off the violent sponges, sweetheart'

oh my go s h 

turn off the violent sponges sweetheart….

Update on the 10gallon!
Three live anubias, two silk plants, and three live cardamine plants on their way. {I’m phasing out of silk plants and into live plants, woo!}
I intend to replace the power filter sooner or later with a couple of sponge filters and an airstone for better overall filtration.

The harp sponge, or Chondrocladia lyra, is a species of deep-sea carnivorous sponge. Researches with the Monterrey Bay Research Aquarium Institute discovered in 2012 at a depth of nearly two miles below sea level. The sponge preys upon small crustaceans using sharp spicules - tiny, velcro-like hooks - to capture prey, then secretes a digestive membrane to envelop and break it down into particles small enough to be absorbed through the sponge’s pores.