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Why does everyone use Amber for gambling, and why do Rubbery Men hoard and/or gift it randomly?

Amber is very pretty and makes good gambling chips. Using amber as a gambling stake also means it changes hands an awful lot… which is what the Rubbery Men are after. They trade it and gift it because of amber’s special property; it’s kind of like a sponge. A sponge that absorbs (and stores) Vital Essences, which are basically what they sound like. Life force, basically. You aren’t likely to die from handlin amber any time soon, because it’s a pretty gentle effect. Rubbery Men can then use that amber to mould and shape flesh, letting them take on forms that are closer to human than the squid-faces that currently walk London’s streets.


CONCERN: AS R Hamilton makes his 22nd appearance here at Pointless Letters, fears are growing that his hatred of Britain seems to be in terminal decline.

“This is astonishing.” confirmed Dr. Juan Kerr, Pointless Letters science correspondent, today. “According to my figures, R Hamilton was directing a full 53% of his ire at Britain when he made his 19th appearance, in mid-March. When he appeared again in late March, that had dropped to an even 50%. When he popped up in early April, that was down even further to 48%. Now, in late May, it would seem that Britain is only boiling R Hamilton’s piss a little over 45% of the time. If this continues on, I don’t know what might happen. There’s only so much that science can predict, you know.”


Here it is! My goal was to put together something small enough to fit in a pocket, versatile enough to just grab and use on its own, and convenient enough so I just need to carry a water bottle and a small sketchbook to work basically anywhere.

The paint tin is from Pebeo and I got it for $15, so the paint quality was roughly the cost of a $15 watercolor set (the pigment is very thin and poor). I popped most of the pans out and filled them with Van Gogh tube watercolors, which are student-grade and carry extremely rich pigment– so it’s going to be a while until I need to fill these up again! 

I use two pocket Sakura waterbrushes and one nice watercolor mop brush for washes. There are two sponges, one large for washing the water brushes and two make-up wedges for making sharp edges and textures. 

The round bulb-like thing is a sealed 2oz silicon squirt bottle, and I took a perfume mister for wetting the palette quickly.

Everything but the paint tin and brushes was from the dollar store and the whole kit cost me about $40.

I’m stressed out about life so I ended up making 24 chocolate banana muffins, two sultana/raisin loaves, a jam and cream sponge cake, and also chocolate covered strawberries.

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Eden you little sponge, why are you so cute? How did you learn it? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻



This just in - New Beat Fund’s second episode of their ‘Sunday Fundaze’ series fting a painting session with “Bob Ross!“ Watch the video at http://snip.do/e289 and make sure to pre-order their new album 'Sponge Fingerz’ coming out June 16th at http://smarturl.it/spongefingerz!

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Sponge bob is a cartoon there's no such thing as white privilege in a cartoon unless you make it a thing. Also IRL there's no such thing as white privilege you dumb fuck if anyone believes in it they're too lazy to get up and out or make a life for themselves, everyone is born with a privilege and it's being alive THAT IS THE ONLY PRIVILEGE ANYONE HAS.

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I'm shocked, the voice actor of Sponge Bob in English is so bad, his laugh is so boring '0' in Portuguese it is so electric his laugh is fucking hilarious is like a sirene idk and it's like I would imagine Sponge Bob (you can tell it's because I'm not used to, but have other films I prefer English) (perhaps because it's an animation and it depends of the voice actors) (search on youtube ''bob esponja rindo'')


While cutting graphene sponge with a laser, they noticed the light propelled the material forwards. That was odd, because while lasers have been used to shove single molecules around, the sponge was a few centimetres across so should be too large to move.

The team placed pieces of graphene sponge in a vacuum and shot them with lasers of different wavelength and intensity. They were able to push sponge pieces upwards by as much as 40 centimetres. They even got the graphene to move by focusing ordinary sunlight on it with a lens.

James Buckley will make his U.S. feature debut in Conner4real, the Lonely Island movie being produced by Judd Apatow. Andy Samberg stars as a rapper whose album bombs and leaves him with little career choice other than to re-form his old boy band. Buckley will play Sponge, a member of Samberg’s entourage.

why are people asking others not to tag their art with ‘me’ now? (I am genuinely asking - in true tumblr fashion I’ve seen a lot of people saying not to do it and how it was super-offensive to the artists, but no context provided)

I thought it was pretty commonplace to tag things with ‘me’ or ‘same’ - why just a few minutes ago I think I tagged a gif from an old cheesy movie ‘me’. In general, most of the ‘me’ tag is that or videos of old ladies getting over-excited about sponge-painting.

I guess my question is - should I care if people are tagging my art as ‘me’? Is there some sinister thing I’m missing the context of?