Young Hollywood Holiday Gift Guide: Dianna Agron, Cody Horn, and Gia Coppola Share Their Shopping Lists

To Give:
The Glee actress boasts eclectic taste and a good eye for gifting, such as this limited-edition, cotton-embroidered Love Poem by Tracey Emin. “Who doesn’t love a love poem? I am such a fan of all of Tracey Emin’s work.”

Tracey Emin Love Poem, $1,300

If romantic gestures aren’t on your list this year, Agron suggests the Spongeware Pitcher by Tory Burch. “Tory Burch’s new serveware is so special, and every time someone uses this pitcher, they’ll certainly think of you.”

Tory Burch spongeware pitcher, $98

To Receive:
If I could, I’d wear one of Saint Laurent’s bow ties every day. Maybe it’s the Francophile in me.

Saint Laurent pin-dot chiffon bow tie, $425