sponged nail art

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Your nails are making me so jealous they're all so beautiful, if you don't mind me asking could you give a few tips for beginners?? Xoxox

Thanks so much.  Sorry it took me a little while to get to this question– I’m still working through an inbox backlog.  Here are some miscellaneous tips and tricks:

  • I started out doing tape manicures, and I still think that’s a great entry point for nail art.  It helps you get used to working with nail polish before graduating to the trickier freehand stuff, and you can achieve some really great effects.  You can do a lot of designs using just scotch tape (nailside has some great tutorials), and get really complex with striping tape.
  • Clean-up makes a huge difference in how professional your nails look.  I like to use a cheapo angled eyeshadow brush dipped in acetone to clean up around my cuticles and even out the gap between my polish and the skin.
  • I see a lot of beginner nail artists skimping on the topcoat.  When you’re painting more than one layer on your nails, the result is going to be an uneven, rough-looking surface.  A good topcoat evens this out and gives the nail a smooth, clean look.  I almost always use Seche Vite, but there are lots of options out there.
  • I made this how-to on painting nails with a tremor, but I think it’s useful information for anybody.  It talks about how I like to hold my brushes and brace my hand when I’m painting for maximum stability.
  • The gradient/ombre technique makes everything look better.  I use it all the time on it’s own or as a background for various nail art designs.  I found this tutorial really helpful when I was learning how to do it.  I use a huge amount of sponges in my nail art, both for gradients and for creating interesting textures on designs like this and this.

Hope that helps, and let me know if you have any other questions.

Around my nails: Mess No More liquid tape by minimanimoo.com
Nail Polishes used:
Bonita - This beach is bombay.
Bonita - Cactus pincushion.
Bonita - Banana ana.
Stamping plate BP-20 from bornprettystore.com
Stamper by Konad from konadnailart.com
I used a random card as a scraper.
Top coat by DazzleDry from whatsupnails.com
Clean Up brush from ebay.
Make Up sponge from DollarTree.