my kink is when broadway actors record a video and you can hear the show going on in the background rb if you agree

awfully explained musicals

Falsettos: be a better psychiatrist than mendel

Hamilton: screaming politicians

Something Rotten: Shakespeare was a backstabbing bitch with leather backstreet boys

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: christian borle went bald

Dear Evan Hansen: anxious boy fucks everything up

Rent: Collins wants to go to Santa Fe???? Jack Kelly is that you?????

Tuck Everlasting: protip: don’t drink water ://

Newsies: jumpy boys sing angrily

Be More Chill: tall teen vores a computer (don’t fuck the computer)

Book of Mormon: Caffeine addict and compulsive liar go see live-action lion king with less artistic liscence

In The Heights: U.S. Navy wants to leave the U.S.

Legally Blonde: Blonde Stereotypes are thrown into the traaaaaaaash

Heathers: Mean Girls but with more psychotic tendencies and death

Spongebob the Musical: Spongebob is a twunk apparently?????? (don’t fuck the sponge)

The Great Comet: where is andrey????????????

Come From Away: 50% sadness, 50% newfoundland accent

The Phantom of the Opera: crazy singy sad man wants love, pretty singy girl wants to see an “””angel”””

Waitress: i’m pergenant??and sad???? but here’s a pie lmao

ive said it before and ill say it again: shows like shrek the musical and spongebob the musical opened the doors for more kids to be interested in a form of media that isnt usually directed towards them. the sets are stunning and versatile, the costumes are unique and inventive, and there isnt a single song that feels out of place or unnecessary. the choreography is fun yet you can tell that there is so much effort there. the actors get so much crap for being in the shows even though a lot of time and dedication was put into preparing the show and the actors love(d) their roles and working on the show. plus, children get to see their favorite characters brought to life in a completely different way. many people thought both shows were going to be awful and get no support but they really shined and showed so much brilliance and creativity with storytelling. shrek and spongebob are good shows and you guys just wont admit it.

No matter what you feel, there’s a musical out there that feels the same thing….

Feeling alone? Dear Evan Hansen

Feeling as if you can’t make a change in the world? Newsies

Feeling lost? Anastasia

Feeling like the world is always against one another? Come From Away

Feeling as if no one understands you? Wicked

Feeling as if the bad always out ways the good? Once on the Island

Need Inspiration? Hamilton

Need a Laugh? Book of Mormon

Need to see good in the world? The Spongebob Musical

Feel free to add more!