spongebob worm

the signs as worms
  • Aries: an inch worm
  • Taurus: a ring worm
  • Gemini: wormy from spongebob
  • Cancer: an earth worm
  • Leo: that worm i saw on the side walk
  • Virgo: an alaskan BULL WORM
  • Libra: a worn rights activist worm
  • Scorpio: a gummy worm
  • Sagittarius: that worm that people always fear are in thier apples
  • Capricorn: a book worm u fucking nerd
  • Aquarius: a worm in a top hat
  • Pisces: one of those plastic worms you fish with

ok so everyone fancasts the alaskan bull worm from spongebob as benedict lightwood? well, what about that new blind penis-looking snake they found in brazil instead? i mean, just look at it. benedict’s supposed to be a demonic worm-looking thing (no one that said he was a worm was 100% certain)so i guess he could look a little snake-ish. i mean, look at this thing and tell me you can’t see it: