spongebob the snail

for the record, mr. krabs has been attracted to:

  • at some point, a whale (since his biological daughter is a whale)
  • mrs. puff (krusty love, whirlybrains)
  • a penny (krab borg, various other episodes)
  • plankton, as himself (new leaf, married to money)
  • plankton, as a seemingly sentient and female wad of cash (married to money)
  • patrick as patricia (that’s no lady)
  • spongebob as Obsessive Snail Lady (sanctuary)
  • the pirate captain (pull up a barrel)
  • don grouper (goodbye krabby patty)
  • howard blandy (selling out)
  • possibly slicker sam at some point (issue 16 of the sb comics)
  • well he wasn’t really attracted to the mailman but krabs definitely seduced him into eating a krabby patty (good krabby name)