“‘Spongebob’ is an excellent example of why it isn’t always a good thing when something becomes enormously popular.

I can understand why ‘Spongebob’ would become hugely popular and all, but thanks to its mega popularity, it ended up becoming nothing more than a cash cow to Nickelodeon, which was okay, I guess, but because of its mega popularity and it being a cash cow for Nick, it’s probably why Nickelodeon plays this show so damn often even though the newer episodes suck.

And, thanks to ‘Spongebob’’s megapopularity, it was the reason why Nickelodeon wanted to continue the show after the 1st movie.”


Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants. Squidward is one of Mod A’s favourite cartoon designs ever. Everything about him is just perfect. From his sagging nose to his bald head to his dully coloured shirt, this design just screams sour depressive. He’s the perfect antithesis to the titular sponge. Just looking at his face with his famous annoyed/bored expression is enough to give Mod A the giggles.