spongebob reactions

EXO as Once-Seen Spongebob Characters

Xiumin: That big tough guy who feeds Spongebob lima bean 

Luhan: Squidward’s snail with whom Gary falls in love

Kris: Flats

$uho: The guy who was so rich he even had shoes

Lay: the guy in the gorilla suit

Baekhyun: the fish who sings a musical number about krabby patties with jellyfish jelly

Chen: Nosferatu, who canonically lives in the ocean and flickers the lights on and off 

Chanyeol: the guy Neptune accidentally shoes in the shower when he says “BEHOOOOLD”

Kyungsoo: Jeffrey Jellyfish, stolen by Patrick while just trying to do his job

Tao: Rex the worm (so loyal, so trusting, always by my SIDE)

Kai: Clamu, who has her egg stolen from her and cries about it for the majority of the episode

Sehun: Kevin the Sea Cucumber (that asshole)

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