spongebob pun

okay but someone tell me why the “international justice league of super acquaintances” wasn’t called the “international justice league of super aquaintances” this was such a missed opportunity i am disappointed  

So my mom’s a teacher and this school year she’s been having a problem of people stealing her lunch. It’s happened three times now, and this is something that doesn’t typically happen at that school (I went there for 12 years i should know). And there’s a few other things that make this especially baffling. Like the fact that only her lunch has been stolen but there’s no way of knowing which one is hers, it’s all really sub par lunches or things that people just usually wouldn’t take (ie: a cheese sandwich, a piece of pizza with bites taken out of it, and ravioli in a cracked tupperware container which is also now missing). The only consistencies anyone can see is that they’re all vegetarian and have cheese. She teaches high school and some of her coworkers are huge dorks so naturally the memeing has begun. Which led to me making some signs to deter the attacker…………….