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i just wanted to draw lil vanessa and nina in cute outfits but whoops they look sad,, what happened??? how do we cheer them up????? this is probably an emergency situation 

Reasons You Should Listen to Spongebob Squarepants: The New Musical

  • I know, I know, I judged it too, but
  • It’s??? Actually good?????
  • All the songs are really upbeat and fun
  • It gets a little angsty which is weird for Spongebob but it actually works
  • Plankton raps
  • Squidward gets a tap number
  • Patrick gets a gospel-style number
  • The casting is also really diverse
  • Sandy and Pearl are black, Mr. Krabs is Hispanic, Karen is Asian
  • SPEAKING OF KAREN, Plankton’s Computer Wife, hey, Be More Chill fans, remember Christine?
  • That’s right, Stephanie freaking Hsu is in this, and she BEATBOXES
  • Also, they put THE BEST DAY EVER in the musical
  • Possibly the most iconic Spongebob song ever is now on Broadway
  • (Also Spongebob and Patrick have a duet about missing each other and it’s super gay but you didn’t hear that from me)
  • Like, guys, they could have easily put zero effort into this and cashed in on little kids coming to see it
  • But they actually worked hard on it and got all these successful musicians in on it and yeah it’s cheesy, but the effort is there and it’s actually awesome
  • So, yeah, the soundtrack is on Spotify, listen to it so I’m not alone

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