Since this blog is almost to 20,000 followers (which is AMAZING) I decided to make an Instagram account. Same as the blog, I might post tumblr screenshots more often. I don’t on here because I can just reblog the actual post lmao. So yeah go check it out if you like. Thanks for yalls support 👏🏻

Peridot after watching a scary movie:

Peridot: Hurry, Lapis! The Camp Pining Hearts Halloween Special is on! : D
Lapis: Y'know, you really shouldn’t watch this, Peridot.
Peridot: Whaddya mean I shouldn’t watch this? Scary movies don’t always freak me out. >:(
Peridot: *trembling in fear* Wh-what if Amethyst is a zombie? omo What if Steven is a zombie? e_e……… What if Lapis is a zombie? 0_0
Hey, uh, Laz?
Lapis: *looks up from the book she’s reading* Yeah?
Peridot: Lapis, if you were a zombie, you’d tell me, right?
Lapis:…………… Yes. =_=

Due to the recent flooding in south Louisiana, I have rescheduled my Lunchbox Doodles Art Show for August 27th. The Location with remain the same, and their will still be plenty of fun to be had! I’ve also decided to sell the napkins and  donate all proceeds toward the relief of flood victims in my hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. So if you’d like to have first dibs on your favorite character/napkin, Come by on Saturday night! If you can’t make it, I plan to sell online as well once the show is over, as well as take request to help raise money for those who were less fortunate than myself. Thanks again for all your support!


The Jellyfish Jam