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Reasons why you hate G x J (sorry i just love seeing these types of posts for these two cause i hate them. Esp Juv*a)

I’m gonna do a short bullet point list because I’m tired and I feel like I’ve said all of this before anyway:

  • Stalking isn’t cute, and it isn’t something she only did at the beginning. She did it in some fairly recent chapters and it’s still gross
  • She tries to force him into sexually acts he isn’t comfortable with, but obviously it’s okay if it’s just comedy :)))
  • The “Japan find it funny!!” excuse is fucking bollocks and can be shoved right up people’s arses. It’s disgusting to assume that an entire nation of people is comfortable/happy with this portrayal of a “happy” relationship
  • Her fucking self-insert into every aspect of his life, even though he clearly doesn’t want her there
  • She is smug when she tells a CHILD that she tried to force herself into bed with him
  • She wishes harm onto her guildmates because her feelings are more important than their well-being
  • She manipulates him when he’s at his most vulnerable because her “guilt” (which is bullshit for another reason entirely) is more important to her than how he feels
  • I think her adoption of his stripping habit is gross, as to me it’s always been a symbol of his PTSD and anxiety, whereas for her it’s just proof that she has zero development as a character and has to sponge off of him
  • Her treatment of Lucy proves what an awful character she is tbh. Lucy deserves better, so does Gray
  • Don’t start me on the 413 Days omake because I already feel sick and I don’t actually want to vomit
  • They’re a classic example of a dysfunctional relationship that romanticised and even normalised and people are so quick to victim shame, when we all know Gray has done nothing to warrant this attention
  • I mean, if you politely tell someone that they make you uncomfortable and you don’t want a relationship with them, and their immediate reaction is to go “!!! I just need to try harder!!!”, it hardly seems like the basis of a healthy relationship to me

These are just what I can think of from the top of my head. If you want my opinion on specific aspects of their relationship/character then let me know :)

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