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Hey! I wanted to ask what is your favorite drugstore foundation? And have you used the real techniques makeup sponge? Also, if you want a pen eyeliner, I use Essence $2 eyeliner pens and I have so much regret for buying a $20 Kat Von D one??? Like the Essence one is way more precise and doesn't come off easily and saves you tons of money! I love you so much!!!!!

hiii!!!! i really love the elf foundation, this is gonna sound so strange but it literally smells s oooooo good i can’t believe??? idek!! i also love the maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation!!! i have tried the real techniques makeup sponge, i didn’t really like the way it worked with liquid foundation byt i use it to apply my powder every single day!!! ahhh that is good to know!!! kvd is my favorite brand and one of my favorite humans so i don’t mind paying the extra but i will fore sure try out the essence one!!!

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omg that was pro glow?! Did the other products just contribute to it looking that good, or do you have a technique? That's the same stuff that I use and it's never looked that lightweight on me. Nice, but not like that.

My general dewy mantra is like lighter foundation and heavier concealer and ONLY spot conceal. So I put on the glossier primer, maybe I’ll use the milk one in my more porous spots, and then I squeeze little bits of the foundation on my fingers and dot it all over my face then I blend it in with my real techniques sponge. And then I’ll use my concealer on any zits or scars I need to cover, spray with like the rose water spray before I blend it, then blend it in. And then I set everything with the hourglass powder (idt I put that on that other list) and then I immediately spray with setting spray

The Awakening of Intelligence (after Jiddu Krishnamurti)
Acrylic paint, brush/sponge brush; 409 technique. On black gessoed Masonite.

Germana, 1998. Collection: Dr. Thomas and Mary Ollendick family.


got a pretty new planter today, so I thought I would share how I keep the dirt in my pots while allowing proper drainage.

There’s several different methods of doing this.. Like putting a rock or a piece of broken clay over the hole (which I find still allows dirt to escape through the hole and make a mess) or a coffee filter (which eventually decomposes and again, makes a mess) but I find the sponge technique to be the best.

It’s just a regular ol cheap kitchen sponge. Cut a piece that is slightly larger than the hole and stuff it in there. Add dirt and revel in the glory of a clean surface.

You can also use a sponge for water loving plants, but you just simply place the entire sponge in the bottom of the pot. It absorbs excess moisture and will release it back as the soil dries, reducing how often you have to water. (Obviously I don’t recommend this for succulents and cacti)

And there ya have it! Simple but helpful trick if you didn’t already know it. :)


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Wow what an extremely productive day, I got gifts for my mom, grandma, and boyfriend! I love lifting with @this-probably-aint-legal she’s amazing and we always do so well together. I love lifting gifts for other people it makes me feel so good. Happy Holidays everyone! 🎄


Suga began trying different techniques with sponges over the whole of Jimin’s arm.
“So Jiminnie, are you, uh, dating anybody?” WHY DID I BLURT THAT OUT? Jimin looked up startled.
“It’s just you’re friends with Jackson and I think he’s secretly dating Jaebum so I just wanted to make sure you weren’t dating any of my employees.” Suga laughed to show he was joking.
“No way!” Jimin giggled. “I’m not dating anyone. In or out of here.”
“Ah really? You could probably pull any girl you want with your dancing.”
“Yeah I guess, If I wanted a girl. Too bad I’m like 80% gay.” Why did I say that?
“Only 80%?” Suga snorted.
“What about you hyung?” Jimin asked trying to change the subject. “I never hear you mention anyone.”
“That’s because there isn’t one. I do like someone though.” Jimin tried to hide the scowl threatening to mar his face. ”But I don’t know. What if I’m not the right person for them?”
“You’re such a catch hyung.” Jimin thinks he sounds bitter. “They’d be lucky to have you.”
Suga smiles warmly. “Thanks Jiminnie. Speaking of dates, I need help with Jungkook. He wants to plan something for Taehyung…”