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‘Can I talk to you?’ were probably the 5 words that you hated the most. There was just something about it that made you want to panic and curl into a ball on the floor. It could be a positive thing, or it could be a negative thing, but you never knew which one it was when someone said that to you! How were you supposed to prepare yourself?? You couldn’t!! 

“Y/N? I need a response here.” Harry’s voice popped you out of your little existential crisis bubble, making you turn around to face him with a sheepish smile. 

“Right, yep. Uh… Yeah! We can talk. Just give me a second to finish washing up.” You held up the soapy sponge in your hand, Harry giving you a nod before heading towards the living room. Now that you had a moment of peace… It was time to freak out. What the hell was going on? Why did he want to talk to you? Maybe you did something weird. You were a weird person, but he seemed to like weird people, otherwise, you wouldn’t have become one of his closest friends! Oh, god. What if Niall told Harry you had a crush on him? You were drunk, and Niall had always been your drinking buddy, so when it slipped out that you thought Harry was cute, you made Niall promise to never tell. But Niall was terrible with secrets, and-

“Y/N, I’m not gettin’ any younger out here!” You cursed to yourself, rinsing the suds off of your hands before drying them on your shirt, quickly padding to the living room. 

“Alright, calm down. What’s up?” You tried your best to act as casual as possible, seating yourself across from Harry before you crossed your legs. 

“Okay, this is… It’s something that I’ve been wanting to tell yeh for a while now. The thought dawned on me like a year into our friendship, and I know we’ve been friends for nearly 4 years now, but I don’t know if I can hold it back anymore.” This was odd. Harry wasn’t usually this… rambly. He was always so calm and collected, so this was a whole new side of him. What was he even talking about? Something that happened a year into the friendship… What could it be? “-So yeah, that’s what I wanted to tell you. And if you don’ feel the same way and you need some space to think, I completely understand. I just want you to know I hope this doesn’t impact our relationship, cos you’re one of my closest friends and it would kill me to lose you.” Wait, what? What did he say?? You completely missed out on the most important part of the conversation because you were stressing about what Harry was going to say when you could’ve found out by just listening

“Uh, I…” You paused, considering pretending to have heard what he had said. But then again, if he were to bring it up in the future, you’d have no clue what he’d be talking about. “I have to be honest, I wasn’t listening…” Harry paused for a second, fighting to hide a smile before he let out a breath. Of course you weren’t listening - Such a Y/N move. 

“I… I really like you. More than a friend should.” And with that, you felt like your heart was going to explode. He liked you? He liked you back? You were in complete and utter shock, you weren’t sure how to react because Harry liked you. He had options like Kendall Jenner yet he preferred you! The whole idea of it made your head spin, a dopey smile growing on your face.

“You like me?” You managed to breath out after about a minute of you staring off into space, Harry nodding slowly as he tried to decipher what kind of a reaction you were giving him. “I… uh, I like you too.” You cleared your throat, bringing yourself back to reality. Your cheeks heated up slightly at the confession, a shy smile playing on your lips. Harry perked up almost immediately, his own cheeks turning a shade of red as well. 

“Oh! Tha’s… Tha’s good. Exactly what I wanted t’ hear.” Harry paused before he spoke up again. “S’a shame Niall didn’t tell me you liked me earlier - I would’ve made a move a long time ago!” 


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Seasons: Spring

Here’s the next part of the series!! Hope you all enjoy!! xx B


The last few days had been a whirlwind of different relatives popping by to say hello to the newest Styles family member, Harry trying to fend off any paps that might get a little too close for comfort outside of the hospital (they’d found out your room umber and used those high-tech lenses to take far off pictures), and your eldest daughter being a little bit of a brat at all times. You could barely keep up with her mood swings, since now you were having to tend to your newborn, and Harry was at his wit’s end when your little family finally returned to your home on the outskirts of London.
“Love, why don’ yeh go on t'bed, I’ll get her,” he nods to you oldest child, “to sleep.” Nodding, you call your daughter over and press a kiss to her forehead and wish her goodnight, not noticing the way her eyes are trained on the small, sleeping bundle in your arms. Harry, however, frowns quizzically when he sees how standoffish she’s become, but doesn’t say anything about it, brushing it off as an effect of her exhaustion. After a quick bath and a bedtime story, Harry sponges sweet kisses all over her cheeks and stands to leave.
“Daddy?” Her voice comes out timid and a little sad, and Harry turns quickly to look at her. No tears are brimming her eyes, only a slight furrow in her brows telling of her mood.
“Yes, angel?” He watches the little girl toy with her bedsheets, her green eyes rising to meet his.
“Do you and Mummy still love me?” Harry’s taken aback by the question, a frown etching itself onto his own face. He gently settles back on the tiny bed beside her, his large hand going to smooth down her hair.
“O'course, petal, o'course we do. How could we not? You’re our girl, aren’t yeh?” The wheels of his mind are click-click-clicking as he tries to work out exactly what’s put the ludicrous idea into her sweet little mind. “What in t'world would make yeh the kids we wouldn’t still love yeh?”
“Because Baby Sister.” Harry blinks in surprise.
“Baby Sis–oh. Angel, c'mere.” He gathers her into his arms and cuddles her tightly, loving the way she clings to his shirt. “Listen here; yeh mum an’ I will always love yeh, no matter wha’. We love yeh sister, too, but we don’ love yeh any less because o’ her, a'right? You’re still m'girl. Still my Love Bug, yeah? You’re the one who made me a Daddy in th’ first place. Could never not love yeh.” She snuggles into him, green eyes peering up at him with much more intensity that a six-year-old should be able to muster.
“Promise?” The word snaps his heart into two. Harry swallows harshly and nods, holding out his pinky finger.
“Promise, Love Bug. An’ Mummy promises too.” With a few more kisses and another round of tucking her in, Harry exits her room and shuffles down to your bedroom, rubbing at his eyes. The sight of you holding your newborn baby and singing softly under your breath warms his whole body, and he smiles as he pads over to you.
“What took so long?” You whisper, careful not to stir the sleeping child. Harry drops a kiss on your lips, his hand rubbing at your neck.
“She was askin’ if we still loved her because we have a new baby.” A chip breaks off your heart at the thought. His green eyes are focused in on the infant’s face, such a love-stricken look that only compares to when he’d first laid eyes on your first child in the hospital. Harry gently takes the baby, cooing softly as the baby stirs, and closes his eyes contently.
“Love yeh, Flower. No matter wha’, I love yeh. Even if yeh do scream yeh lungs out because dear ol’ Dad takes yeh from Mumma.” He brushes tender fingers over the baby’s brow, swallowing hard. Little eyes flutter open and he smiles down at the child, “Got eyes like spring flowers, y'do.”

One more sleep.

Authors Note: Hey everyone! It was requested I write about H and the missus painting Easter Eggs with the kiddos.  So here is my take on it. I hope you guys like the concept. 

Have fun this weekend with Easter celebrations and traditions, my lovelies!! 
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The air is permanently getting warmer, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping; spring is in full action and you love it.

The french doors are wide open on a cool evening, the fresh scent of the outdoors filling the house as your eyes stay focused on your two little girls spinning around playfully in the back yard, their silky coffee-colored curls bouncing in the breeze, their giggles radiating a pleasing sound to your ears. You smile to yourself, admiring the beautiful twins, their little hands holding each other as they dance around against the smooth grass.

You move your eyes from the twins’ as you step down into the living room, swiftly walking towards the vintage turntable resting perfectly in the corner. Your hand glides delicately over the modest pile of vinyl, compiled mainly of yours and Harry’s favourites.

“Ah, nice choice.” Harry smiles over at you as you walk back towards the doors’ your eyes once again meeting your girls’ in the back yard. You hum and nod, agreeing with him. “I think everything is set up if you want to call the girls’ in,” Harry announces, indicating that he has finally managed to get the dye ready and the eggs set to decorate.

You call your little ones, their smiles instantly widening as they hurry inside, “Careful little ones.” You chuckle as they beam gracefully, bouncing towards the kitchen. They have been eager to paint Easter eggs, in fact, they have been waiting all week, counting down the days Harry was back home so they could decorate the eggs.

“Ahh, you two are getting big.” Harry smiles, looking down at the girls’ and they just giggle, “Alright, Hannah, Hailey, let’s try not to make a mess.” He gently picks both of them up one by one, sitting them down on the counter, sweetly fixing up Hannahs bow as it has managed to come loose while playing with her sister.

“What colours do we want to use first?” You gesture towards the few colours Harry graciously prepared for the twins, making sure to incorporate their favourite colours.
Specifically, a soft pink for Hannah, and a lilac blue for Hailey.

“Orange and pink.” Hannah willingly motions towards the two colours, her sister grinning and pointing to the lilac blue.

You dab a sponge for Hannah while Harry does the same for Hailey, carefully placing the egg in her hand and showing her what to do.
Hannah grins as she does her best to split her egg with the two colours, her eyes focused intently on the egg, making sure to tactfully encircle the dye to the egg.

“Look at you two, your pros.” Harry delightfully beams, admiring his little girls’ while they decorate their eggs.

“Daddy, I am done.” Hailey holds her egg towards Harry as it is painted in her favourite colour, a few of her fingerprints evident on the outside.

“Ahh, beautiful, just beautiful. Should we put anything on it? Maybe a flower, or a smiley face, or your name?” Harry offers, reaching over for a paint brush. Hailey nods excitedly, her eyes lighting up instantly.

“Daddy, paint a bunny on it,” Hailey instructs cutely, Harry instantly biting his lip. He has never been very good with creating art on small objects, he is more of a big canvas type of guy.

“Maybe Mummy should do it, sweetie.”

Hailey shakes her head, “No, Daddy you can do it,” She smiles and Harry nods. His children’s wishes are his demands.

You chuckle as you watch Harry furrowing his eyebrows, his eyes glue to the egg, his teeth sinking into his lip as he does his best to start painting a bunny on the egg.

Your attention goes towards Hannah as she gently tugs at your hand, showing you her finished product,

“Wow, so pretty.” You cherish her commitment and split colours, she definitely has a genuine taste for colours and artistic designs. She is the one who tends to continuously colour in the lines, to coordinate her colours, and can be allowed to coordinate her clothes; Hailey on the other hand, unquestionably got her colour matching skills from her father- always wanting to mix and match distinctive colours and patterns. “Let’s paint another one, shall we?” You reach over and clasp another egg, handing Hannah the boiled egg before waiting for her to select the colours.

“Mummy, you pick this time.” She instructs and you nod, promptly picking a tiffany blue colour for her.

“Ah, shit.” Harry mutters, your eyes instantly diverting themselves to him, “Don’t repeat what Daddy said.” He quickly announces to the girls’ knowing very well and good that he needs to watch his language around them, particularly considering that they are essentially parrots and repeat everything.

“Daddy, can I see?” Hailey requests, curious to see the design Harry has managed to paint across her egg.

You smirk as he looks over at you, unsure of whether his daughter will be satisfied with his pitiful attempt. “I mean.. sure…. it has ears and eyes.” He nods, showing her the egg. She blinks at him a few times, furrowing her eyebrows just like her father before frowning.

“Daddy… where is the nose? And.. and… he only has one ear…” She questions, tilting her head to the side in an attempt and see if she is missing something.

“Yeah, uh, sorry sweets, Daddy isn’t good at this.” He sighs, “How about we do another one?” He grabs another egg, keeping his daughters mind occupied and no longer questioning his artistic abilities.

You can see the girls’ beginning to get sleepy, their eyes dropping, their hands tired from painting eggs as Hannah yawns.

“Alright little ones, I think it is bath time.” Harry smiles as he places the last egg down to dry on the side, his girls’ not objecting as you pick them up individually and press their little feet to the tiles.

“Daddy, does the Easter Bunny come tonight?” Hailey yawns, her hand pressing against Harry’s leg as she glances up at him.

“Yes.” He nods, “But, only if you go to bed without any fits.” He continues, picking her up and pressing a kiss to her cheek. “Alright, c'mon cuties, it is bath time.” He gestures towards the stairs, Hannah tugging on his shirt with her orange painted hand. He picks her up as well, carrying the two of them upstairs while you clean up the mess of the paint.

You feel familiar arms wrap around you from behind, his head resting on your shoulder as you take in a deep breath, admiring his touch.

“How is my beautiful wife, hm? Haven’t had much time with you since I got back.” He whispers, his scent radiating around you, giving you a sense of clarity.

“Good,” You chuckle, feeling a few soft kisses being pressed to your neck, “I missed you.” You sigh, “It was a very long two weeks.” You continue.

“I know, but I am back for two weeks before I gotta go back to New York.”

“Yeah, I know.” You nods, gently moving to face him, his arms holding you close. “Are the girls’ asleep?”

“No, they are upstairs on our bed watching Beauty and the Beast, they wanted to stay up a little longer.” He informs you with a grin, leaning down and kissing your lips softly. “Missed kissin’ yeh… gotta make up for it.” He chuckles, kissing you again, and again, and again.

After some time in the kitchen, cleaning, but mainly kissing and getting lost with each other’s cheeky grins and glances, you both make it upstairs, quietly walking into the master bedroom to find Hannah asleep against Harrys pillow, Hailey still awake with her eyes glued to the television, giggling at Lumière and Babette.

You lean down and kiss Hannahs forehead before Harry carefully scoops her up and carries her out of the room. You climb up on the bed with Hailey, sitting against the headboard as she moves to sit in your lap, your fingers running through her partially dry hair.

“Mummy, why does Belle love Beast?”

“She just did.”

“But, why? He was a Beast.” She questions, her eyes still glued to the television.

“Well, it isn’t always what’s on the outside, my love.”

She turns around for a moment, her eyes meeting yours, “Was Daddy a Beast before turning into a Prince?” You chuckle to yourself, biting your lip as Harry walks in.

“Well, no.” You shake your head, “Daddy.. well, Daddy..” You trail off, unsure of how to accurately answer her question. “Daddy has always been a prince. He is a very gentle and kind man. Always has been.” You answer her question just as Harry walks in, crawling his way on the bed.

The movie comes to an end and you convince Hailey that if she doesn’t go to bed the Easter Bunny won’t arrive and leave chocolate for her. She kisses Harry and hugs him before she clings to you, her arms and legs wrapping around you as you carry her to her bedroom.

You lay her down in her bed, gently pulling her pretty duvet over her body, tucking her in so she stays nice and warm during the night. “Goodnight, sweet dreams, lovely.” You press a kiss to her cheek, a soft giggle escaping from her lips. “What’s funny my love?” You question, adjusting the nightlight by her bed.

“Lovely is funny. I like it” She beams, “Mummy, will Daddy be here for our Birthday?”

“Of course,” You nod.

“How many more days?”

“Five more sleeps.” You hold up five fingers, watching as she smiles cutely, “Five  more sleeps until you are five.” You inform her, kissing her again before standing up straight, watching her eyes slowly close, her hands clasping her teddy bear before you promptly step out of the room.

You enter the master bedroom, Harry sprawled out on the bed, his finger scrolling through something on his phone, probably one of the few social medias he reads through at times.

“Sweetheart, come join me.” He pets down the free space beside him, giving you his adoring smile.

You crawl on the bed, inching closer to him before relaxing down beside him, your head resting on his chest. “We have such a cute little family.” Harry begins, placing his phone down, “Really, our girls’ are so perfect.”

“Mhhm, they are wonderful,” You agree,

“I can’t believe they are five this week.”

“Yeah, time goes by quickly. Just yesterday they were babbling their first words, and taking their first steps.” Harry reminisces of the precious moments you both have with the girls’ their firsts that hold a special spot in your heart.

“Just yesterday Hannah was crying for you not to leave her at daycare.” You chuckle,

“That broke my heart. Remember when Hailey cried bloody murder when she met Santa?” Harry smiles, wrapping an arm around you, the two of you sighing.

There is nothing in the world you would trade for your life to be any other way. Lying in bed with your husband, your twins’ fast asleep after an evening of painting Easter Eggs and preparing for Easter tomorrow.

Halloween blurb night

Blurb: you and harry are baking Halloween goodies for a party and things get heated when he dabs frosting on you and ends up licking other places other than your cheek


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i'm so absorbed by harry i genuinely love this man.

Same, I’m like a sponge, soaking wet from Harry’s love (okay that sounds wrong), and I can’t take anymore love, BUT THAT BITCH KEEPS GIVING IT SO WHAT DO I DO??


One Direction Preferences #16 - Sugar Daddy AU

A/N: Ooo i’m pumped for this one! Thanks to an anon for this idea. I’m not sure if I got this right. I know a sugar daddy is typically a older man buying things for a young girl in return of sexual acts. The boys aren’t old in this one. Also I mixed daddy kink in here too. Hope you like it. Feedback is loved and requests are open :) xoxo

Harry: You feel his large hand rub up and down your back as he leads you threw the store. It was a high class store with prices so high you where afraid of breathing the air. But nothing was to expensive for Harry. He stopped walking to peer at the watches with numbers so high you felt like you where going to faint. You looked over at Harry who just seemed like he was in place. He wore black designer jeans with simple plain white top with a black over trench coat thrown over it. His curly hair was pushed back in a quiff making him seem older. You felt his hand takes your a gently rub his thumb against your knuckles as he looked at the watches. You knew Harry was loaded with money and already he bought you everything you wanted or even glanced at. It still didn’t make you feel comfortable for asking for things. So when you found a really pretty ring you averted your eyes away. You felt arms wrap around you and plump lips press against your ear. “You like the ring baby girl?” Harry whispered in your ear. “Yes.” You said softly playing with one of Harry’s rings. “Hmm it would look nice on you.” Harry cooed holding your small hand in his. “Right here wouldn’t it princess?” He asked stroking your middle finger on your left hand. “Would you like me to buy it for you doll? Would you daddy to buy it for you?” Harry whispered sponging kisses across the back of your neck. “Yes daddy.” You whispered fluttering you eyes close as he gently bit at your skin. “I would like that a lot.”

Liam: You sat on the couch reading. The house was quiet as Liam was out and you had just came home from going out with your friends. Hearing the door open you smiled and jumped up as Liam entered the room. “Hello there pretty girl.” Liam said as you pressed a kiss to his lips. “Hi.” You said softly as he cupped your face and pressed one last lingering kiss to your lips. “Mmh I bought some things for you baby.” Liam said pushing your hair away from your face. “Did you?” You asked biting your lip. He nods and sits on the couch before pulling you into his lap. You sit with your back pressed against his hard chest. He pressed soft kisses to your neck before pulling a large bag into your lap and reaching into it. First he pulls out a a box with a sliver bracelet. “Pretty.” You said playing with the thin chain. “Isn’t it?” Liam says and he clips it around your wrist. Next it a few new tops with prices tags with large numbers. You blush softly as he also pulls out a couple of new linger sets each made of expensive lacy. “You like them baby girl?” Liam asked rubbing your tummy softly as he tugged up your shirt. “Yes. I like them very much thank you Liam.” You said turning so you can kiss him. “You know how to thank me probably right baby?” You nod with a small smile and sink down to your knees. “I remember daddy.”

Niall: You play with your fingers as you sit on the love seat waiting for Niall. You looked up trying to find the blonde hair in the large store as the boy was shopping for you. He did this often. He would take you to a store make you sit and wait as he picked out things for you to try on and then buy everyone of them. You smiled as you saw the blonde walking towards you. Expensive clothes over his shoulder and he pulled you up. “C’mon love.” He says pulling you into a change room. The change rooms where large and had a chair in the corner of them. You watched as Niall hung all the clothes on the hocks on the wall before sitting on the seat sliding into it so his legs where spread wide his arms dangling over the arms of the chair. You bite you lip just wanting to ride him like that but Niall arched a brow and you reached for the fist top. Threw out this instead of being a stereotypical boyfriend and not paying any attention Niall was all eyes. He said his input and told you how you looked at if he liked it or not. After it was all done Niall lead you to the cashier to pay. You felt the women’s judging stares as Niall paid for it all. As you both left with hands tangled together you heard the words. “Sugar daddy.” The women hissed. You tore you’re eyes to your feet and felt Niall grunt. “Fucken cunt.” He snapped loud enough for the girl to hear. He pulled you close to him and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Its okay baby. There’s nothing wrong with that okay? I love you darling and I like buying things for my girl. Fuck everyone else.”

Louis: You feel fingertips brush against your naked back. They got up and down your spine before you feel a pair of lips press against the small of your back. The kisses trailed up your back before they landed on your face. “Wake up little one.” Louis whispers in your ear. “You’re back.” You say sleepily and sit up letting the blanket falling off of you. You slept naked last night so you crawl towards Louis on the king sized bed climbing into his lap. “Yes I am baby. Did you miss me?” Louis asked running his hand threw your morning hair. “So much.” You say kissing him softly. His tongue traces your lip and you allow it in. Louis cups your face as he kisses you slowly and deep. You feel his hands slide down your back before cupping you ass. You moan as he lightly slaps your butt and grind into his lap. “Now now baby don’t you wanna see what daddy bought you when he was away?” You bite you lip and nod climbing off of Louis lap as he goes towards his suit case. He opens it and your eyes widen seeing the whole suit case filled with clothes and jewelry. All for you. “Oh.” You say softly climbing to your feet and Louis tugs you up with his hand. “You like them little one?” You nodded and wrap your arms around him. “Yes daddy. I like them so much.” He smiles and cups your heat with his hand rubbing your clit softly. “Oh baby why don’t you show daddy how much you like his gifts hm?” You nodded softly and moan as a finger slides into you. “Yes daddy.”

Zayn: You pick up your bag before swinging it over your shoulder. You begin to walk out of the class room saying goodbye to your professor. Your iPhone beeps as you walk down the halls of your UNI. Slipping it out you see Zayn calling you. “Where are you little one?” His voice asks threw the phone. “Almost there.” You say softly. “Just give me a couple more minutes.” You hear him him before he replies. “Alright love, take all the time you need. Daddy’s just waiting for you.” You blush and say a softy ‘okay’ before hanging up. You see a group of girls watch you as you put your iPhone away. You know where they’re thinking. Before you meet Zayn you couldn’t afford to have a phone or a laptop and you where almost about to drop out of school because of the fees. Zayn though took care of all of that. He paid off your fees and still is paying for your school now. He bought you the nicest things without a blink of an eye. Of course the girls noticed when you stepped into rooms with designer clothes. You could hear there whispers as you walk towards Zayn’s car. “Sugar daddy.” Everyone was saying. It may be true but the feelings between you and Zayn where real. You smiled softly as Zayn got out of his car when he saw you and pulled you into a hug. “You alright baby girl?” You nodded and pressed you face into his chest the words following away with Zayn holding you. “I’m fine daddy.”

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It's been almost TWO years since that Brits :(. I'm really hoping Harry goes this year, because Harry+Brits is one of my all-time favourite OTP's. Like in 2012: Thanks Radio 1 for a Capital sponsored award, 2013: The Brits that killed us all AKA straight-through crew, 2014: In the toilets or wherever he was with Nick. 2015: Sadness.

Literally there have been so many great 1D moments thanks to Nick.

2012 - 1D on the first week of Breakfast

2012 - Lads FM with Harry

2012 - Thanking Radio 1 instead of Capital FM (I CANT FIND THE AUDIO from when fiona was literally like ‘It’s almost like he was dared to’ and nick was like ‘that couldn’t possibly be true’ gOdDDD)

2013 - Brits and the amazing after-brits spectacle 🌚

2013 - Kesha & Harry’s speed date lol

2013 - Sponge Direction


AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN 2015 was sadness!! 

2015 - 1DONGRIMMY! + a live lounge !

2015 - The X Factor!! TWICE.

2016  -haaaaaaaaaappppppppppyyyyybuuuuuuurrrrfffffdaaaaaayyytoooyouuuuuuuuuuuuu (technically not a 1d moment, but he did force nick to abandon a work committment to come to his birthday party)

and that’s just 1d moments ! not to mention nick crashing his car while on the phone with harry making fun of him for puking, “”””””liam”””””” (harry) announcing 1d’s new single (fireproof???) with niall, harry showing nick DMD months before it was released when he went on his spring holidays to LA (froyo!), and so much more ! Plus im pretty sure nicks been to at least 10 different 1D concerts since 2011. 

Also, to be fair, 1D was touring for most of last year, and Harry lives in LA now. It’s expected that they don’t hang out very much anymore. Still, I’m sure they will be friends for a long time. I’m also SO HOPEFUL though for harry to release some solo stuff soon, and travel to the uk for some promo at radio 1 🌚. If he’s not at the BRITS, fear not bc u know that he is recording some top secret shit in LA……he is coming fam 👍