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i keep forgetting that gappy knows cqc

One of many reasons why he’s so cool. B)

…I mean, can you imagine what Jobin must be thinking right now? The dude who just exploded his coworker all over the sidewalk, and who stone-cold murdered all of his associates before that, is now after him. (And, of course, the only logical response to that terror is clearly to use a bucket of fried chicken to summon up an aging limbless rock monster to deal with his problems. Possibly also to have this monster send Gappy a tooth in the mail? I’m not sure what the heck is going on, but I love JJBA so much.) 

While I’m on the subject: I love the tongue-in-cheek fan reading of Gappy as this mysterious, violent freeloader who invades the Higashikata household in order to sponge off Norisuke, ruin Jobin’s legitimate business venture, and steal Joshu’s room/money/girlfriend.  

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honestly i don't see finnrey or stormpilot as vanilla. they're more... idk, lemon drizzle cakes? it's like, okay you have a sponge base or something, that's some pretty standard and likeable interactions and well-known romantic tropes. and then you have the sweet lemon icing, that's the genuine heart and love that makes them stand out and be so wonderful. or maybe i just like both those ships and lemon drizzle cake. but whatever. either's better than rey/lo.

Lemon drizzle cake is delicious, so I’ll take it. 

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Hey there, what kind of filter do you use for your betta? Have you modified it in any way? I'm rescuing a betta from an irresponsible owner and want to build the best setup for him, so I'm asking around to a few blogs. Thanks in advance!

Hi! I personally use an unmodified Aquaclear 30 on my 10 gallon tank, which many would say puts out too much flow: in my setup, the outflow is baffled by thick plantings of water wisteria, and I keep the water level pretty high to prevent excessive splashing. This means I keep the tank covered to keep him from jumping: My boy is a plakat, so he’s a jumper, but the benefit of him having short fins means his swimming ability isn’t hampered by the filter current.

For heavier finned bettas, you can either use a sponge filter, or you can modify a hang on back filter. If you’d like to modify a hang on back filter, I’d recommend acquiring filter sponge, and cutting and securing it with rubber bands to fit over your filter intake (to keep filter from sucking up betta tails; bettas are notorious for resting/getting stuck against intake). You’ll also need some sort of baffle to soften the current coming out of your filter. I remember seeing somewhere that someone had cut up a soda bottle to make a makeshift baffle, but I can’t recall where I saw that post originally. Otherwise you may make use of large ornament(s), driftwood, or silk/live plants to soften the current so the little guy won’t get tired from swimming.

Around the house II

more words related to the household. this time, however, it is mostly small things that stare at you from every corner and ask you why you haven’t learned their names in russian yet.

утю́г - Bügeleisen - flat iron
пылесо́с - Staubsauger - vacuum cleaner
ведро́ (nom. pl. вёдра, gen. pl. вёдер) - Eimer - bucket
дождь льёт как из ведра́ - es schüttet wie aus Eimern - it is raining buckets
му́сорное ведро́ - Mülleimer -  trash can
паке́тик - Tüte, Beutel - bag
ча́йный паке́тик - Teebeutel - tea bag
тря́пка - Putzlappen - cleaning rag
ве́ник - Besen - broom
сово́к - Kehrblech - dustpan
гу́бка - Schwamm - sponge
щётка - Bürste - brush

расчёска - Kamm - comb
зубна́я щётка - Zahnbürste - toothbrush
зубна́я па́ста - Zahnpasta - toothpaste
зубна́я нить, флосс - Zahnseide - dental floss
зубно́й эликси́р - Mundwasser -  mouthwash
очки́ - Brille - glasses
конта́ктная ли́нза - Kontaktlinse - contact lens
конта́ктные ли́нзы - Kontaktlinsen - contact lenses
туале́тная бума́га - Klopapier - toilet paper
тампо́н - Tampon - tampon
(же́нская гигиени́ческая) прокла́дка - (Damen-)Binde - (sanitary) pad
менструальная ча́шечка - Menstruationstasse - menstrual cup
космети́чка - Kulturtasche - toilet bag

лине́йка - Lineal - ruler
каранда́ш - Stift - pencil
цветно́й каранда́ш - Buntstift - crayon
ру́чка - Füller, Füllfederhalter - (fountain) pen
ша́риковая ру́чка - Kugelschreiber - (ballpoint) pen
но́жницы - Schere - scissors
кле́йкая ле́нта, скотч - Klebeband - duct tape
ла́стик - Radiergummi - eraser
точи́лка - Anspitzer - pencil sharpener
тетра́дь (f) - Heft - notebook
слова́рь (m) - Wörterbuch - dictionary
карма́нный слова́рь - Taschenwörterbuch - pocket dictionary

зонт - Regenschirm - umbrella
перча́тка - Handschuh - glove
перча́тки - Handschuhe - gloves
фотоаппара́т - Fotoapparat - camera (for taking pictures)
ка́мера - Kamera - camera
бума́жник - Portemonnaie - wallet